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Prayerline Online :: August 2017

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August 1, Tuesday
Sturdy Shoes for Peruvian Gospel Workers

PERU. More than 50 years ago, death hovered over Peruvian missionary Lazaro, but the Lord gave him a second chance at life. Flying over the Peruvian Andes in a medical helicopter, an American missionary doctor spotted a tiny Quechua woman carrying her son, Lazaro, attempting the weeklong journey to the nearest city in hopes of finding someone who could treat her dying boy. The missionary picked them up and flew them to a hospital in Ayacucho, where Lazaro received treatment and slowly recovered from his illness. In time Lazaro accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, and today he oversees the Churches of Ayacucho (COA), a fellowship of more than 50 churches in the mountainous areas of his native province. Through this ministry of church planting, evangelism and leadership training, native missionaries trek through the rugged Andes, high above the timberline, bringing the gospel as well as food, clothing, supplies and shelter to people who live in remote villages in primitive conditions. Churches of Ayacucho has planted more than 50 churches among the outcast and poverty-stricken Quechua tribal people. Today, the ministry needs sturdy walking shoes for 30 workers ($50 each) who travel on foot to reach isolated Quechua villages. Pray for their safety, health and a glorious harvest as they walk along the Andean footpaths sharing the gospel.

August 2, Wednesday
Bicycles for Rural Church Planters

ODISHA. Consumed by the love of Christ, native missionaries traverse hilly terrain for hours on foot to preach Christ house-to-house and at open-air evangelistic outreach events in remote villages. They return to disciple and baptize new believers until a church presence forms. Twenty-five missionaries overseeing at least five house churches in remote areas need a bicycle ($66 each) to cover long distances more efficiently. Pray all peoples will praise the Lord.

August 3, Thursday
Building Renovations for Church

UKRAINE. Each year 100-plus graduates of Good Samaritan mission schools open new evangelical churches in Ukraine. In one village, a fledgling fellowship of a dozen believers meets in a small, rented house. Some believers bought a larger, inexpensive house to meet the need for more space, but the building requires an overhaul. Fifty gifts of $100 can create a suitable worship space. Pray for a witness in every village.

August 4, Friday
Christian School for Arab Children

CHAD. A team of Chadian missionaries trained for five years in the School of Mission in Nigeria, where they preached through persecution and evangelized in challenging fields. When they returned to Chad, they started a Christian school among needy Arab children. Now 87 students attend classes, and their families also hear the gospel. The school meets in a rented house ($150 monthly). Pray for gospel expansion throughout northern Chad.

August 5, Saturday
Discipleship Training in Fujian Province

CHINA. In 1998, Freddie Sun, former director of Christian Aid Mission’s China Division, visited Fujian Province and found a local church of 20 believers. Pastor John had just graduated from seminary and started a discipleship training center in a remote village. The center has trained 1,000-plus disciples through its annual program ($55 per person), resulting in 23 established churches with more than 15,000 members in Fujian. Pray for a 100-fold harvest.

August 6, Sunday
Vitamins for Malnourished Refugee Children

MIDDLE EAST. Malnourishment and unsanitary living conditions ravage weakened, Syrian refugee children living in unofficial camps throughout the Middle East. Native missionaries boost children’s nutrition by offering vitamin supplements ($17 per child, per month). One ministry requests enough for 300 children in a camp where they serve. Pray children and their families grow strong both physically and spiritually.

August 7, Monday
Medical Camps and Clinics for Villagers

PUNJAB. A woman wailed bitterly as she gave birth to yet another stillborn baby. “An untrained midwife was massaging pregnant ladies, which is medically prohibited,” a native ministry leader said. With awareness, the woman later had three children, and the midwife changed her ways. Native missionaries conduct medical awareness camps and clinics among illiterate villagers. The cost is $1,100 per month to teach and treat hundreds of people. Pray hearts open to the gospel.

August 8, Tuesday
Support for Missionaries to Unreached Tribe

MYANMAR (BURMA). Four years ago, Biblical Faith Mission sent four pioneer missionaries to reach the Dawei people, the people group perhaps most resistant to the gospel in Myanmar. No known believers exist among the Dawei, but these missionaries faithfully pursue them in hopes that their hearts will open to the Lord. Ask Him to soften their hearts. Pray these four workers will build strong believers.

August 9, Wednesday
Malongs for Displaced Muslims

PHILIPPINES. Sowing Among Muslims displays the love of Christ among displaced people who recently fled their homes, leaving everything to escape terrorist attacks in a 99.6-percent Muslim city in Mindanao. Native missionaries offer a malong (multi-purpose tube skirt, $6 each), a gospel tract and prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray these war-torn people, mostly Muslims, will experience peace through Christ.

