Other Christian Aids

Other organizations known as 'Christian Aid'

Our organization is incorporated as Christian Aid Mission, which is often shortened to Christian Aid. Some confusion has arisen because there are other organizations with the same or similar name.

Christian Aid, based in the United Kingdom, is sometimes confused with us. They are a development agency focusing on social justice and poverty with operations in many countries. Their internet sites most often end with the extension .uk, such as christianaid.org.uk. Christian Aid Mission is NOT involved in any of the activities of that organization. We are an evangelical Christian missionary ministry. Our internet site is christianaid.org.

Nor are we affiliated with these other organizations:

--in Canada:

  • International Christian Aid, Ontario
  • Christian Aid Ministries, Ontario
  • Christian Aid Development, Alberta

--and in the USA:

  • Christian Aid Ministries, Ohio
  • Christian Aid Ministries, Ephrata, PA
  • Christian Aid Center, Washington

This website is the online presence of Christian Aid Mission which was established in 1953. Our purpose is to seek support for indigenous missionary ministries worldwide who are spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and planting churches in His name among unreached people.

We have used the name Christian Aid as a simplified identity, and are known to many Christians by that name alone.

Indigenous ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission, at various times, are helping the poor and provide for those who suffer injustice. They do this work in the name of Christ but their main focus is on evangelizing those who do not know Christ as Savior.

As you explore this website you will discover the exciting ministry of native missionaries and the Biblical motivation for our existence.

Thank you for visiting our website.

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