May 31, 2016

How One Woman Aligned Her Heart with God's

Post by Brittany Tedesco

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There are those who pray mostly for themselves. Then there are those who frequently intercede for friends and family members. And then there are the rare ones—the ones who go beyond their little circles to the bigger picture, the ones who tap into the heart of God.

I'm not referring to monks or mystics. These people aren't any different from you or me. The main difference between us and them is desire.

Do we really care what's on the heart of God? Is it important to us? Or would we much rather just have our immediate needs met immediately?

Mary Taylor Smith, 76, prays through every item in Christian Aid Mission's "Prayerline" prayer calendar, and then she prays through previous issues.

"When you do this, you can tie in a nation with a current and past request and get better insight into the nation," she wrote to us.

After a dream about Bibles in many languages, Mary awoke to the words, "Are there any more?"

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Mary knew the answer to this question is no. "No Lord," she said. "We are running out of Bibles because we don't have enough to give out."

How right she is. We're living in an unprecedented time in history when the number of people groups attaining a witness for Christ is exponentially increasing each year. Throughout the world, the demand for Bibles is high. The ministries we support in the Middle East, for instance, report that they aren't able to keep Bibles in stock. Many refugees, who've fled from ISIS, are finally able to read the Bible without repercussions. They're curious about the forbidden book.

But what could Mary, who lives on a fixed income, do about the shortage of Bibles? It's not like she has money to spare.

That's when she decided to cut her outside lights, internet, and long-distance so she could make a regular monthly donation toward Bibles.

I believe God's heart was moved at Mary's passion for what matters deeply to Him—that the people of all nations would know Him. And so, He put her to work, providing her with a custom-tailored job.

"I enjoy canning," Mary wrote to us on April 4. "I canned 31 pints of pinto beans. This may sound strange, but I have a fleece out with God. If He blesses it then I will continue to can and sell. . . I am trying to do something to help with money for Bibles."

Canned beans

On April 13, Mary wrote to tell us about her first sale: "I'm sending my first offering for Bibles from my pinto bean canning. I have given beans away and even gave three pints to a friend who had been going through sickness for several months. When she asked why I had thought of canning, I told her my dream of the Bibles. As I was washing her dishes, I saw her come into the kitchen and lay a $10 bill on the table. She said 'this is for your Bibles.'"

The following day, Mary sent another email to Christian Aid: "Good morning! I will be sending another offering this week for Bibles for the nations. It will be over $100. I have learned a way of the Lord. All I had to do was be a willing vessel and seek His face then step out by faith. All I'm doing now is telling people why I'm giving the beans away is because of my dream. . . I canned 33 pints on Saturday."

Donations for Bibles flowed freely as Mary began giving away her canned beans at the post office, bank, and hardware store.

"You know, when I signed up with the Lord for this job, nothing was said about time and a half for overtime. LOL. I have the best Employer in this world. . . and benefits out of this world. I'm loving my job," Mary wrote. "I told the prayer group at church that Jesus is hiring [the] old, young, and middle-aged. Just apply for a job. No one is turned away."

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Janet - posted June 13, 2016
What a blessing of refreshing the reader's heart, soul, & mind. What a beautiful reminder for us to be stirred up by one another to encourage & serve those on the frontlines as we, together, invest in the Kingdom of God!
Kim - posted June 6, 2016
I'm on an entirely different path, but it requires the same type of "take that step" faith. Thank you for sharing...such an encouragement!
Marissa - posted June 3, 2016
I will renew my prayers as well. Thank you for this write up.
Angela - posted June 3, 2016
My heart was convicted and mightily touched by this story of faith! I'm going to try and start doing more in the kingdom of God myself!

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