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Prayerline Online :: September 2016

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September 1, Thursday
Medical Provision Shows Christ’s Love

MIDDLE EAST. What if your child struggled for life and had no access to medicine? Native missionaries found a refugee family with nine children living in a small space with no food or necessities. One of the children suffered from asthma, fighting for every breath, until the workers arrived with life-saving medicine. Now the whole family seeks the Lord. Another refugee family, housebound with a disabled daughter, received a needed stroller and prayer. The mother joyfully thanked God, saying, “Look how happy she is in her stroller! Thank you so much for this gift, and I thank the Lord Jesus for helping us!” The family now attends a house church. Sharing the love of Christ through medical provision opens doors for the gospel among Muslims. It takes $600 per month for each ministry working with refugees to provide simple, basic medical help. Your gift can save lives. Pray many more Muslims encounter Christ. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (Prov. 17:22). Father, You are the Great Physician. Touch and heal these souls and send caring believers with medical supplies and the gospel to uplift the weary, sick, broken and helpless. Show them Your love through provision. Show them Your glory as You save lives—both physically and spiritually. Let Your Name resound through humble dwelling places of refugees in the Middle East. Bring a shift in this generation. Come and have Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

September 2, Friday
Christmas Outreaches Include Gifts Bags

KENYA. Looking toward Christmas outreaches, an indigenous ministry plans to distribute 300 gift bags to families in 10 areas which have no gospel witness. These one-time gifts leave a lasting impression. Included in the bag are a Kiswahili Bible and children’s book, plus cooking oil, sugar, flour, tea, milk powder, juice, beans, and candy. The ministry needs $6,500 annually for evangelistic outreaches. Pray many receive the gift of eternal life. “For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16). Father, the greatest gift of all is the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for Your love offering to save us and usher us into Your presence—through the blood of the cross. We ask that all peoples may know You. Today we lift up the children and families in Kenya, that through these gift bags, which include a Bible in their own language, these people in 10 areas would come to know You. As they receive daily needs, may they place their hope in Christ and experience the Father’s redeeming, transforming love. In Christ, Amen.

September 3, Saturday
Hundreds of Youth Finding Deep Meaning

CHINA. In 2008 Brother Moses visited Sichuan Province to help with post-disaster reconstruction. He discovered many ministries, but none focused on youth. Brother Moses started Truth Life Road Youth Ministry to reach young people through community care, leadership training, and characters workshop. Now hundreds of young people are finding deep meaning. The ministry needs $450 per month for visiting, caring, transportation and meals. Pray for revival among youth in China. “Let no man despise thy youth” (1 Tim. 4:12). Father, thank You for Your work in the lives of youth in China. Bring this generation into a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus. Restore their hearts and fill them with Your glory. Let Your life shine through them as they learn to walk in Your ways. Strengthen these future leaders with resurrection might and make them unshakeable and full of joy for the days ahead. In Christ, Amen.

September 4, Sunday
7,000 Believers Await Hymnbook of Psalms

BANGLADESH. Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ in Bangladesh. They cherish the book of Psalms and are writing their own music to sing the Psalms in their native language of Bengali. With half the Psalms in the recording stage, they plan to produce and print a hymnbook ($8,800) for their 50-plus fellowships—a community of 7,000 believers. Praise the Lord for the sound of rejoicing in many Muslim villages. “Declare his glory among the heathen” (Ps. 96:3). Father, hearts are singing Your praises in Bangladesh. Fill them with Your songs. Let the peoples praise You, let all the peoples praise You. Inhabit their praises. Fill them with joy in Your presence. May everyone who desires – all the churches and fellowships in this 89-percent Muslim country – have a hymnbook of the Psalms. With one voice let them worship You in the splendor of holiness. Bless them. In Christ, Amen.

September 5, Monday
How Will Children Reach Treasure Island?

