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Prayerline Online :: January 2018

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January 1, Monday
New Testaments to learn about Christ

TURKEY. Amira’s mother was upset that they had no food, but the 6-year-old Muslim refugee girl from Syria was upset that her children’s New Testament about Jesus was missing. The indigenous Christian ministry workers who regularly visited the Muslim refugees at the makeshift camp in Turkey had given the book to Amira. One morning Amira told her mother that she had dreamt of a truck carrying a man in a long white robe “just like the Prophet Jesus.” He had said that today the truck would come to help them. The ministry truck that arrived that day brought cooking oil, food and water. In their tent, the girl’s father, who had lost both feet in Syria’s civil war, thanked the Christians. Then he reached under his pillow and pulled out the missing children’s New Testament. “Why did you give this out?” he said. “When I found this, I was about to tear it up and throw it out, but then I thought that maybe I’d better examine it first. It’s really good!” He had hidden it so that no Muslims or family members would find out he was reading a Christian book. “In this culture, when the father or mother reads the New Testament and likes it, the family comes to Christ,” the ministry director said. “The daughter saw Jesus in her dream, and the father is reading the New Testament – surely God is at work.” With one children’s New Testament ($6 each) provided by one Christian Aid Mission supporter given to one little refugee girl by one indigenous missionary, the kingdom impact can be exponential. Please consider a gift to reach more children and their families.

January 2, Tuesday
Discipleship Materials for Former Muslims

NIGERIA. People displaced by Islamist violence who have since put their faith in Christ – most of them former Muslims – are being discipled and learning a trade at a native ministry’s Care Center so they can begin life anew elsewhere. The ministry seeks 10 people to give $100 for discipleship materials for new Christians. Pray they will bring the peace of Christ wherever they go.

January 3, Wednesday
Scholarships for Poor Schoolchildren

CHINA. A Christian preschool and kindergarten has grown to 120 students this year, from 20 in 2013, as more parents want their children to hold a Christian worldview amid an atheistic culture. Native missionaries who survive on very low income need scholarships for their children ($255 monthly, each), and the ministry seeks two people to give $127.50 monthly. Pray these children will shine for Christ in China.

January 4, Thursday
Plans for Evangelizing the Unreached

INDIA. Leaders of native ministries that have planted thousands of churches will gather next month to plan how to most effectively bring Christ to the 2,274 unreached people groups in India. Rather than getting confessions of faith, they aim to make deeply rooted disciples among these groups. Each ministry leader seeks 10 people to provide $100 each for travel and meeting costs. Please pray God will lead the way for each one traveling.

January 5, Friday
School Supplies for Poor Children

GUATEMALA. Providing a safe environment three days a week for more than 100 extremely poor, mistreated or abandoned children, Living Stones Ministry helps them with homework and encourages them with the gospel. Workers would like to distribute school supply packages ($30 per child). The ministry steers youngsters away from gangs and violence; pray the implanted Word will transform more families.

January 6, Saturday
Children’s Bibles Offer Hope

UKRAINE. Children who have heard about God for the first time are crying out to Him for peace in their war-ravaged country. Planning to gather 15,000 kids at camps in eastern Ukraine in the coming months, indigenous missionaries would print 5,000 children’s Bibles ($5 per copy) for them to share if 250 people give $100 each. Pray God’s Word would find rich soil in them.

January 7, Sunday
Shoes for Kids in the Cold

MIDDLE EAST. Many refugee children in the Middle East lack footwear, with some boys resorting to women’s shoes and other desperate kids wearing sandals in winter. Native missionaries bring them shoes ($18 per pair) to protect their feet from cold and injury – and bring many people to Christ. Pray that young people and their families would be shod with the gospel.

January 8, Monday
Rebuild Lives of Persecuted Evangelists

NEPAL. Four Christians thrown into prison on false charges were recently released. Returning to find their homes destroyed and income-producing livestock killed in the 81-percent Hindu country, they will appreciate any amount to help rebuild their lives, even as they remain focused on continuing their successful outreach to animists and Hindus. Pray God will protect them and make their outreach fruitful.

