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  • Syrian refugee children.


    Refugees in Lebanon Face More Abuse

    August 18, 2016 - A recent suicide bombing of a predominantly Christian town in northern Lebanon has sparked more hostility toward Syrian refugees - subjecting already traumatized, innocent people to more abuse.

  • Indian believers worshipping.


    Evangelists Engage in Spiritual Warfare in India

    August 11, 2016 - Many ethnic Bhuiya in India hold the earth and sun as their highest gods, and many worship the cobra. Indigenous missionaries are not surprised at how often the Bhuiya ask them to pray for deliverance from evil spirits.

  • Refugee woman in tent home.


    Workers, Refugees Face Jihadist Dangers

    August 4, 2016 - Providing aid to people suffering unspeakable loss, indigenous ministry workers must take care sharing the gospel. Some onlookers could report them to Muslim terrorists.

  • Syrian Refugee encampment.


    Church in Syria Helps Displaced Find New Life

    July 28, 2016 - Hundreds of thousands of people from other parts of war-torn Syria have recently fled to the relative safety of the country's seaside town of Tartus - presenting even greater challenges to a local church already overrun with displaced people.

  • Jihadi youth attacking church in Turkey.


    Facing Islamic Hostility with Gentleness

    July 21, 2016 - After being forced to flee to a new country for leaving Islam, a Moroccan Christian asked his wife, then pregnant for the first time after eight years of trying to conceive, why they weren't still proclaiming Christ to Muslims.

  • Vietnamese church service.


    Christians in Vietnam Face Beatings, Prison

    July 14, 2016 - Authorities beat and/or threatened to imprison pastors for refusing government orders to consolidate their unregistered house churches into a single, officially approved church.

The Racism Remedy

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In our fallen, human state, we live in such disunity with one another. But we still sing songs and write poems about peace on earth. Because isn't that the ultimate goal. . . despite the prejudice we see every day around the world, and the prejudice we struggle with in our own hearts? Deep down, don't we all want the same thing?

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Welcome to Christian Aid Mission USA

CHRISTIAN AID assists more than 500 ministries with tens of thousands of indigenous or native missionaries serving in the field. These ministries are currently engaging more than 1,000 unreached people groups in more than 100 countries around the world, especially in places where American missionaries are no longer allowed to go. These ministries work:

  • in lands of great poverty
  • where Christians are a persecuted minority
  • to plant churches among unreached people

They operate Bible institutes and missionary training centers where thousands of Christian workers are being trained for missionary service. They also spread the gospel through crusades, radio and TV broadcasting, literature distribution, Bible translation, and by providing care for needy children, the disabled, the elderly, and victims of diseases and disasters.

Contributions by God's people to Christian Aid help to make these ministries possible.

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GAMBIA. The highest-scoring school in the area—a Christian school—must complete construction on its building due to government stipulations. Two additional classrooms need roofing and all buildings need windows and doors. “The community opposes our beliefs, and because of our success they are pushing for these changes,” t ...