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May 1, Sunday
A Year Later, Native Ministries Rebuild

NEPAL. In April 2015 a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck Nepal, triggering massive landslides, leveling houses and buildings, and destroying whole villages. Mountains of debris barricaded roads, keeping supply trucks at bay as people living in remote areas grew desperate for water and food. Thousands of homeless people draped plastic for shelter and drank rain. The earth groaned constantly in minute-by-minute aftershocks, some as severe as major earthquakes. The smell of death and burning bodies filled the air for months. But amid the rubble of buildings and devastated lives, native missionaries labored among the people. Your generous gifts enabled ministry teams to distribute more than 20,000 pounds of rice, 50-plus gallons of cooking oil, tarps for over 300 families, and more. A year later, ministries work to rebuild. Your continued gifts mean everything to them. The Lord is using His people to bring restoration. Pray every heart encounters the Lord Jesus Christ and His immeasurable love. “I the LORD do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day” (Is. 27:3). Great Redeemer, Restorer, Deliverer—Strengthen the Nepali people by the power of Your Spirit. Establish them in Your love. Supply every need according to the riches of Your glory as they rebuild and restore cities long devastated. Father, may families who lost homes dwell in houses You rebuild through Your servants in Nepal. Bless and keep them. Restore and refresh them. Keep them night and day. In Christ, Amen.

May 2, Monday
Gospel Camps Impact Hundreds of Families

MIDDLE EAST. Refugees struggle daily to survive. So when native missionaries invite the children to summer evangelistic camps, they come running. Their parents often linger, listening to the gospel message. Workers follow up, establishing house churches among those who receive the Lord. These powerful, joyful, six-day camps ($15,000 each) impact hundreds of families across the Middle East. Pray many Muslim children and their families encounter Christ. “A little child shall lead them” (Is. 11:6). Father, bless these refugee children and their parents. Open their eyes to the marvelous gospel. Let them know the Living Lord as their All in All. Father, let them experience Your love filling their hearts to overflowing. Let these parents, lingering and listening as the Word goes forth, open their hearts and receive the Lord Jesus. Bless them with nourishment—for the body and for their very souls. Save them, Lord. And raise up these children to proclaim the Good News! In Christ, Amen.

May 3, Tuesday
Rohingya Refugee Reaches His Own People

NEW DELHI. Many ethnic Rohingya fled from Burma (Myanmar) in boats, hoping to find new lives in neighboring countries. Now these refugees in India live among discarded syringes, saline tubes, blood packets, and bandages dumped at the only place they can call home. An indigenous ministry—led by a Rohingya refugee reaching his own people—seeks to help 20 families set up shops ($295 each) to generate income. Pray the Rohingya hope in the Lord. “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God; in him will I trust.” (Ps. 91:2). Father, let these abandoned ones come into Your presence with singing. Let them find a dwelling on the mountain of the Lord—even amid the trash heap. Let them no longer be called rejected but accepted in the Lord. Let them place their hope in the Maker of the Universe. Let them find refuge in You. Let them know You as their fortress, their strong tower, their shelter. Open their eyes. Provide their needs. We ask for this micro-enterprise project to open doors of sustainable provision, that they may live and grow and reach out to lift others up. Father, uphold them. In Christ, Amen.

May 4, Wednesday
Thirty Workers Ready to Go, Need Van

BENIN. An indigenous school of missions equips native missionaries to carry the gospel to remote areas of Benin, where 13 people groups remain unreached. Thirty trained workers are ready for the Lord’s harvest fields, but the ministry needs $6,000 for a van and missionary support to send them. Pray these sold-out missionaries may reach the most unreached tribes in Benin. “Whither shall I go from thy spirit?” (Ps. 139:7) Father, open the way for these native missionaries to travel to remote areas as a mighty team to share the gospel with those who have never known the name of our Lord Jesus. Father, bless them. Let them go as from Your heart, carrying the love of God and the message of hope and eternal life. With a van they can go farther. With support they can focus on the field and give themselves to prayer and fasting and the ministry of the Word. We ask for You to go ahead of them and prepare the way; soften the hearts of unreached tribes to receive Your everlasting Life. Today, we press in for Benin. Raise up a witness from among every tribe, tongue and people. Let them know Your unfailing love. In Christ, Amen.

