Prayerline Letter

I am very excited about your desire to push for finishing the task! I want to have a part in this effort!! Praying that the task will soon be done!! Until there is a witness for Christ in every nation.

— Jean P.

After recent scandals, I have become skeptical of the native missionary movement. I have been supporting native missionaries for decades now, but these scandals have really burnt my trust. Thank you for addressing trust and accountability in Prayerline letter.

— Jann F., IL

I pray that every need will be met. Our God is able to multiply every gift. Praise His wonderful Name.

— Nina S., CA

God is so good to allow me to have a part of Christian Aid’s ministry in reaching out to so many who are sharing Christ, touching lives, meeting needs and being faithful servants of our blessed Lord and Savior!

— Joy M., NE

So many needs! I’d like to meet them all. I am most moved to help aid income-generating businesses. Thank you for all you do!

— Janet Y., NY

God bless your ministry! Thanks for your effort to help our brethren in difficult areas of the world!

— Nathan and Michelle L., OR

Thank you for helping all these believers in such a cost-effective manner.

— Gerald and Joan R., WI

From Our President

The Miracle of Christmas Giving

December 2015

Dear Faithful Friend in the Harvest,

As Christmas draws near, we remember the greatest gift of all, a gift that never fades, pales, rusts, wears out or burns out; an eternal gift, lavish in sacrifice and love, abundant in joy and hope. Christ our Lord—the Living Word of God—became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14).

This season let’s also remember that as God gave His Son for us, native missionaries are giving themselves for the sake of the needy people all around them. They are the “Word becoming flesh” among the people in their regions today.

But workers also have needs, as many grow weary and suffer wounding.

Native missionaries in Nigeria, for example, have experienced deep trauma in the wake of the radical, warring Boko Haram insurgencies. Workers have pulled the dead from rubble and ash; they have cleaned the bloody wounds of the injured and have embraced weeping mothers, tormented from the loss of their slaughtered husbands and children.

The Gift of Renewal

Emotionally and physically spent, native missionaries in that area need a time of renewal—a one-week spiritual retreat for equipping, teaching and refreshing.

A native ministry leader emailed our staff to tell us his ministry wants to host these missionaries and build them up for the hard work ahead. The workers would come from all over Nigeria for prayer and teaching. But they need help to get there.

Tugged at the heart, many on our Christian Aid staff responded with support from their own pockets.

“I’ll give $100,” one staff member said during Chapel. Another stood and said she’d also give, and then hand after hand went up to join the call for support. Together our missionaries-at-home committed $2,700 to send 27 exhausted native missionaries to a week-long training retreat.

It was a start.

The native ministry leader rejoiced to hear of God’s goodness. But they need $20,000 total to bring all 200 of the native missionaries and their children together, including the cost of transportation, accommodation, food, materials, and meeting hall.

Who else will sponsor a native missionary to attend the retreat ($100 each)?
(Note 550GIM-12 on the reply card.)

“The encouragement and revival of these missionaries, after a great tension, will be unprecedented,” the ministry leader said. “The result of this retreat will be more than any amount spent. Please help in any way possible.”

What a Christmas blessing for those laying down their lives to help the poor, downtrodden, displaced and devastated. What we do for these, we do for our Lord Jesus. And we really want to honor Him in this special season of giving.

Many Ways to Give

Enclosed is our December Prayerline calendar. I encourage you to use the daily prayer requests to guide you in your Christmas giving. Consider how to bless the Lord’s people in other countries who are making known the glorious name of our Lord Jesus among those who have never heard.

And isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Reaching the unreached—Christ being born into the hearts of the unsuspecting, just as He was born in a stable—that there would be a witness for Him to the ends of the earth.

Join me as we pray intentionally and give generously to those most needing it. In doing so, we touch the heart of the Lord, whose compassions never fail. We share in His generosity, His outstretched hand. We become the answer to the prayers of those we help. We become the heartbeat of our Father in this world. And that’s truly a miracle.

May He bless you abundantly as you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Come, let all adore Him.

Until there is a people for His name in all nations,

Cynthia Finley

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