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Prayerline Online :: April 2017

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April 1, Saturday
Deserted Girl Discovers Treasure Island

UKRAINE. Children in Father’s House come from traumatic situations, but Valya’s shocking story surpasses them all. From birth, Valya lived in a room with animals: more than 20 cats, several rabbits and mice. She ate, slept and played among them. Her mother never worked, and a man lived on her mother’s welfare income. Valya was always alone with the animals. Her bruises and abrasions revealed deep mental, physical and emotional rejection. She was afraid. She growled like a dog and sprang up like a rabbit. She did not know the names of objects, days of the week or seasons. She was afraid to wash. She hid, crying, and did not talk. She played with no one. When Father’s House took her in, her life began to change. Valya learned to sleep in bed, eat with a spoon and fork, take a shower, dress neatly, and communicate with children and adults. Then she went to Treasure Island, a rehabilitation camp, where she spent time with many children and was able to listen and learn from others. She caught up with her peers in development, learning letters, numbers, colors, and then started going to school. Valya now is thriving. Through Father’s House—a children’s home many government orphanages seek to learn from—God transforms the lives of abandoned, rejected children. The ministry’s annual summer camp, Treasure Island, expands children’s capacity to grow and live healthy lives. Here, every child is a unique treasure, and children like Valya come alive with hope and grow in practical skills for their future. Last year 375 children from war zones in eastern Ukraine and from poor families attended the camp. This summer, the ministry plans to hold five camps with 70 children each. The cost for all five camps—including food, beds, equipment, and a boat to transport supplies and children—is $22,000; but $31 will feed one child at camp. Pray for children like Valya to know the redeeming love of the Father and to arise with beauty for ashes. “To give unto them beauty for ashes” (Is. 61:3).

April 2, Sunday
Persevering Workers See Fields Abound

TOGO. Despite difficulty, new mission fields in Togo flourish with hundreds of new believers and several new churches. “In 26 years of ministry among Muslims, nothing can replace the relatives and workers I have lost on the field,” a native ministry leader said. “I need God’s grace to destroy the enemy’s work.” Missionaries need support of $175 monthly. Some suffer illness, with no means for care. Pray for God’s sustaining grace. “My grace is sufficient for thee” (2 Cor. 12:9).

April 3, Monday
Food Bags Draw Hungry Refugees to Christ

MIDDLE EAST. Desperate refugees receive food bags ($72 each) including Arabic New Testaments and are surprised to discover the provision comes from Christians. “ISIS has torn my family apart, messed up my job possibilities, and my health,” said one man. “I’ve lost my country, but you have watched over my family. You have helped them, and I want to become a Christian.” Pray all would receive salvation through Christ. “The Lord is …not willing that any should perish” (2 Pet. 3:9).

April 4, Tuesday
Rohingya Children Thrive at Bible School

INDIA. Through a unique Bible School for Rohingya children, an indigenous ministry effectively equips young people as vessels for the gospel, preparing them to lead the next generation to Christ. A group of children has completed one year of the three-year program. The 18 students need $910 per month (for all) to finish the course. Fees cover rent, teachers’ salary, school supplies, and rice. Pray God’s Word will accomplish His purposes. “So shall my word…accomplish that which I please” (Is. 55:11).

April 5, Wednesday
Ministry Shelters Hopeless Single Moms

SPAIN. When her husband was murdered by the mafia in Mauritania, Hannah was left to raise three children alone. Hopeless, she fell vulnerable to traffickers, with no other way to support her children. Many single refugee mothers suffer persecution. An indigenous ministry in Spain provides shelter, food, help with visas, education for their children, and job training. For $275 monthly, a single mom can survive. Pray for 20 who need refuge today. “To give you an expected end” (Jer. 29:11).

April 6, Thursday
Motorbikes Zip along Remote Dirt Roads

MYANMAR (BURMA). Seven committed pioneer church planters are launching out beyond paved roads to reach remote villages. These seven native missionaries need motorcycles ($950 each) to reach these primitive villages and to carry Bibles, tracts, musical instruments, medical supplies and necessities for the people. Pray for the villagers’ hearts to be softened by the Holy Spirit to receive God’s Word and respond to the message of salvation. “Behold, now is the day of salvation” (2 Cor. 6:2).