May 5, Thursday
Simple Car Needed to Reach Every Village

UKRAINE. In hundreds of villages across Ukraine, people have yet to hear the name of Jesus Christ. Native missionaries seek to reach every village with the transforming message of the cross. They need transportation. The ministry seeks $2,500 to procure an inexpensive car to help them reach the distant, lost areas and peoples still living in darkness. Pray many souls may know the King of Glory. “Who is this King of glory?”(Ps. 24:10) Father, take them to every village and city in Ukraine to preach the gospel among those who have never heard. Let every village hear and respond. Pour out Your Spirit in Ukraine. May songs of worship rise from those who love You in every city. Raise up Your messengers to carry Your glory from border to border, that beauty would rise from ashes and Your power would be perfected in weakness, that the Bride of Christ in Ukraine would shine with radiance for all the world to see. May native missionaries and ministries in Ukraine see a glorious ingathering of souls through these ministries. In Christ, Amen.

May 6, Friday
Evangelistic Camps Reach Unreached Needy

BURMA (MYANMAR). Churches spring from summer evangelism camps among needy, unreached people living in rural areas of 75-percent Buddhist Burma (Myanmar). Native missionaries visit villagers in their homes, share the Good News, and invite them to outreaches. The week-long evangelistic camps ($1,300 each for four areas) provide food, Bibles, songbooks and Christian literature. A missionary remains to follow up and plant a church. Pray thriving churches erupt from gospel camps. “The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance” (Ps. 16:5). Father, let the peoples praise You in Burma. Let the children run to You. Let the villagers see the kindness of Christ reaching out through native missionaries who visit them in their homes. Open the eyes of the unreached, needy people living in rural areas. Shine Your radiance in the darkest places, the hopeless spaces, among depraved, empty and broken hearts which cry out for something more. It’s You, Lord. Show them Your glory. Let them run to You, and let a mighty, resounding song rise and fill the distant villages; let hope break forth. In Christ, Amen.

May 7, Saturday
Scriptures Powerful to Transform Lives

PAKISTAN. Native missionaries passionately distribute God’s Word among those who have never read the Bible. “I was a wicked man, but the Word of God changed me, and its light transformed my life,” said Raza, a Pakistani man. The native ministry seeks 5,000 Bibles to share during street evangelism (just $5 each). “People have a keen interest in the Bible,” a leader said. Pray the Scriptures produce fruit in many lives. “I am the bread of life” (John 6:35). Father, may Your Word pierce the hearts of those in darkness. May they be renewed by the washing of water through the Word. May they feast upon Your Word and be transformed by Your Word. May they have Bibles and may this be the beginning of transformation in many lives and communities for generations to come. We ask for a shift in Pakistan through simple street evangelism, one-to-one ministry, sharing testimony and the gospel. Increase the supply of Bibles, that every soul may hold the Holy Scriptures. With that, go before the Word to soften hearts. Water the soil of the heart that the seed of the Word may sink deeply, take root and bring lasting change. In Christ, Amen.

May 8, Sunday
Team Reaching Unreached in North India

CHANDIGARH. The cracked, narrow roads beckon a native ministry team toward the unreached areas of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab states. They need a van to accommodate the whole team as they reach north India with the gospel. Buses and taxis are expensive and only go so far. A ministry van costs $14,000. Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit in north India. “Let the whole earth be filled with his glory” (Ps. 72:19). Father, we agree for an outpouring of Your Spirit in north India. Send this team all across the region with the gospel. The roads and villages draw them; their hearts are full of passion to go. We ask for provision for a van, which would allow them to travel together to strengthen churches in the scattered villages, as well as enter unreached places as a unified ministry team. Carry them as they shine Your glory among those who have never known You. May they now encounter the Living Lord. Let the name of Christ Jesus be exalted in this state. In Christ, Amen.

