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Prayerline Online :: March 2017

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March 1, Wednesday
Income-Generation Impacts Generations

EGYPT. Samia, 39, a young widow for 10 years, had no income to care for her two sons (ages 7 and 10) and 81-year-old mother-in-law. Living in a home of mud and wood, the family struggled to eat. They were hungry; the children outgrew their clothing and shoes; they were cold; they needed blankets, clean water, rice, flour and oil. Plus, they missed their daddy. In Egypt, women face countless hardships. Many are raped, abandoned and abused, while their children are at-risk for human trafficking. Samia, a Christ-follower, asked the Lord what to do. She had to feed her family. She had to see them thrive. She took out a small loan from Think and Do, a local ministry, and started a microenterprise raising poultry. She worked hard, repaying the loan by installments, and soon she was able to meet her family’s needs. She then took out another loan and expanded the project. Her financial situation improved, and she bought a stove, which her house lacked. Praising God, Samia began distributing a half dozen chickens monthly to poor families in her village as a tithe. Many widows like Samia need to generate income for their families. Microenterprise projects cost $500 and change lives. This widow now can feed, clothe and educate her children. She is making a difference among the poor, who receive her offering and wonder the reason for her gift. It is the Lord. He is good: The everlasting God. Nothing is impossible with Him. Pray for community transformation among the poor in 86.5-percent Muslim Egypt through income projects. “I am come that they might have life…more abundantly” (Jn. 10:10). Father, You make a way where there is no way. Thank you for opening the door for Samia and many others to start an income-generating project so they can thrive. May their blessings increase and overflow to help others as they shine Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

March 2, Thursday
Burmese Bibles Needed for Buddhists

MYANMAR (BURMA). Native missionaries need thousands of Burmese Bibles ($6 each) for evangelistic outreaches and to distribute to seekers, new believers and school children from Buddhist backgrounds. Bible distribution effectively impacts the communities of Myanmar since God’s Word can go where missionaries cannot go. God’s Word accomplishes His purposes. Pray the seed of God’s Word would fall on good soil, producing a mighty harvest in Myanmar. “My Word…shall accomplish that which I please” (Is. 55:11). Father, may Your Word penetrate the hearts of those who read in this Buddhist area. Shine Your light of glory and revelation into darkened souls, through Your Holy Scriptures, that they may know You, the Living God. In Christ, Amen.

March 3, Friday
Prayer Movement Spurs Churches in India

INDIA. In a country of 1.3 billion people, only 2.3 percent are Christian. United Christian Prayer for India (UCPI) mobilizes churches in India from many denominations. The movement is growing, and leaders have united to pray for a witness for the Lord in every people group. Volunteers eagerly seek training ($200/person for travel, accommodations, and materials for three sessions this year). Pray for the equipping of leaders. “That they all may be one…that the world may believe” (Jn. 17:21). Father, unify the churches in India through prayer, and may messengers arise to carry the gospel to every unreached people group. Establish a witness among every tribe and nation—to hasten the day of our Lord. In Christ, Amen.

March 4, Saturday
Hundreds of Muslim Children Fill School

MAURITANIA. Hands for Africa establishes education centers to transform the lives of impoverished children. The ministry welcomes hundreds of orphaned and at-risk children to engage in a quality, Christian education in 99.5-percent Muslim Mauritania. The children gratefully don their uniforms each morning. Hope fills their hearts. Leaders expect up to 1,000 more children this year and need $6,600 for teachers’ salaries, school supplies, and maintenance in three centers. Pray for generational impact. “Train up a child” (Pr. 22:6). Father, reach the children through these learning centers. May they all come to know You through Christ our Lord. Mark children for Your glory in this country. Send them with power. May they grow to lead with wisdom. In Christ, Amen.

