Prayerline Letter

I am very excited about your desire to push for finishing the task! I want to have a part in this effort!! Praying that the task will soon be done!! Until there is a witness for Christ in every nation.

— Jean P.

After recent scandals, I have become skeptical of the native missionary movement. I have been supporting native missionaries for decades now, but these scandals have really burnt my trust. Thank you for addressing trust and accountability in Prayerline letter.

— Jann F., IL

I pray that every need will be met. Our God is able to multiply every gift. Praise His wonderful Name.

— Nina S., CA

God is so good to allow me to have a part of Christian Aid’s ministry in reaching out to so many who are sharing Christ, touching lives, meeting needs and being faithful servants of our blessed Lord and Savior!

— Joy M., NE

So many needs! I’d like to meet them all. I am most moved to help aid income-generating businesses. Thank you for all you do!

— Janet Y., NY

God bless your ministry! Thanks for your effort to help our brethren in difficult areas of the world!

— Nathan and Michelle L., OR

Thank you for helping all these believers in such a cost-effective manner.

— Gerald and Joan R., WI

I thank the Lord for your ministry!

— Michael and Susan O., WI

God bless you for doing His work!

— John S., OH

Thank you for using the donations in an efficient manner to accomplish The Great Commission. May God continue to bless your ministries!

— Teresa C., CA

From Our President

‘We are doing this as a step of faith.’

Ammad, Cedar of Lebanon

July 2014

Dear friends,

Ministries begin and grow with steps of faith. Some arise from inspiration and the persistent urging of the Holy Spirit; others develop because faithful souls find themselves surrounded by desperately needy people.

This is a story of a ministry which has responded courageously in the face of overwhelming spiritual and humanitarian needs. This is a call to help them.

A school for Bedouin children, who are Muslims and normally nomadic animal herders, was running smoothly. Children reported to classes each morning to gain an education while learning they were loved by Jesus Christ. Teachers understood they were teacher evangelists. It was peaceful and beautiful and needed.

Then something happened.

Syrians, fleeing hostility in their own country, surrounded the little school in Lebanon. They pitched tents and covered every inch of land outside the school wall with their makeshift homes.

From the school the teachers and Bedouin children could look out the windows and see sad, hungry Syrian children sitting in the dirt, trying to find something to do.

So “The Love School” opened its doors. Who could turn away these children?

But the children brought their families. Classrooms became learning centers by day and dormitories at night. People moved the desks and chairs to the edges of the large room, which once served as a church meeting room. They spread out their mattresses and bedrolls and slept overnight. In the morning, the school room took shape again. Families waited in the yard for their children’s turn to learn.

“We have over 400 kids now, divided between morning and afternoon sessions,” said Ammad, leader of Cedar of Lebanon, which oversees the school. Numbers fluctuate.

With just 14 teachers, the ministry needs all the help it can get. Already they must turn away 600 to 1,000 children because there’s not enough room in the building, nor do they have enough resources, materials or teachers.

They need $10,000 per month to meet current needs. Teachers need a living allowance. The school needs books and materials.

The needs are overwhelming. But this ministry is walking by faith. Faithful to the Bedouin children, they could not overlook young refugees all around them needing an education and needing to know Jesus.

Can you imagine your child’s school suddenly transformed into a boarding school by night and surrounded by cardboard and tarp shanties?

What would you do?

“We are doing this as a step of faith,” Ammad said. “The humanitarian needs are challenging, but the spiritual growth is beautiful. We need as much help as possible to continue to reach as many kids as we can.”

With help they could double enrollment, but first they must meet the needs of the existing school, its students and teachers.

These are matters for fervent prayer and faith that moves mountains. You can’t live in the midst of this crisis and merely hope it will fade away. It’s there. It’s a real part of our world. Let it fuel our prayers.

I am asking the Lord to open hearts to provide for this school and these families. Would one person supply $10,000 a month to cover the school’s needs? Or would several contribute any amount to keep the school going? Anything will help them. Join me in crying out.

You can take a step of faith. We will make sure your offering gets into the hands of those who can make a difference. You will save and change lives for God’s glory.

And it’s all about Him. He has blessed us beyond measure for such a time as this.

In Christ,

Cynthia Finley

P.S. As you prepare your offering, also pray for the team of Cedar of Lebanon missionaries who went on a journey to baptize 14 believers in Syria and never came home. May the Lord spare their lives.

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