May 9, Monday
Worshipers Need Tin Sheets for Shelter

MALAWI. As the rains come, believers worshiping under open skies or in huts with leaky, thatched roofs hope for the provision of tin sheets to shelter the families, widows and orphans who gather to worship the Lord. For $5,800, the church may obtain tin sheets, poles, wire and items for other related needs. Pray every heart knows the covering of Christ Jesus. “Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations” (Ps. 90:1). Father, as rain pours in through the leaky thatched roof, we pray for an outpouring of Your love and presence in the lives of these believers in Malawi. Flood their meetings with Your glory. Inhabit their praises! We ask for supplies for a more permanent, weather-proof roof. They need tin sheets and other related items so they can worship without getting drenched. Yet immerse them with your loving kindness; let the streams of rejoicing rise among them; with joy may they draw from the wells of salvation. In Christ, Amen.

May 10, Tuesday
Ministry Hopes to Give 200-Plus Bibles

HONDURAS. The Lord’s harvest abounds as native missionaries with Prince of Peace Mission Honduras preach the gospel in remote villages, impacting the lives of desperately needy people. The number of believers continues to grow. Pray for these dedicated missionaries and for the fruit of their labor. They need at least 200 Bibles ($10 each) and hundreds of tracts ($50 per 100 tracts), as they evangelize distant communities. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful” (Heb. 4:12). Father, You breathed the Scriptures, and they give life. These communities long for Bibles, so move on the hearts of believers here to help equip those hungering for your Word in Honduras. What else would they do? You have the words of eternal life? Oh, let them hold the Bible and may You open Your Word to them. Give them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so they would know You better. Satisfy them as with richest food. Let them run to You. Transform their lives as they receive You—and as they take You at Your Word. Your Word is trustworthy, making wise the simple. In Christ, Amen.

May 11, Wednesday
Former Addicts Living Productive Lives

ISRAEL. A native ministry in Israel faithfully reaches drug addicts, alcoholics, and homeless people. Workers have seen thousands transformed into strong disciples of the Lord living productive lives, with some becoming pastors and missionaries. The ministry wants to open a daytime shelter and kitchen in the heart of Tel Aviv, providing food, clothing, and the Word of God ($1,285 per month). Pray Christ’s light shines upon the darkest souls. “In him was life; and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4). Father, set captives free on the streets of Israel. Bring those who are imprisoned in addictions out of the deep, dark, barred cells of hopelessness. Break the chains of alcohol and drug addiction and all generational captivity. Break every yoke. Bring beauty from ashes and joy instead of mourning. Make them oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of Your splendor. Majestic Lord, have Your way. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Whom the Son sets free is free, indeed. In Christ, Amen.

May 12, Thursday
Workers Uplift Poor, Elderly Villagers

CHINA. Native missionaries recently visited the ethnic groups in poor villages in Gansu Province. They brought warm clothes and food to these villagers, who live in poverty and are mostly over age 70, with rare help from relatives. Some suffer hunger and live in severe conditions. Missionaries visit these villages every two months, delivering food in the love of Christ ($500 for 10 families). Pray the poor may find the wealth of Christ. “Whosoever shall give to drink…” (Matt. 10:42). Father, these elderly ones rejoice to see your servants, who are filled with compassion and bring help in Your name. We ask for every provision for their lives. They hunger for companionship; they need physical food, as many suffer extreme hunger. Where are their families? Let Your children embrace them. Provide their needs, by Your abundance and mercy. Send native missionaries to uplift them, deliver food, listen and love. May they feast on the presence of the family of God. In Christ, Amen.

May 13, Friday
School House to Double as Worship Hall

BANGLADESH. Muslim children study under open skies in an area where there is no school house. An indigenous ministry hopes to build a worship hall ($1,600), which would serve as a school room during the week. The structure would help keep the children’s learning time consistent in every season—cold, hot or raining. Pray for provision, and for every child to hear and receive the gospel through this school. “He shall come unto us as the rain” (Hosea 6:3). Father, bless these children and, by Your Spirit, lead them into all truth. Let them grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with those around them, and with You. We ask for shelter for their studies. May they grow in knowledge and understanding in a place of worship. Let praises rise and let the children enter to study and learn. Father, draw the children in Bangladesh after Your heart. Let them know You and walk in Your ways all their days. Let many others come to faith through their lives. In Christ, Amen.