March 5, Sunday
Thriving Leaders Await Equipping Center

PHILIPPINES. Arise Christian Ministries trains gospel workers from 20 areas in servant leadership and evangelism. One student shared the gospel in his remote area, and several new believers now seek discipleship training. The ministry is building an equipping center that also will serve as a preschool, free clinic, and vocational training hub. They need $18,500 to complete this lighthouse for ministry. Pray for the powerful equipping of gospel workers to impact the Philippines. “Throughly furnished unto all good works (2 Tim. 3:17). Father, all praise, honor and glory to You! Raise up these leaders. Equip them with all knowledge and understanding. Fill them with Your Spirit, and send them to establish a witness for Your Name among every unreached village. In Christ, Amen.

March 6, Monday
Simple Meds Show Christ’s Tangible Love

MIDDLE EAST. Imagine being a refugee parent with a child burning with fever or sick with stomach problems and having no access to common medicines. Native missionaries provide over-the-counter medicines ($6 per person) to grateful parents, who wonder why Christians help them when others turn away and even shun them. Workers also share the gospel with them. Pray all who experience the tangible love of the Lord Jesus would receive Him. “Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed” (Jer. 17:14). Father, have mercy on these refugees, according to Your lovingkindness. We ask that, as native missionaries offer desperately needed medicines to sick and dying refugees—these needy souls would experience the love and provision of the Lord. Heal them, Father. Draw them to You. In Christ, Amen.

March 7, Tuesday
Preschool Imparts Christian Worldview

CHINA. Chinese Christian parents increasingly seek to raise a new generation to have a Christian worldview amid an atheistic culture. Beatitude Christian Academy has grown from 70 to 94 students this year. Also known as Eight-Blessing Preschool, the ministry seeks scholarships ($255 monthly, each) for children of native missionaries, who have no official job and a very low income. Pray these children shine for Christ in China. “Teach me thy way, O Lord” (Ps. 27:11). Father, teach these children Your ways, and show them Your paths. Lead them in Your way, and shine through their young lives. Allow them to flourish in the light of Your favor, and draw many to You through them. In Christ, Amen.

March 8, Wednesday
Churches Seek Interpreters for the Deaf

UGANDA. When native missionaries met a deaf cook at a youth camp for the deaf, they reached out to him. He didn’t know the Lord; he didn’t even know sign language. He needed help to communicate, but the camp’s one interpreter was busy with needy deaf children. The ministry wants to train interpreters in Uganda, where many are deaf because of past wars. Any gift helps. Pray the deaf hear His Word. “The deaf (shall) hear the words of the book” (Is. 29:18). Father, enable the training and equipping of Christian interpreters so the deaf can understand Your glorious gospel and Your life-changing Holy Word. May the deaf “hear” the Good News! In Christ, Amen.

March 9, Thursday
A Hundred Displaced Girls Need New Home

ODISHA. A native ministry seeks to build a home for 100 girls who were expelled from their hostel due to persecution. These abandoned girls are from Christian families who were displaced, along with thousands of others, as war raged nearly a decade ago. Many Christians suffered. The cost to build the home for 100 girls amounts to $800 per girl. Pray for their education, salvation and future. “He restoreth my soul” (Ps. 23:3). Father, create a way for these 100 girls to have a place to live, heal and grow. Revive them. Restore them. Let them know they are loved and cherished. Let them hope in You. Provide every need. Protect them, comfort them and heal their hearts. Bless them as they come into this place that You provide. In Christ, Amen.

March 10, Friday
Fires Inspired Heater Mandate for Homes

UKRAINE. Father’s House, where 75 children ages 2 to 16 live, needs a new heating system during this cold winter season. Several fires—caused by the explosion of gas burners—have ignited in elderly people’s homes, prompting the gas service to mandate that all homes for the elderly and children must build a boiler room outside, instead of inside. The cost is $6,200. Pray the needy will have safe heat in war-torn Ukraine. But how can one be warm alone?” (Eccl. 4:11). Father, thank You for Your provision. May these children grow in Your warm love. May they know You as Father. Provide every need according to Your riches in glory. And may they feel secure in Your house. In Christ, Amen.