UKRAINE. Last summer, Treasure Island, a youth camp, reached 250 children with the love of Christ. The children came from refugee, military and dysfunctional families, as well as Father’s House. Camp leaders built a float to transport the children, food, equipment and necessities to the Island of adventures. But this year they seek a boat ($4,500) to deliver supplies and use for activities, transportation and emergencies. Pray every child will know the love of Christ. “To know the love of Christ” (Eph. 3:19). Father, rescue these young ones for Your glory. Capture their hearts and let them seek, find and store up eternal treasure during their time at camp. May they encounter Your love and never be the same. We ask for their safety, including provision of a boat for transportation. Let these young ones walk in their identity as sons and daughters of the King. Send them as lights into their communities. Yes, Lord. Shine upon them and in them and through them. In Christ, Amen.

September 6, Tuesday
Workers Go Door-to-Door with Gospel Book

JORDAN. While mass evangelism is illegal in 94.3-percent Islamic Jordan, Middle East Outreach has distributed Bibles door-to-door since the 1990s. However, Muslims who resist the New Testament often eagerly receive an Arabic gospel book, “The Life of Christ” ($10 each), which chronologically presents the life of Christ from the four gospels and Acts. The ministry desires 10,000 copies to sow into seeking hearts. Pray the Word finds fertile soil in Jordan. “So shall my word… not return unto me void” (Is. 55:11). Father, send Your people door-to-door, and may thousands of Muslims in Jordan receive Christ Jesus when they read “The Life of Christ.” Open their eyes and hearts to truly know You. Fill them with the spirit of wisdom and revelation, that they would experience Your love. Draw them to You. Breathe Your life into them. Let Your Word take root in their hearts and bring eternal fruit. In Christ, Amen.

September 7, Wednesday
Church Planters Seek Acres for Farming

MYANMAR (BURMA). A ministry in Myanmar (Burma) praises God for the plowing machine provided through Christian Aid Mission. Working to enable 20 church planters to become self-sustaining, the ministry seeks to provide one acre of land each ($3,500 per acre) for rice farming to sustain their families and churches. Self-supporting church planters gain credibility and enjoy open avenues for the gospel. Pray for a rich harvest for each new church. “You will be like a well-watered garden” (Is. 58:11). Father, bless these 20 church planters and expand their capacity for support through this income project. May each have an acre for rice farming so they’ll become self-sustaining, feeding their families, planting churches and reaching out to serve the needy. Lord, have Your way in Myanmar (Burma). May many look upon the lives of these believers and see Your favor resting on them. May many be drawn to You through their faithful, fruitful lives. In Christ, Amen.

September 8, Thursday
Ministries Cooperate to Finish the Task

HYDERABAD. God has raised up hundreds of indigenous ministries in India who are faithfully planting thousands of churches each year. Many of these ministries have formed a research network through India Missions Association to map the progress of the gospel in their nation and create strategies for sending workers to every village without a witness. The project requires $11,000. Pray for effective cooperation between ministries in India to finish the task. “Let us go up at once, and possess it …” (Nu. 13:30). Father, unify believers in India through these collaborative gatherings, where hundreds of native ministry leaders are joining to pray and develop strategies for reaching every people group in India with the gospel. May every village, every tongue, every people group have a witness for the Lord in our generation. In Christ, Amen.

September 9, Friday
Key Radio Ministry Reaching Two Million

GHANA. Countless souls have come to Christ through an indigenous radio broadcasting ministry—including an Imam of a mosque and eight of his followers in a nearby village. “We have worked hard to reach more than two million folks through radio broadcasts,” the ministry leader said. But to continue, the ministry needs $15,000 for a national fee—or the station will be shut down. Pray the Word would run swiftly in Ghana. “Call to me and I will answer thee” (Jer. 33:3). Father, thank you for this gospel radio program which is reaching more than two million people! Let the truth of Christ continue to air across Ghana, broadcasting into the hidden places and the hearts of those in the shadows. Let Your Word resound. Raise up supporters even now to help provide the national fee required to keep Your Word running swiftly and reaching the ears and hearts of those who seem beyond reach. In Christ, Amen.

