September 11, 2013

The Most Beautiful Thing

by Brittany Tedesco

Years ago, I picked up a book that contained no words. On each page was a photograph of a person from a unique ethnicity, eyes looking straight at the viewer. Oh the shapes, the colors, the variety in those pages! The images were powerful, though they were nothing more than people's faces. They spoke of God's creativity, and it was beautiful.

The book obviously couldn't capture a representative from every people group. According to Joshua Project, the earth contains more than 16,000 people groups. But one day, we'll see them all – a glorious kaleidoscope of beings made in the image of God.

Imagine with me the beauty of people from every ethnicity on earth joining together around the Throne of God to worship Him in perfect unity, perfect peace, and perfect love. This, to me, is the most beautiful thing.

One day it will be a reality, for God is calling out a people for His namesake from among every nation on the earth, and Christ will not return until every people group has heard the gospel (Matthew 24:14).

I will be there. And I look forward to being joined by the Syrians – former Muslims who met Christ in a foreign land while living in the squalor of a refugee camp. Native missionaries, ministering in these camps, are sending word that thousands of Muslims are turning to Christ. One told us that 200 Muslims became believers in a single meeting he'd held.

I'm looking forward to seeing the many Egyptians who turned to Christ through the quiet testimony of believers who didn't retaliate after their homes, churches, and businesses were destroyed by Islamic rebels. An Egyptian missionary told us so many there are turning to Jesus that he's praying for more coworkers to help him, for the “fields are white for harvest.”

Around God's Throne will be many Kachin people from Burma. This tribal minority is being attacked by the country's government. Bombs dropped from planes have torn bodies apart and spilled much blood. Since 2011, more than 100,000 Kachin have been forced from their homes to live in camps for internally displaced people. The majority has accepted Christ as Savior.

And we can't forget about the Nigerians. Since 2009, Boko Haram terrorists have massacred Christians there. A clumsy government intervention has only claimed more innocent lives. Despite all that, a Nigerian ministry leader reports a harvest of souls. I know of at least three former Boko Haram members who will be joining us around the Throne.

Hideous things are happening in the countries mentioned above, but God is calling out people from among each one of them. In the midst of the horror happening right now throughout the earth, my mind keeps tiptoeing back to the most beautiful thing… when we're all finally home to join our brothers and sisters at the feet of our Heavenly Father. Together. At last.

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Brittany Tedesco- posted February 07, 2014
Thank you, Gary, and everyone else for the positive and encouraging comments! Gary, you asked about the book of photography I mentioned. Unfortunately, I can't remember the exact book. I saw it over 10 years ago inside the store Ten Thousand Villages (and could kick myself for not purchasing it!). However, I'd like to offer a recommendation of a similar book of photography by Alison Wright called Face to Face: Portraits of the Human Spirit. The pictures are stunning, and she really captures the beauty of so many various ethnicities. God bless!
Gary- posted February 07, 2014
Thanks for the post. Superbly written. I would like to know if you could come up with the name/author/photographer of the book you described. I'd love to find a copy.
Jake- posted September 20, 2013
Whow. Incredible perspective. Thanks for writing.
Bill- posted September 19, 2013
Magnificently written. This is the message that attracted me to the ministry of Christian Aid nearly 50 years ago back in 1965! This captures the beauty of our mission to all nations. Keep up the good work and may God give you many more opportunities to share your testimony.
Debbie- posted September 19, 2013
Thank you, Brittany, for sharing "The Most Beautiful Thing." The yearning for our heavenly home intensifies every day and I eagerly anticipate the eternal reunion worshipping with all brothers and sisters in one accord magnifying and rejoicing in the Lord Jesus our Savior! Until then, may we continue to stand firm in faith not growing weary and pray steadfastly for the suffering church and all the Lord is saving!
James - posted September 19, 2013
As life on earth becomes grim for many, rejoicing in heaven only increases as more people come to their eternal home!
Stacie - posted September 18, 2013
Amen! Come Lord Jesus! Beautifully written.