March 11, Saturday
Hungry Children Can Eat a Weekday Meal

PERU. Fifty impoverished children in the mountains of Peru enjoy a nutritious lunch each weekday as native missionaries with Churches of Ayacucho teach them about the Lord. In most cases, this is the children’s only meal. “We also are reaching the parents with the gospel,” a native missionary said. The ministry needs $710 monthly for feedings and outreach. Pray the neediest children encounter the Lord’s love. “O taste and see that the LORD is good” (Ps. 34:8). Father, may these children grow in wisdom, stature and favor. May their little bodies know comfort and health, and may their hearts know You as provider of all their needs. Thank You for their daily portion. You are their portion forever. In Christ, Amen.

March 12, Sunday
Key Leader Seeks Car for Distant Travel

INDIA. A native ministry leader needs a reliable vehicle to reach mission fields in remote rural areas. The ministry’s 12-year-old car can no longer make the trip. India Mission Association represents 243 Indian mission organizations and churches and 60,000 workers. The ministry plays a vital role in advocating for the rights of Christians in India. A vehicle ($7,700) would help the leader reach areas of need. Pray for the gospel to advance. “Let us go into the next towns” (Mk. 1:38). Father, send this leader to key areas of need. May He travel to every place You lead Him. Thank you in advance for providing a safe vehicle that can make countless journeys to allow this leader to establish churches and disciple pastors and believers. Lord, show Him your glorious provision. In Christ, Amen.

March 13, Monday
Workers Pursue ‘Untouchable’ Lepers

VIETNAM. Hidden in the highlands and central Vietnam, 1,000 lepers live in communities of outcasts and “untouchables.” They are the poorest of the poor, rejected by society yet pursued by the Lord Jesus, as native missionaries with Vietnamese Evangelical Churches offer food packages with rice, sugar, dried fish and cooking oil ($11 per pack) along with the gospel message. Many lepers have come to Christ. Pray they know the full extent of Christ’s love. “Jesus... touched (the leper)” (Mt. 8:3). Father, thank you for these laborers of Your love, who reach out and touch the leper and uplift the lowly. Bless them. May “the least of these” experience Your profound love through acts of mercy, kindness, and provision of food and every need. In Christ, Amen.

March 14, Tuesday
Pioneer Workers Target Unreached Peoples

GAMBIA. With gospel fire burning in their bones, a native missionary couple prepares to carry the message of Christ to small, unreached tribes in the remote areas of 88.4-percent Muslim Gambia. The ministry needs assistance of $550 per month to send workers to reach new groups like the Basari, Malinike, Konyagi and Serere. Would 12 people each cover a month? Pray workers can establish a witness for Christ among the unreached in Gambia. “The harvest truly is plenteous” (Matt. 9:37). Father, raise up support that these ready workers may bring the gospel to the unreached peoples of Gambia. May every tribe and nation receive the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ. Go before Your people and make a way. Protect them and let Your light shine through them. In Christ, Amen.

March 15, Wednesday
Needy Deaf Receive Mercy, Hope in Christ

AZERBAIJAN. Some 9,500 deaf people live in Azerbaijan, a largely Muslim country in the Caucasus region. The deaf rarely receive assistance here, and many deaf cannot read or write, though the country has a 100-percent literacy rate. Many simply need computer literacy training. A native ministry seeks $5,500 for evangelistic and mercy outreach to this needy people group. A hundred have come to the Lord. Pray many more come to know Him. “And hearing by the word of God” (Ro. 10:17). Father, let Your Word come to the deaf. Open their hearts to hear of Your love. Let mercy and kindness draw them. Teach them and provide for them, and let them rejoice in Your nearness. In Christ, Amen.

