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  • Indian children praying.


    Talking - and Listening - to God in India

    September 22, 2016 - An indigenous missionary in India found conversing with God can get you into - and out of - a lot of trouble.

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    Aleppo, Syria Desperate for Cease-fire to Hold

    September 15, 2016 - Some 2 million people in Aleppo, Syria were in danger of coming under siege from various factions before a cease-fire went into effect this week, bringing some hope to people weary from despair.

  • Venezuelan child.


    Crisis in Venezuela

    People in Venezuela, a country in economic crisis hit hard by falling oil prices, are arriving at points along the border with Colombia to keep from starving to death. Some of the desperate Venezuelans have managed to get through after Colombia temporarily re-opened some crossings since closing the border in 2015, while others arrived before last year's closure. An indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists on the Colombian side of the border is providing food and sharing the news of eternal life in Christ with these desperate families.

  • Indian women washing feet.


    Temple Prostitutes Learn to Serve Lord Jesus

    September 9, 2016 - When an indigenous missionary couple in India learned that children of temple prostitutes were in the rooms with their mothers while the women entertained customers, they realized they had to do something.

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    Refugees in Turkey Forgotten after Failed Coup

    September 1, 2016 - Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey risk being totally forgotten, except by those clamoring for them to leave.

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    Secret Christians Multiply in Northern India

    August 25, 2016 - Organized extremist groups hostile to the gospel are nearly nonexistent in a pocket of northern India, yet many residents there are secret Christians. A veteran, indigenous ministry is trusting God to further intervene.

  • Flooding in Bangladesh.


    Flood Strikes Bangladesh

    At least 110 people have died in Bangladesh in what residents are calling the worst flooding in 30 years. U.N. and other agencies estimate that 3.7 million people have been affected in 19 districts, with 17,000 houses washed away and 65,000 others ruined by riverbank erosion. More than 250,000 homes are reported damaged.

Faith Has No Money-Back Guarantee

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Real faith doesn't come with a money-back guarantee-a guarantee that everything is going to be "okay," according to our definition of okay. To the contrary, "Faith is the deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time," as Oswald Chambers put it.

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CHRISTIAN AID assists more than 500 ministries with tens of thousands of indigenous or native missionaries serving in the field. These ministries are currently engaging more than 1,000 unreached people groups in more than 100 countries around the world, especially in places where American missionaries are no longer allowed to go. These ministries work:

  • in lands of great poverty
  • where Christians are a persecuted minority
  • to plant churches among unreached people

They operate Bible institutes and missionary training centers where thousands of Christian workers are being trained for missionary service. They also spread the gospel through crusades, radio and TV broadcasting, literature distribution, Bible translation, and by providing care for needy children, the disabled, the elderly, and victims of diseases and disasters.

Contributions by God's people to Christian Aid help to make these ministries possible.

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JORDAN. Hundreds of refugee children eagerly anticipate learning English, but a Christian school in largely Muslim Jordan currently can serve just 55 children ($55 per month per child). The ministry seeks assistance to provide Christian education for these and 100 more children, rescuing many from radical movements and ra ...