January 9, Tuesday
Send Missionaries, Gifts to Kids

KENYA. Indigenous workers hope to bring gifts to impoverished children at youth camps – something the children, mostly orphans, have never received. The ministry seeks 10 people to give $60 for missionary travel to the youth camps, where the kids have fun, learn about Jesus and commit to Christ. Pray the workers will arrive safely, and even more children will encounter Christ.

January 10, Wednesday
Musical Instruments for Worship

HARYANA. Recently 118 people came to know Christ through a native ministry, and their faith has taken deep root through discipleship. As a church forms, the ministry is praying for musical instruments to glorify God in worship; they seek five people to give $100 each. As the Lord transforms the lives of more Hindus and animists, pray that many more would worship in spirit and in truth.

January 11, Thursday
Language-Learning Books for Refugees

SPAIN. A native ministry provides Spanish-language teachers and Spanish books ($13 each) to predominantly Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Besides helping immigrants to integrate, this builds relationships and bridges for the gospel, resulting in refugees starting new churches; please consider providing four books ($52), and pray that each refugee would know the living Word.

January 12, Friday
Free Users from Addiction

BURMA (MYANMAR). At a native ministry’s center for substance abusers, a Buddhist was immersed in the word of God. He received Christ and was freed from alcohol addiction, as are many others, thus strengthening the fabric of society. Pray God will free other addicts at the center, which needs $25 per month for each one.

January 13, Saturday
Gospel Camp for Kids

PHILIPPINES. Children – and their parents – come to Christ through a book that tells the gospel story using only illustrations. A native ministry teaches children to share Christ through the wordless book at a missions camp, and it seeks 10 people to provide $57 each to meet all camp expenses. Pray the children will grow into faithful workers.

January 14, Sunday
Send Evangelists to Remote People

LIBERIA. Indigenous missionaries brave floods, cobras and illness to reach remote villages where people are beholden to evil spirits. Entire families are placing their trust in Christ upon seeing the power of God demonstrated through the native evangelists. Please consider a gift of any amount for the missionaries’ daily expenses, and pray the Lord will keep them safe and strong.

January 15, Monday
Schoolbooks for Disadvantaged Youth

PAKISTAN. A native ministry is praying for schoolbooks for 80 orphans and children from families who work as slaves in brick kilns. They seek 16 people to give $115 for these children to have the opportunity to grow up in the knowledge and provision of the Lord. Pray God would use them to change the increasingly hostile, anti-Christian culture of 96-percent Muslim Pakistan.

January 16, Tuesday
Heaters for Kids’ Shelter

UKRAINE. A church for staff members of Father’s House and the 80 street children and other disadvantaged kids they care for is growing, but the building where they meet has no heating system. Temperatures can now reach 25 degrees (C.) below zero, or -77 degrees F.! The ministry seeks 46 people to provide $100 each for a heating system; pray for God’s presence among them.

January 17, Wednesday
Protective Wall for Church

BIHAR. Hindu extremists destroyed a church’s temporary, grass-hut structure. Seeking a new worship site, the church first plans to build a boundary wall for protection and a safe place for baptisms; 14 more people are ready for baptism in a church of 100. They seek 34 people to give $100 each for the wall. Please pray for heavenly provision.

January 18, Thursday
Expand Worship Buildings

LAOS. As the gospel spreads from village to village in spite of restrictions by communist officials, three house churches have swollen in number and need to expand their meeting places. Each congregation seeks five people to give $110 each for plastic roofing, wood and cement to accommodate new Christians. Pray for safety and strengthened faith amid persecution.

January 19, Friday
Gospel Light to Overcome Darkness

BOLIVIA. Impoverished Quechua farmers are mostly uneducated and deeply involved in witchcraft, with religious feasts marked by drunkenness. Indigenous missionaries know only Christ can set them free as they see the gospel change lives. The workers live by faith that God will meet their living expenses ($110/monthly for each of 10 workers). Pray the light of Christ will drive out more darkness.

January 20, Saturday
Blankets to Warm Body and Soul

NEPAL. Flood relief has not reached a remote village, and a native ministry plans to help people there without shelter. For the oncoming winter, ministry workers would like to provide blankets ($15.80 each) for 100 families, some Christian. These will help build relationships to further expand their gospel harvest. Pray that our Father help them forward to new lives in Christ.