March 16, Thursday
350 Leaders, Believers Gather for Prayer

NEPAL. Federation of National Christians of Nepal is organizing a national prayer conference ($35 per person) to gather 350 leaders and believers to pray for key issues Christians face. For instance, it’s illegal to bury a dead body, so Christians secretly bury their deceased loved ones in the forest. But if they’re discovered, they must dig them up and find another place. Some have buried a loved one eight times. Pray for Christians in Nepal. “Thy righteousness shall go before thee” (Is. 58:8). Father, hear their prayers for mercy and justice. We ask for a mighty shift for Christians to receive rights, and may more and more come to know You. Be glorified in Nepal, and draw believers together in unity. In Christ, Amen.

March 17, Friday
1,000 Cold Flood Victims Need Blankets

BANGLADESH. Thousands of people suffered loss in a recent flood and now struggle through the cold winter months. A native ministry seeks blankets ($13 each) to distribute to 1,000 Christ-followers and others who have no way to keep warm. The ministry gave rice and oil after the flood; since then, 27 new believers have been baptized, and a new church has been planted in a remote area. Pray many in 89-percent Muslim Bangladesh hope in Christ. “His mercy is everlasting” (Ps. 100:5). Father, provide blankets for every needy person, and let them know Your outstretched arm to pull them from the flood and lift them from the mire and help them walk forward to a new life. Let those who hope in You rejoice. In Christ, Amen.

March 18, Saturday
Poor Villagers Enjoy Food for Body, Soul

PHILIPPINES. Evangelistic feeding outreaches ($275 weekly) uplift impoverished villagers and help nourish starving children, who mostly eat only root crops and occasionally rice. Native missionaries have planted a church among these hungry ones. When a church planter shared about nutrition at a local school, seven teachers, 22 parents and nearly 100 students received the Lord Jesus. Pray hungry souls in tribal villages will feast on the Lord. “My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness” (Ps. 63:5). Father, may their spiritual hunger exceed their physical hunger. Fulfill their needs. Strengthen their bodies and their hope. Nourish their families and their hearts. Let these grow in health and the knowledge of Your great love. In Christ, Amen.

March 19, Sunday
Displaced People Hunger for God’s Word

IRAQ. A native ministry in war-torn Iraq meets urgent survival needs of displaced people, whose hearts open because of the love of Christ pouring through native missionaries. Seeing the profound desire for God’s Word among the displaced, workers distribute Bibles in three languages: Arabic, Aramaic and Kurdish. Pray each blanket, food package, tent, and Bible ($6 each) would bring the hope of Christ to shattered hearts. “My Word…shall not return unto me void” (Is. 55:11). Father, Your Word does not return void. Let Your Word be planted in the hearts of displaced people to give them a firm foundation, and place hope deep in their souls. Draw them, and let Your Word flourish and bear fruit in their lives. In Christ, Amen.

March 20, Monday
Survivors Find Hope in 3-Year Program

MAHARASHTRA. A native ministry in Maharashtra focuses on impacting and empowering survivors of human trafficking by providing job readiness, housing and reintegration into the community. The three-year program ($250 per survivor annually, for three years) offers care for traumatized minors and young women rescued from the sex trade—to give them a new life and hope for their future. Pray for restoration—and an end to trafficking. “Deliver us from evil” (Matt. 6:13). Father, we ask: release many rescuers to set captives free from human trafficking and slavery. Restore these survivors completely; provide all their needs, especially the need of deep healing for their wounded hearts. Renew their hope. In Christ, Amen.

March 21, Tuesday
Refugee Youth Grow through Discipleship

JORDAN. Since the refugee crisis began, Love God Love People has consistently developed faith-based discipleship opportunities for refugee youth ages 15 to 25 through weekly meetings, monthly activities and bi-annual conferences. The ministry holds a powerful youth worship service regularly ($18 per meeting), where a ministry leader preaches the gospel. Hope is rising amid hardship. Pray this generation grows strong in the Lord. “Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing” (Ps. 30:11). Father, let the gospel come alive in the hearts of refugee youth. Uplift them and fill them with the knowledge of Your love. Let them find their purpose in You, their hope and future renewed, and may many see Your light shining in their restored lives. In Christ, Amen.