April 7, Friday
Students Train to Evangelize New Fields

NEPAL. An indigenous training institute equips native missionaries to bring the gospel to unreached areas in Nepal. Since the school’s beginning in 2001, trained leaders have planted many churches in areas needing a gospel witness. This year 15 students from unreached areas seek support for training. The cost is $220 per student, which covers food, rent, transportation, stationery, and teachers’ support for three months. Pray each student would see God’s kingdom expand. “Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom” (Ps. 145:13).

April 8, Saturday
Impoverished Jungle Children Need Shoes

COLOMBIA. In remote jungle areas, courageous native missionaries with The Lord’s Vineyard of Colombia share the gospel among Guahivo, Zikuani, Salvia and other people groups who live in extreme poverty. Workers gather children into small groups to study the Bible and then distribute much-needed shoes and clothing. New church fellowships often grow from these small groups. Pray for gifts of $33 per child to provide shoes and clothing for 150 needy children. “How beautiful are the feet” (Ro. 10:15).

April 9, Sunday
Gospel Worship Team Seeks Instruments

INDIA. Imagine worship music filling villages that have no church witness. Imagine children singing praises to Christ Jesus. Native missionaries in India want to form Charisma Gospel Music Team and need a good sound system for outreaches in distant villages, which often require a seven-day journey by vehicle. They need a pad drum, keyboard and other equipment ($1,100). Pray for a song to rise to the Lord in every nation. “Let all the people praise thee” (Ps. 67:3).

April 10, Monday
Successful Rehab Center Changes Lives

CHINA. Before 28-year-old Su fell addicted to heroin, he thought he had control. But soon he was consumed, and he exchanged all he had for heroin. Su’s family discovered Gospel Drug Rehabilitation Center in Yunnan Province of China, where he received a new life. The ministry has helped 100 people like Su, and many now walk with the Lord. The cost for one new enrollee is $220 monthly for 18 months. Pray for restoration. “I came to call…sinners” (Mk. 2:17).

April 11, Tuesday
Eager Seekers Desire God’s Word, Gospel

SRI LANKA. Native missionaries sense a season of openness among people in Sri Lanka. Many seek Bibles, and workers long to give the living bread that people crave. They see cults bringing their corrupted versions of the Bible and distributing them freely. A native ministry desires 100 Holy Bibles to distribute to seekers ($1,000). “They are very eager to hear the gospel,” a leader said. Pray Bibles feed hungry hearts. “I am the bread of life” (Jn. 6:35).

April 12, Wednesday
Bicycles Help Workers Reach Rural Areas

UZBEKISTAN. Hundreds of villages in Asia have not a single evangelical church. Outreach workers simply lack transportation. In the local churches, only 2 percent of people have vehicles. An indigenous ministry wants to equip workers in Uzbekistan with bicycles so they can plant churches in rural areas. To supply bikes for missionaries in nine regions costs $5,830; that’s about $650 per region. Pray for the light of Christ to fill every area. “Thy light is come” (Is. 60:1).

April 13, Thursday
Center Uplifts Rescued, High-Risk Girls

MAHARASHTRA. Every hour, four girls in India enter prostitution, three of them against their will. Girls as young as 10 years are trafficked from economically depressed neighborhoods to major prostitution centers. A rehabilitation center in Maharashtra, the Indian state with the highest percentage of forced prostitution, offers job readiness, life skills, education, vocational training, counseling and housing for rescued and high-risk girls. Each girl needs $250 per year for three years. Pray for restoration. “I will restore” (Joel 2:25).

April 14, Friday
Tribes Reached through Christian Schools

PHILIPPINES. Punta Gospel Expansion effectively plants churches by establishing Christian schools in impoverished areas and reaching out to families. “If we build 10 schools this year, we can reach every family and tribe in our region,” the native ministry leader said. “Through education we can lessen poverty and disciple souls. If terrorists train young children, we can train our children for God's kingdom.” A child may attend school for just $16 monthly. Pray for transformation. “Train up a child” (Pr. 22:6).