January 21, Sunday
Uphold the Persecuted Before God

CHINA. More than 10 policemen came to one of Good Shepherd Ministries’ church plants and ordered that they either register under the official Three-Self Church or be terminated. Pressuring all unofficial house churches to register in order to get permission to worship is the government’s new tactic in this country with an estimated 80-130 million Christians. Please pray that they stand firm.

January 22, Monday
Provide Heaters for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. Indigenous missionaries tell of unprecedented openness to the gospel as they offer compassionate aid such as heaters ($55 each), which warm hearts to receive the Lord Jesus. Kerosene, wood and electric heaters are critical during the colder months. Pray for hearts to be melted by His love in action.

January 23, Tuesday
Worship Building for Growing Church

GHANA. A new church plant in Offinso is growing fast and needs to build a worship center. The indigenous ministry has paid $1,000 for land and needs five people to provide $100 each for the remainder. Pray funds will also arrive for construction and that the site will be a symbol for the light of Christ.

January 24, Wednesday
Hut for Kids’ Sunday School

SRI LANKA. God has protected the 16 churches a native ministry has planted despite intense opposition from Buddhists. The main church in the 70-percent Buddhist country desires to put up a hut ($900) for its 42 Sunday schoolchildren, and the ministry seeks nine people to give $100 for a place the children can learn Bible stories, songs, and God’s Word. Pray for the salvation of each of these precious souls.

January 25, Thursday
Cattle Business for Building Kingdom

INDONESIA. In a remote village resistant to the gospel, a native ministry is launching a cattle business to make 15 families and an indigenous missionary self-sustaining. It will also build gospel bridges in the 87-percent Muslim country. Needing one cow for each family, five donors per family are sought to provide $110 each. Pray that the enterprise and the gospel may flourish.

January 26, Friday
Aid for Persecuted Believers

MOROCCO. On the surface a country of moderate Islam, Muslim-majority Morocco can be a place of invisible persecution. Christians suffer discrimination in education and the workplace, and worship is restricted. Indigenous missionaries seek assistance for survivors and family members suffering societal and official persecution. Please pray for strength and protection.

January 27, Saturday
Identify Unreached Peoples

INDIA. Native ministries collaborating through the Mission Research Association network plan to create a prayer guide identifying areas that still have no churches. To help missionaries and prayer warriors focus on those areas, they seek 10 people to provide $100 a month for the research. Participating ministries have planted thousands of churches; pray that God would move them to further reach the unreached.

January 28, Sunday
Enable Kids to Celebrate Festivals

ISRAEL. Many Israelis are too poor to celebrate the upcoming Purim (rescue from Haman in the Book of Esther) and Passover (rescue from pharaoh) festivals, and an indigenous ministry plans to help them celebrate the eternal Rescuer. Your gift will allow a child to enjoy a concert, play games and receive a gift of candy and toys for Purim/Passover; 49 people giving $100 each are sought. Pray eternal deliverance for God’s people.

January 29, Monday
Provide Gospel Vehicles

PHILIPPINES. Native missionaries go house-to-house for secret Bible studies and food distribution among a Muslim people group. They win souls, but they need motorcycles to get over hostile terrain and reach the remote locations. They seek 19 people to give $100 each for one motorcycle (though several are needed). Pray for the Light to overcome darkness.

January 30, Tuesday
Empower Native Missionaries to Evangelize

SOUTH ASIA. The love of Christ is the driving force for native missionaries who have brought the gospel to thousands of unreached people. Desiring to meet the expenses of 150 of them, the ministry leader seeks monthly giving of $60 for each missionary so they can focus on evangelism and church planting. Pray the 3,000-plus unreached people groups will have a thriving witness.

January 31, Wednesday
Critical Tools for Indigenous Evangelists

CHRISTIAN AID. Indigenous missionaries are increasingly persecuted and economically sidelined. Christian Aid Mission founder Dr. Robert “Bob” Finley was the first to recognize native Christians are more effective than foreigners in reaching their people, but the more effective they are, the more they are persecuted – and the more they need the resources and tools you can provide. Please consider helping indigenous missionaries with a gift to Christian Aid Mission today.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.