March 22, Wednesday
Church Presence Impacts 30 Tribal Villages

BRAZIL. The gospel thrives among the Kaiwa (or Caiua) tribe in 30 villages as Caiua Evangelical Mission plants churches throughout Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, the surrounding states of Para, Rondonia, and the Amazon region. CEM also provides desperately needed medical services and education to poor tribal people in isolated jungle villages. Pray the gospel advances powerfully through the 20 missionaries in these areas. Each needs support ($110 monthly). “To preach the gospel to the poor” (Lk. 4:18). Father, may every village receive the gospel. May native missionaries keep going in Your power. May the Kaiwa people—and many others in Brazil who have yet to hear the name of Jesus Christ—grow in the knowledge of God and have their whole communities transformed in Your presence. Increase Your presence among the peoples and nations. In Christ, Amen.

March 23, Thursday
Thousands Saved during Radchuk’s Events

UKRAINE. Devastating times have driven thousands of people in Ukraine to seek hope for eternity. They hear the gospel at Slavik Radchuk’s evangelistic campaigns and weep in repentance as the Holy Spirit touches their hearts. Since the government of Ukraine recently passed a law calling for every village to celebrate 500 years of Reformation and Protestantism, Radchuk’s ministry plans 25 evangelistic events reaching 5,000 to 8,000 people each this year ($1,200 per event). Pray for salvation. “Let them bring forth salvation” (Is. 45:8). Father, thank you for raising up Slavik Radchuk for such a time as this in Ukraine. Through his preaching, bring salvation, raise up many leaders, and cause this next generation to cling to Christ and proclaim the gospel in every unreached village in this country. May the message of hope bring revival. Send Your Word, and may a might harvest come forth. In Christ, Amen.

March 24, Friday
Ministry to Open First MBB Safe House

BANGLADESH. Muslim-Background-Believers (MBBs) in Bangladesh suffer persecution, and a native ministry has opened its doors to many needy souls. The ministry plans to build the first safe house for MBBs in this country. Here native missionaries can minister deeply to persecuted families through prayer and biblical training. The believers also grow strong in the love of the Lord through godly fellowship. Would several people give gifts of $5,000? Pray for restoration. “And under his wings shalt thou trust” (Ps. 91:4). Father, protect these courageous Muslim-Background-Believers and bring them into a safe house. Let no one fear who hopes in You, and let them not be ashamed. Strengthen these believers and cause them to grow strong in the strength of the Lord. In Christ, Amen.

March 25, Saturday
Key Worker Shares Gospel in Muslim Area

CHINA. A key ministry worker, Holei John, recently pioneered a strategic ministry bringing the gospel to the unreached, ethnic Uygur and Tajik peoples in Xinjiang in northwest China. Despite increasing persecution, the ministry perseveres—sharing the gospel, reaching out with food among the needy and leading discipleship groups—to see a witness for Christ in this Muslim area. The ministry needs $310 monthly. Pray for freedom for the oppressed. “To set at liberty them that are bruised” (Luke 4:18). Father, spread Your Word and presence among these ethnic groups in China. Let them experience Your mercy through the outreach of native missionaries. Establish Your witness among them, and make them shine for the nations to see Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

March 26, Sunday
Gospel MP3 Players Used for Discipleship

VIETNAM. Native missionaries with Vietnam’s Hidden Ministries share the gospel with patients and their families in cancer hospitals. Rechargeable MP3 players with gospel-loaded memory sticks ($11 each) serve as an important tool for follow-up among new believers and seekers. With audio Bibles in Vietnamese and Khmer languages, the ministry plans to expand to Koho, Ede and Hmong languages and needs 200 gospel MP3 players monthly. Pray God’s Word transforms the lives of those who hear. “Thy word is truth” (Jn. 17:17). Father, let Your Word bring message of Your saving love to those who are sick, and may their families be strengthened as they hear the gospel and grow in Your Word. Equip native missionaries with gospel-loaded MP3 players so all languages and peoples can hear the message of salvation in their own language. Let them find peace and power in Your presence. In Christ, Amen.