April 15, Saturday
Workers Settle in Unreached Communities

MOROCCO. Many in 99.6-percent Muslim Morocco hunger for God’s Word and the answers to their faith questions. An indigenous ministry recently answered 2,755 faith queries through the Internet. The ministry trains and sends workers to plant churches in unreached communities. With support of $275 per month, a worker can live and minister in villages still steeped in spiritual darkness. People trapped in fear, long for freedom. Pray fellowships form in these areas. “For he satisfieth the longing soul” (Ps. 107:9).

April 16, Sunday
Summer Camps Spark Gospel Opportunities

ALBANIA. Evangelistic camps explode with gospel adventure, and Brothers Mission is preparing now for summer camps for 20 children of different ages ($55 each). Camps and outreach programs create opportunities for the gospel to reach the next generation in Albania, where just 0.45 percent of the people are evangelical Christ-followers. Pray children and their families would receive the Lord and proclaim His goodness. “They shall all know me” (Jer. 31:34).

April 17, Monday
Bibles in Bengali Open Doors for Centers

WEST BENGAL. An indigenous ministry in West Bengal distributes Bibles in the Islamic Bengali language to impoverished Muslims in rural, unreached villages. Last year, workers gave away 2,000-plus Bibles during outreaches, opening the door for them to share the gospel and launch children’s education centers in several communities. Pray for provision of 1,000 Bibles ($3 each) for Muslim children, students and parents. Pray for the Word to transform their hearts. “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” (Col. 3:16).

April 18, Tuesday
Workers Serve Abandoned Street Children

CAMBODIA. When homeless street children are fed, bathed and wearing clean clothes, they feel loved, and hope flows into their hearts like streams in the thirstiest desert. Kampuchea for Christ rescues abandoned children in Cambodia. The ministry needs $275 per month to serve these desolate young ones. Pray the children will experience the transforming love of God, and that their parents, who could not care for them, also come to Christ. “For their redeemer is mighty” (Pr. 23:11).

April 19, Wednesday
Motorbikes Needed to Reach Ethnic People

NIGER. With persecution on every side, native missionaries seek to plant churches and establish discipleship centers where new believers can flourish as effective leaders. The workers need motorbikes ($1,150 each) to bring the gospel to the Gourmantche, Tuareg, Fulani and Zarma ethnic Muslim people. Pray for protection from attacks from Boko Haram and other terrorist groups. “But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me” (Ps. 3:3).

April 20, Thursday
Income Projects Help Believers Thrive

PHILIPPINES. Reaching impoverished tribal groups, Agape Tribal Mission seeks to start a self-sustaining project to provide income for jobless but faithful believers. The ministry wants to provide 10 sewing machines ($165 each) for believers who then can share their faith with people who purchase their products. As working believers sow into the local church, the fellowship becomes self-sustaining. Families thrive with new fruitfulness. Pray each sewing machine would sow gospel seeds. “The sower soweth the word” (Mk. 4:14).

April 21, Friday
Quechua Churches Seek Discipleship Books

BOLIVIA. Quechua Evangelistic Outreach missionaries diligently work among impoverished, uneducated Quechua farmers in the northern Andes region of Bolivia. Despite deep roots in witchcraft, many find freedom in Christ, and as fellowships grow, new believers attend Sunday school to learn about the Lord. Pray for 10 congregations in need of discipleship material for children’s and adult Sunday school classes ($165 per congregation). Pray for Christ’s light to fill their hearts. “The entrance of thy words giveth light” (Ps. 119:130).

April 22, Saturday
Church Planters Ready to Extend Kingdom

SIERRA LEONE. A native ministry planted 10 churches last year in rural areas of Sierra Leone and plans to help establish these fellowships while planting others this year. The ministry has a passion to train leaders in evangelism and discipleship so congregations thrive and communities are transformed. To plant and establish churches they need equipment, training materials and ministry support ($2,200). Pray for God’s kingdom to expand in this West African country. “Enlarge the place of thy tent” (Is. 54:2).