September 10, Saturday
Workers Ready for Farming Income Project

PHILIPPINES. Arise Christian Ministries seeks to establish a witness among the mountain-dwelling Higaonon tribe and the southern Tiboli tribe in the Philippines. Since both tribes depend on agriculture for survival, a native ministry leader has developed an agricultural, self-sustaining project ($1,700 per tribe), which provides farm equipment, seedlings, fertilizer and a farming expert who can train workers. Church planters eagerly share the gospel. Pray for a harvest of souls. “He that ploweth should plow in hope” (1 Cor. 9:10). Father, bless these farmers. Thank you for a new way they can support themselves. We ask that this agriculture project would work to eliminate hunger in these villages in the mountains and in the south. Let hope abound as they enjoy the bounty of their hard work. As the gospel goes forth, let them taste and see that You are good. Your lovingkindness is everlasting. In Christ, Amen.

September 11, Sunday
The Blind Rejoice to Hear God’s Word

PAKISTAN. “So then faith cometh by hearing…” (Ro. 10:17). Father, let the blind hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! Thank you for audio Bibles. Thank you for this blessing in the lives of those who can’t see to read. Bless them as the listen to Your precious Holy Scriptures. Let Your Word dwell richly in their hearts. Wash them with the water of Your Word. Transform them by the renewing of their minds as they listen. Let the Word like a seed go deep and bring forth a harvest for Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

September 12, Monday
Evangelistic Camps Call Kids to Christ

THAILAND. With invitations from Bible school students, 50 children plan to attend an evangelistic kid’s camp ($40 per student) this October. Ministry leaders lovingly share the gospel with children who have never heard it. They also train believers to lead worship in their local churches and deepen their walks with the Lord. Some may begin the journey to becoming full-time ministers. Pray lives are transformed through the camp. “You make known to me the path of life” (Ps. 16:11). Father, take these 50 children, immerse them in the gospel, and let them be forever changed. Let the joy of the Lord be their strength. Let them find the path of life in Christ. Let them never doubt, from this time, that the Creator of the universe loves them and knows their name and is pursuing them with an unsurpassed love. Mark these 50 lives for Your glory in Thailand. Use them to change the world. In Christ, Amen.

September 13, Tuesday
200 Poor Children Need School Supplies

PERU. The Quechua native missionaries with Churches of Ayacucho trek through the rugged Andes, high above the timberline, bringing the gospel as well as food, clothing, supplies, and shelter to people who live in remote villages in primitive conditions. Pray for this effective ministry that is planting churches and caring for those in need. Ministry workers would like to give school supplies packages to at least 200 poor children ($30 per child). “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings” (Is. 52:7). Father, thank you for your heart for the hidden peoples in the Andes. They’re not hidden from you. You know their names and needs. And You send native missionaries with necessities to help them survive and to reveal Your love. Now 200 children need school supplies. We praise You for the open door for their learning and ask for every provision for their books, uniforms, pencils, paper and other needs. Bless them and touch their hearts with the gospel. In Christ, Amen.

September 14, Wednesday
Families of Martyrs Overcome Grief, Loss

NORTH INDIA. Five people were killed in Odisha (formerly Orissa) state recently, leaving behind families and orphans. Attacks against Christians in Northern India are increasing. Believers face danger from Muslim terrorists, radical Hindus and communist insurgents. Last year several native missionaries were martyred while proclaiming the gospel. Christian Aid desires to assist the families of martyrs ($550 per family). Pray for God’s protection for those left behind. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” (Rev. 14:13). Father, martyrs have a special place at Your heavenly altar. Their families have a special place in Your heart. You have quickened our hearts to help them. We ask, as You supply their needs through Your people, that the wives and children of martyrs would feel You lifting them up in Your everlasting arms. In Christ, Amen.

September 15, Thursday
Paralyzed Widow, Friends Receive Christ

INDONESIA. Ni, a widow who loves the Lord, has three grown sons who hate Christians. Before she put her faith in Christ, a stroke left Ni paralyzed on her right side, and her sons abandoned her. Yet native missionaries poured out love, caring for her so intensely that she and four other widows embraced the gospel. The indigenous ministry needs $175 monthly to help support outreach to these five widows, who are the only Christian witnesses in their town. Pray whole families turn to the Lord in 82-percent Muslim Indonesia. “…to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction…” (James 1:27). Father, let the light of Your face shine upon these widows, and let them shine as radiant witnesses in their town. Give them a new beginning, a new season of their lives, to speak the testimony of Christ, to tell what You have done for them. May many believe because of their message—of Your power perfected in their weakness, of Your riches in their poverty, and of Your faithfulness when they were abandoned. In Christ, Amen.