August 10, Thursday
Retreat for Trafficking Victims

MAHARASHTRA. Rescued from the sex trade, 30 girls learn life skills and hear of God’s unconditional love through Life Foundation’s rehabilitation program. The formerly trafficked girls seek refreshing and discipleship at an upcoming weekend retreat. A visiting representative from Christian Aid Mission plans to share messages focused on Christ and calling. The cost of $220 per girl provides transportation, accommodations, and food. Pray rescued girls experience deep healing and restoration.

August 11, Friday
Provision for Christian School in Muslim Country

MAURITANIA. A Christian school in 99.5-percent Muslim Mauritania fills children’s minds with knowledge, floods their hearts with the gospel, stuffs their backpacks with school supplies, and satisfies their empty tummies with nourishing food. Missionaries provide pens, crayons, notebooks, and slates for children whose parents cannot afford them. Your gift of any amount feeds and uplifts the needy. Pray for safety as children boldly sing gospel songs during closing ceremonies.

August 12, Saturday
Monthly Support for Prison Missionaries

ECUADOR. Manuel bore the reputation of “most dangerous inmate.” Yet God reached him. “One day he heard me preaching the gospel in the prison, and he surrendered his life to Christ,” said a native missionary with Prison Outreach of Ecuador. Manuel now attends Bible study in prison. POE has 10 other faithful gospel workers who need regular financial support ($100 each per month). Pray every prisoner finds freedom in Christ.

August 13, Sunday
Food Packets for Syria’s Destitute Citizens

SYRIA. People’s lives crumble beneath the burden of war and political conflict in Syria, where a devastated infrastructure has left many once-thriving citizens without jobs or income. Jesus for the Kids ministers to 900 believing families in one Syrian city. The ministry seeks to give the neediest families small food packages of rice, sugar, tea, and canned meat ($65 per pack). Pray Christians stand strong to offer hope in troubled times.

August 14, Monday
Sewing Machines for Self-Sustainability

DELHI. More than 540 impoverished women have forged a new path in life through a native ministry’s self-sustaining tailoring program; they now earn enough to feed their families, and many lead prayer groups. Today 150 other women seek training to sew their way to sustainability. The ministry needs 10 sewing machines ($110 each) to replace old, broken ones. Pray these women experience the provision of the Lord.

August 15, Tuesday
School Supplies for Bedouin Children

JORDAN. Without school supplies, a Bedouin child in Jordan might as well stay home from school. They must have proper supplies to attend class. Ministry to Bedouin, Armenian, Gypsy and Druze provides a school backpack filled with learning necessities ($25 per child). The kind gesture opens doors for the gospel among Bedouin students and their parents. Pray strong house churches will arise among the Bedouin.

August 16, Wednesday
Food for War Victims

KYRGYZSTAN. A native ministry in 87-percent Muslim Kyrgyzstan has placed sustaining food boxes into the hands of 3,200 people in desperate need since the 2010 civil war between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, where the poor lost everything. “Helping those in need is an inseparable part of our ministry,” the leader said. “Every day we give food and Bibles.” The ministry needs $106 a day to continue. Pray many receive the Lord.

August 17, Thursday
Safety for Persecuted Christians

MOROCCO. A Christian brother worshipped in secret until his Muslim family found a Bible and Jesus Film in his library. His parents and nine brothers violently confronted him, beating him severely until he could no longer stand. “He lost consciousness and fell to the ground,” a native ministry leader said.  Your gift can help persecuted Christians in 99.6-percent Muslim Morocco find safety. Pray for Moroccans’ salvation, despite persecution.

August 18, Friday
Training Center for North Korean Disciples

NORTH KOREA. How do native missionaries train for the harvest in a closed country? With faith, courage, and prayer for supernatural protection, a native ministry opened a discipleship training center. The cost for meals and facility rent is $660 monthly. Pray these trainees will boldly share freedom in Christ to the millions in North Korea who are under cruel bondage.

August 19, Saturday
Encouragement for Bangladeshi Missionaries

BANGLADESH. Testimonies inspire; teaching equips; and gatherings encourage. Thirty-six native missionaries reaching Muslims with the gospel plan to recharge their spiritual lives through a special conference. “We want to encourage, inspire and teach so our workers may proceed powerfully by the Spirit of the Lord to win Bangladesh,” said a native ministry leader. The event costs $25 each for 36 missionaries ($900 total), including accommodations, food, and travel. Pray the Lord strengthens each worker.

August 20, Sunday
Provision for Elderly Christians

MYANMAR (BURMA). Many elderly Christians in Myanmar who served the Lord most of their lives now barely have enough to eat. Aging, destitute and often neglected, they receive neither income nor government aid, and many lack help from family. They depend on the generosity of other Christians. For only $11 per month, they can buy basic food and medicine. Pray these elderly will hope in Christ until they see Him face to face.