April 23, Sunday
Crowded Orphanage Needs Five More Rooms

INDONESIA. Yesus Kristus Indonesia shelters orphans and children from impoverished families in Bali. Fifteen children from a local tribe need care, but the orphanage lacks room. The ministry needs to add five rooms for the children ($1,100 per room). Besides improving their health, the orphanage offers them tutoring, funds for school and hope in Christ. Doors open for sharing the gospel with their Hindu families. Pray each child would know the Lord. “Suffer little children…to come unto me” (Mat.19:14).

April 24, Monday
Workers Prepare to Share in Remote Areas

INDIA. A native missionary establishes churches in Muslim villages through adult literacy and child development. “We felt a burden to communicate the gospel to women, who have a zero-to-10-percent literacy rate,” he said. Hundreds have received Christ and are learning to share the gospel orally through story. Leaders also are learning. The ministry needs $3,500 to prepare pastors to reach remote villages. Pray they reach every village with the greatest story of all. “He spake…unto them in parables” (Mt. 13:3).

April 25, Tuesday
Team Reaches Kazakhs with MP3 Scriptures

CHINA. Arabia Bible School’s Kazakh missionary team travels to the north and northwest regions of Xinjiang Province to share the gospel among nomads, who migrate seasonally in mountain pastures and river valleys. After an initial contact, they share God’s Word through an MP3 player loaded with gospel songs, hymns, preaching, and the Scriptures in the Kazakh language. The ministry seeks 200 players ($39 each). Pray His Word fills the hearts of the Kazakhs. “He sent his word, and healed them” (Ps.107:20).

April 26, Wednesday
Pray for Protection for Six New Workers

KERALA. Sharon Fellowship started as a small Bible College and has spread throughout India and beyond, with more than 1,200 churches planted. Six new workers from north India carry the gospel to remote areas, travelling often overnight to establish a witness for the Lord where people don’t know Him. They need $275 monthly (together) as they reach the unreached amid persecution from Hindu militant groups. Pray for protection. “I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities” (Lk. 4:43).

April 27, Thursday
PA System Sought for Gospel Outreaches

UKRAINE. New believers and seekers are flooding into a worship house in Kiev after experiencing a touch from the Lord during evangelistic outreaches on the streets and in night clubs locally and in neighboring villages. People travel distances to hear God’s Word and receive salvation. The church needs a portable PA system ($2,750) for ministry both inside and outside. Pray the presence of the Lord fills the region. “May the whole earth be filled with His glory” (Ps. 72:19).

April 28, Friday
Ministry Needs Funds for Pastor’s Burial

LIBERIA. A native missionary in Liberia died from a Cobra bite while traveling to a remote village to meet with a chief about holding a revival meeting. His Muslim parents wanted a Muslim funeral, but the ministry leader, who led the pastor to the Lord, insisted on a Christian service. The parents left the body at the church, and now the church needs $1,760 for the burial. Pray for peace. “O death, where is thy sting” (1 Cor. 15:55).

April 29, Saturday
Worker Seeks Motorcycle to Go Farther

INDIA. A native missionary who often carries the gospel to a remote village needs a motorcycle for more efficient travel ($1,100). The pastor and another couple have started a work among children and women. They plan to open a sewing center to share the gospel with the ladies and help them generate income for their lives. Pray for protection, and for the Lord to have His way despite opposition. “The LORD hath his way in the whirlwind” (Na. 1:3).

April 30, Sunday
Parents Gratefully Receive Hygiene Kits

MIDDLE EAST. Refugee parents face the unimaginable with children often forced to beg or sell drugs to survive. When native missionaries provide infant hygiene kits with diapers, wipes, ointment and over-the-counter medicines ($55 per kit), they witness hearts opening to the gospel and an improvement in sanitation for these infants. Grateful parents want to know Christ. Pray each child and family would come into the family of God. “That we should be called the sons of God” (1 Jn. 3:1).

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.