September 16, Friday
Ministry Plans to Launch Mission School

NEPAL. In 2009 a church fellowship in Nepal began with 25 people. Now 250 believers gather in a rented space and have birthed 13 young congregations in various districts with more than 1,350 baptized members. The ministry needs land and a building for its founding fellowship as it prepares to start a mission school. The cost for land, supplies and construction for the ministry center is $100,000 and includes transportation of equipment and building materials. Pray many native missionaries may be sent from this ministry and mission school. “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you” (John 20:21). Father, this Nepali fellowship has multiplied! Bless them. They need land and a building as they move forward with their mission school. May many more churches spring forth from this sending ministry. Grant the desires of their hearts as they go about their Father’s business in Nepal. In Christ, Amen.

September 17, Saturday
Abandoned Women, Children Need Shelter

BURUNDI. Displaced families face poverty and homelessness, and many have no way to provide for themselves. With Scriptures, they can walk in hope. With simple building supplies, they can have shelter. Native missionaries want to provide impoverished children and persecuted women with Bibles, hymnals, and iron sheets for building houses ($7,000). Pray they grow rich in the Lord. “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich” (Prov. 10:22). Father, you care for the fatherless and the widow. This is Your heart. We ask for every provision for these impoverished children and persecuted women. Bring hope to the hopeless. Put a new song in their hearts. Heal them completely and fill them with Your unfailing love. Shelter them with Your presence even as native missionaries arrive with tin sheets to build homes. May they know the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus and find unspeakable joy. In Christ, Amen.

September 18, Sunday
Refugees Rest Better with Pad Mattresses

MIDDLE EAST. Syrian refugees continually flood into bordering countries and sleep on the hard ground. Yet many encounter the love of Christ through the outreach of native missionaries, who offer necessities like pad mattresses ($50 each). The simple gift opens traumatized refugees to the gospel, as each night they remember the kindness of the Lord expressed through Christ followers. Pray many encounter the Lord’s unfailing love. “…The goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance” (Rom. 2:4). Father, thank you for Your ministers who serve traumatized refugees. Let them show the love of Christ through the simple provision of pad mattresses. The ground is hard. Their lives are even more difficult. There’s little comfort. But You, Lord, are the God of all compassion. You comfort those who mourn. You support the weary and uplift the lowly. May each soul who receives a mattress be blessed and drawn to seek You. In Christ, Amen.

September 19, Monday
Christian School Needs Space for 70 Kids

CHINA. Beatitude Christian Academy seeks to raise a new generation to be the salt and light of China. This mission school not only teaches the children a Christian world view amid an atheistic culture, but also supports the children of native missionaries through a tuition waiver program. With 70 students from pre-school to grade three, the school needs a bigger space. (Rent costs $4,500 per month.) Pray these children shine Christ. “Ye are the light of the world” (Matt. 5:14). Father, bless this bourgeoning pre-school in China. Let the borders of this ministry expand. Let the children’s lives exhibit the character of Christ in a world of atheists. May they know You deeply, walk in Your ways, and shine Your light among their generation, that many may know the one true God. In Christ, Amen.

September 20, Tuesday
Workers Seek Vehicle for Distant Travel

SOUTH ASIA. Native missionaries in South Asia walk miles along rugged-terrains to reach remote, unreached regions with the saving message of Christ. Nothing can stop the gospel, but a vehicle would enable more efficient travel for those compelled to preach. Several indigenous ministries seek a second-hand vehicle ($25,000 each). Pray every village hears the gospel. “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?” (Ro. 10:14). Father, send native missionaries to the distant, unreached villages, preaching the gospel and teaching those who long to know You. They need a reliable vehicle. The villages are remote and challenging to reach. But Your heart is toward these people. Every tribe shall know You. A witness will arise in the most remote villages. Let Your Word run swiftly. In Christ, Amen.