March 27, Monday
Gospel Outreaches Help Transform Live

INDIA. Bharat Bible College sends evangelistic teams to surrounding rural villages to reach the 300,000 people living here. With the presence and power of Christ, the students work to saturate these majority-Hindu areas with the gospel. Make no mistake: Opposition to open-air evangelism is real. But the impact of changed lives is undeniable. The ministry seeks assistance of $1,100 for the outreaches. Pray for a gospel presence here. “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Matt. 11:15). Father, let these Hindu areas marvel at the wonder of the gospel. Break in with Your light and life. Shine Your radiant glory in the darkness. Through these gospel outreaches, may every eye see and every heart behold that You are the Lord. In Christ, Amen.

March 28, Tuesday
Inmates Need Well, Sanitation Materials

MALI. When native missionaries preached the gospel to Muslim inmates in a Mali prison, the prisoners thanked them. The workers promised them Bibles, but when they returned another day, they were stunned at what they saw. Broken toilets, showers and septic tanks sank any hope of sanitation, and prisoners hiked a mile just for dirty drinking water. The ministry wants to supply a well and sanitation materials. Several gifts of $500 will help. Pray prisoners hope in Christ. “Or when saw we thee… in prison?” (Matt. 25:39). Father, You reveal the hidden things. Help these workers provide transformational necessities like pure drinking water and sanitation materials so they can be healthy. In these provisions, let them trust in You and grow in their faith and find true and eternal freedom for their souls. In Christ, Amen.

March 29, Wednesday
Refugee Children Lack Shoes for Safety

MIDDLE EAST. Heavy rains flood refugee camps in late winter and early spring. Children wearing worn sandals sludge through deep mud mixed with sewage. Many lose their shoes in the mire. Native ministries throughout the Middle East provide shoes ($18 per pair) to protect precious feet from the elements and disease. Pray that as children experience the compassion of Christ they grow in the knowledge of the loving Father. “How beautiful are thy feet with shoes” (Song 7:1). Father, would these young ones have beautiful feet for the gospel? Would they grow to carry Your gospel to their people? Let them wonder at Your goodness as they receive shoes, warmth and protection from disease. Send word of Your love. In Christ, Amen.

March 30, Thursday
Research Shows Where Workers Should Go

HYDERABAD. God has raised up hundreds of indigenous ministries in India that are faithfully planting thousands of churches each year. Many of these ministries fellowship through the India Missions Association, a research network formed to map the progress of the gospel in India and identify regions that still have no churches. The initiative inspires the sending of workers to unreached areas and costs $11,000 for continued support. Pray for unity in India to finish the task. “For we are well able” (Nu.13:30). Father, thank you for these leaders who take time to seek Your face, ask for Your plans, and grow in unity concerning their country. Awaken and quicken the hearts of Your people to reach the unreached peoples in India. Show them, equip them, lead them, and establish a gospel witness in every area. In Christ, Amen.

March 31, Friday
Thank You for Your Offerings through CAM

CHRISTIAN AID. When a witness for Christ is established in an unreached area, fear flees and families begin to thrive. Christian Aid Mission creates opportunities for people like you—sold out for the gospel and driven to your knees in prayer—to impact communities and nations with your offerings. Because of your gifts to native missions through Christian Aid, families can experience true transformation. Pray for the gospel to reach every people group. “The kingdom of God is at hand” (Mark 1:15). Father, thank you for raising up Christian Aid Mission more than 60 years ago. Continue to use this ministry to help expand the capacity of independent native ministries in areas of poverty and persecution—to bring the gospel to those who don’t yet know you. Have Your way, Lord. Establish a witness for Your Name among all peoples. Let the peoples praise You, let all the peoples praise You. In Christ, Amen.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.