August 21, Monday
Training for Volunteer Gospel Workers

UTTAR PRADESH. A strategic prayer gathering of native ministry leaders has led to a huge increase in the number of people who have volunteered to share the gospel in their home towns and villages. United Christian Prayer for India seeks support for travel, accommodations, and other expenses for three training sessions for 50 volunteers ($200 each) in 2017. Pray every village would have a thriving witness for the Lord.

August 22, Tuesday
Provision for Refugee Children from Sudan

EGYPT. Some 250 Sudanese refugee children and 50 adults gathered for an evangelistic outreach in a destitute region of Cairo, Egypt. Native missionaries distributed gifts and passionately shared the gospel with the crowd. “The children are very poor, and in great need of everything,” the ministry leader said. Your gifts of any amount can help sustain refugee children. Pray they grow to know the Lord.

August 23, Wednesday
Education for Syrian Refugee Children

TURKEY. What should a ministry do when it sees 200 idle children at a refugee camp? Mission Pontus found three Syrian refugee teachers and started a school. The children receive basic education, school supplies and a taste of normalcy ($12 per child monthly for 200 children). Since the school opened, these children laugh more and obey their parents; whole families show interest in the gospel. Pray they grow in the love of Christ.

August 24, Thursday
Support for Pioneer Missionaries

CHINA. With hearts to bring the gospel to those who have never heard, four intelligent, faithful, young missionaries with Good Shepherd Ministries plan to evangelize in urban and rural areas in China. The Bible school graduates need support for their living expenses as they pioneer the Lord’s work in new areas ($330 each per month). Pray they fearlessly serve the Lord.

August 25, Friday
Buildings for Orphans and Widows

TAMIL NADU. A native ministry housing widows and orphans in one rented building must move to two buildings: one for 10 to12 widows and the other for 25 orphans. “The government requires that we must designate separate buildings for these homes,” the leader said. The ministry seeks assistance of $10,000 to build, but a gift $50 can make a difference. Pray these ones would rest in the Father’s love.

August 26, Saturday
Reach Iranian Children for Christ

IRAN. An online magazine goes where missionaries cannot go to bring the gospel to children in closed countries. The ministry translates five evangelistic children’s stories each month ($425 per month) into the Persian/Cyrillic language for children in Persian-speaking countries such as Iran. Pray a vibrant, underground church continues to grow as the gospel goes forth and bears fruit in the lives of young people, for future generations.

August 27, Sunday
Help Students Reach Hindu Communities

ANDHRA PRADESH. Hope Training Institute effectively trains native missionaries to bring the gospel to unreached communities throughout 91-percent Hindu Andhra Pradesh. Students study the Bible to gain a firm foundation; while not in class, they minister in villages. Twelve students each need $330 per month for the two-and-a-half-year training, which covers transportation, food, and a monthly allowance to sustain their families. Pray for God’s kingdom expansion.

August 28, Monday
Awareness for Egyptian Women

EGYPT. Through awareness seminars, a native ministry educates poor women about abuse and violence in the home and helps them establish small businesses to influence their villages. Some 200 women plan to attend 12 seminars ($66 per seminar). “We want to rehabilitate one village in Upper Egypt by reaching all ages with the gospel,” a native ministry leader said. Pray destitute women, widows, families and children hope in the Lord.

August 29, Tuesday
Monthly Support for Missionary Trainee

JORDAN. Workers trained in Arab countries can better reach the Arab world. Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary has trained Christian workers in 19 Arab countries and the majority of evangelical pastors in Jordan. Those who wish to pray for and give towards the support of a student ($35/month) will receive the profile of the student they are sponsoring. Pray these students bring the Life of Christ to the Arab world.

August 30, Wednesday
Poultry Farms for Missionaries

JAMMU AND KASHMIR. When two native missionaries hit a financial dead end—when they could not quiet their children’s cries for food—they cried out to the Lord. A native ministry started a poultry project to generate income for their livelihood. The ministry plans to start two more poultry farms for other impoverished missionaries. Any gift helps toward the cost of $2,200 per farm. Pray for open doors for the gospel.

August 31, Thursday
Christian Radio in Former Soviet Union

UKRAINE. In 1924, communist leaders in the Former Soviet Union built a radio system for propaganda and gave every household and public place a radio with only one channel. Today Slavik Radchuk’s Christian radio program reaches 100 million people across Ukraine and the Former Soviet Union ($190 per program, three per week). The ministry distributes thousands of Bibles. Pray for every ear to hear.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.