September 21, Wednesday
Ministry Hopes to Distribute 300 Bibles

ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires Outreach is strategically located in the city of Lujan, a popular destination for tourists. Evangelistic outreach targets pilgrims attracted to religious shrines through open air evangelistic campaigns, and local churches do street evangelism in the poor urban areas. Pray for the Lord’s guidance as BAO leaders plan upcoming evangelistic outreach events. The ministry wants to distribute at least 300 Bibles ($10 each). “…for they shall all know me” (Jer. 31:34). Father, awaken tourists and pilgrims to Your gospel. Use these evangelistic outreaches to expand the borders of Your Kingdom in Argentina. Draw many souls to You, Lord. Come and have Your inheritance in this nation. Let Your Word penetrate their hearts. We ask that this ministry could place a Bible into every open hand, that hearts would be filled with Your truth. May every soul who desires have a Bible. In Christ, Amen.

September 22, Thursday
Old Vehicle Needs Repairs to Keep Going

LIBERIA. For six years, a native mission leader has driven along unpaved, rural roads to reach unreached villages with the gospel. Now his vehicle needs major repairs ($6,500). Steeped in animism, whole communities receive the Lord Jesus as they encounter His love and power through evangelistic outreaches. Pray for reliable transportation for this leader and that every village may have a thriving witness for the Lord. “I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also” (Luke 4:43). Father, though the roads are rough and the journey is long, You fill us with Your Spirit and carry us onward. We lift up these communities laden with the worship of many idols and spirits. Have mercy. Send native workers to village after village, and may whole communities come to Christ. Thank you for the means to repair the vehicle for travel—that many more may have a witness for You. In Christ, Amen.

September 23, Friday
Christian Leaders Gather to Pray, Plan

INDIA. Hundreds of Christian leaders gather for prayer and strategic planning to mobilize thousands of churches to finish the task in India. Many have suffered persecution, including the 2008 murder of 38 Christians and burning of 5,600 Christian homes. Yet through strategic, collaborative prayer conferences ($110,000), Christian leaders from multiple denominations gather in unity for the end-time harvest in their nation. Pray for a witness for the Lord among every tribe. “…A witness unto all nations” (Matt. 24:14). Father, unify the churches all across India. As leaders from multiple denominations gather for prayer, fill them with Your glory. Lead them, show them Your glorious plan for reaching every people group in India. Let them run with perseverance, fixing their eyes upon Christ Jesus. We ask for provision for these strategic conferences. Have Your way among them. In Christ, Amen.

September 24, Saturday
Needy Families Find Life-Changing Hope

PHILIPPINES. Offering values classes in the public schools, open-air evangelism, Good News Clubs and a feeding ministry to hungry children, an indigenous ministry reaches children and their families with the love of the Lord Jesus and the life-changing hope of the gospel. They need $550 monthly to fuel this vital work among needy children and families. Pray for lasting fruit as they feed hungry bodies and souls. 801CELS-09 “For I was a hungred, and ye gave me meat” (Matt. 25:35). Father, we pray for lasting fruit as this indigenous ministry reaches out to feed families and children both physically and spiritually. Flood their hearts with hope as they hear of the powerful love of Christ Jesus. Let love-in-action draw them as they eat and are satisfied. Strengthen workers unto perseverance in ministry. Father, pour out Your Spirit in the Philippines. In Christ, Amen.

September 25, Sunday
Resident Families Need Storage Space

UKRAINE. Celebrating 10 years of serving needy children and orphans, Happy Family Orphanage hopes to finish the cellar ($3,500) of its building for safe storage space for the families in residence. Tucked beneath the home, the great room needs walls, doors and electricity. “We thank God for your open hearts,” the leader said. Pray for this need, and that every child would build upon the foundation of Christ. “For it was founded upon a rock” (Luke 6:48). Father, thank You for enabling this ministry to finish the cellar of the orphanage so resident families may safely store their belongings. Thank You in advance for this provision. You always make a way where there seems to be no way. We ask for the blessing of peace and love and joy to fill this home. May each child grow to know the Father’s heart of love. In Christ, Amen.

September 26, Monday
School Seeks to Serve 100-Plus Children

JORDAN. Hundreds of refugee children eagerly anticipate learning English, but a Christian school in largely Muslim Jordan currently can serve just 55 children ($55 per month per child). The ministry seeks assistance to provide Christian education for these and 100 more children, rescuing many from radical movements and raising them up as future Christian leaders. Pray for God’s kingdom to be established for generations. “Upon this rock I will build my church” (Matt. 16:18). Father, open the door for these and more children to be educated. Give them hope and a future. Fulfill Your destiny for their lives. Rescue them from idle days where they could be easily swept into radical movements. Establish them in Your ways. May they grow as leaders who shine Your light in the darkness. In Christ, Amen.

September 27, Tuesday
Tin Rooves Needed for Three Prayer Halls

MEGHALAY. Pastors and believers from three growing congregations in northeast India plan to build simple prayer houses of wood and bamboo, but they need a roof. An indigenous ministry wants to provide a tin roof for each church building ($550 for all three) so believers can enjoy shelter for their gatherings. Pray for an increase in the presence of the Lord in India. “How amiable are thy tabernacles, O LORD of hosts!” (Ps. 84:1). Father, hide these believers in the cleft of the Rock. Let them dwell in the shelter of the Most High and find their rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Cover them with Your wings of mercy and provide every need. Thank you that as You cover them spiritually, You also provide physical shelter. In Christ, Amen.

September 28, Wednesday
Sports Program Reaches Youth with Gospel

BURUNDI. A youth sports program reaches young people with the gospel—in a way they can hear it. The youth gather to compete in organized football (soccer) games and then hear a compelling message about Christ. The results are rich. Five Muslims recently received Christ as Lord and now seek baptism. The ministry needs $5,000 for the outreaches to provide balls, uniforms, shoes and 250 Bibles. Pray for this generation in Burundi. “So run, that ye may obtain” (1 Cor. 9:24). Father, let the children and youth run to You. Let Your Kingdom come among these youth as they gather for practice and competitions. As they play with joy, let their hearts open to the gospel. Draw them. Speak to them. Call their names. Give them a vision for their lives. Let Your Word bring a harvest of young souls. We ask for supply for each outreach, for Bibles, and that these young athletes would win their generation to the Lord. In Christ, Amen.

September 29, Thursday
Prayer Sparks Plan for Training Seminars

BANGLADESH. An indigenous ministry hopes to offer two leadership training seminars this year, enabling gospel workers and believers an avenue for deeper discipleship, encouragement, and development. After six months of prayer, the ministry feels led to move forward with the events but awaits provision ($5,200 for 55 pastors and evangelists for four days). Pray these leaders flourish as they come together for prayer, study and strategic planning. “Neglect not the gift that is in thee” (1 Tim. 4:14). Father, thank you for these training seminars. Thank you for drawing workers and leaders toward deeper discipleship and spiritual development. Strengthen them with Your might on the inner man. Teach them and lead them as they seek to know You and make You known. Encourage their hearts as they gather. Fill them and send them to bring the gospel to those who have not heard, for Your glory in Bangladesh. In Christ, Amen.

September 30, Friday
Fifty Workers Ready to Plant Churches

KERALA. Working to establish a witness for the Lord among all nations, an indigenous ministry plans to send 50 new workers to areas where no evangelical churches exist. With a goal to plant churches, each worker needs support of $175 per month. The ministry started with Christian Aid before they had planted a single church, and now they have more than 1,250 churches. Pray for a witness in every village. “Thou…hast redeemed us to God by thy blood” (Rev. 5:9). Father, send these 50 workers where no church exists, and may Your glory fall wherever they walk. Let salvation spring up from the ground. Let these native workers scatter seeds for a great harvest—for a witness for You every place they set their feet. Let houses of prayer and worship arise and transform families, villages and tribes. In Christ, Amen.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.