May 14, Saturday
School Reaches Poor, Orphaned Children

KENYA. Seeing the mighty move of the Lord through outreaches in remote, unreached areas, a native ministry in Kenya also reaches poor and orphaned children through its growing children’s school. They need a kitchen ($4,500) for the school so they can feed these hungry ones. With nourishment, they learn better. Pray every child may learn and grow strong in the Lord. “Eat ye that which is good” (Is. 55:2). Father, the children are too hungry to learn. This native ministry is passionate about building a kitchen so they can feed the children. Nourished bodies make possible nourished minds. Bless them. Let them grow in wisdom and strength. Feed their bodies, minds, and souls. Let them encounter You, Lord, through the loving outreach of these missionary teachers who are there first to introduce them to You. Father, bless the children in Kenya. Let them carry Your Word all their days. Let joy be their portion. Strengthen them and provide every need according to Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

May 15, Sunday
Health Care Can Save Lives of Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. A man lost so much blood, he needed hospitalization. A child needed umbilical hernia surgery. A depressed teen required life-saving intervention. Even common ailments, such as the swine flu, can shorten the lives of refugees. Native ministries help but seldom can cover the cost; a hospital visit is $500. Even gifts of over-the-counter medicines open doors for the gospel. Pray the weak would find strength in the Lord. “I am the LORD that healeth thee” (Ex. 15:26). Father, we ask for mercy for those suffering illness in the Middle East. Draw them near and hold them close to Your heart. Release healing for their lives. We plead the blood of the cross of Christ over every sick servant of the Living God and ask You to cover them with mercy and healing as they’ve never known. Even today. We ask for provision for those who need medical treatment. Lord, nothing is hidden from Your sight. As people seek help, let Your gospel go forth. Let them fall into the arms of their Maker. Bring restoration. In Christ, Amen.

May 16, Monday
Gospel Events Reach 200 Hungry Children

PHILIPPINES. Native missionaries in five slum areas in Dapitan minister to poor families who eagerly attend their Bible studies and evangelistic campaigns. Hungry children noisily beg their parents for food during the meetings. They wear tattered clothing and no shoes. A native ministry hopes to provide vitamins and food during outreaches to 200 children ($1,000 monthly). Pray the children grow strong as they receive food and the Bread of Life. “He that cometh to me shall never hunger” (John 6:35). Father, these families long to know you. Your glorious Word says that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be satisfied. Fill them with Your glory, Lord. And yet, their children are so hungry they can’t concentrate. They truly hunger and thirst and wear rags. Feed them with nourishing food and with the Bread of Life. Clothe them with robes of righteousness. Bring glory to Your name. Let them shine as radiant ones. Draw them close and bless them. In Christ, Amen.

May 17, Tuesday
Help 1,000 Muslim Children Have a Bible

WEST BENGAL. A native ministry seeks 1,000 children’s Bibles in the Muslim Bengali language to distribute among Muslim children this summer through community education centers in West Bengal. The children’s Bibles cost $2.50 each ($2,500 for 1,000 copies). “Our children’s educators reach out to families and start house churches,” the leader said. The ministry’s 10 new centers impact whole villages. Pray for grace and wisdom. “The LORD make his face shine upon thee” (Nu. 6:25). Father, what would they do if these centers did not take their place in the middle of these villages? What would the children do if native missionaries did not reach out to them? But they are reaching out, and the children long for Bibles in their own language, that they, too, may read the life-giving Scriptures and encounter the Living Lord in the stories of the Bible. Let Your Word run swiftly to meet them. Let them marvel at Your wonders and hide Your glorious Word in their hearts. Then may they proclaim all You have done from the beginning. You are the One Who is and was and is to come. We praise Your Holy Name. In Christ, Amen.

May 18, Wednesday
Dairy Farm Helps Sustain Gospel Workers

DELHI. Income generated from a dairy-farm project enables native missionaries to reach northern India with the gospel. Last year, gifts sent through Christian Aid helped the ministry obtain two cows, but another five cows are needed ($5,900) to sustain and send more native missionaries. Also needed are a utility vehicle, a bore-well and other farm-related instruments ($6,600). Pray the gospel powerfully impacts 82.8-% of Hindus in northern India. “…and the cattle upon a thousand hills” (Ps. 50:10). Father, cause this dairy farm to expand and succeed, for Your glory. Provide every need, every piece of equipment, every cow and worker. Fill the land with cattle, that native missionary families would generate sustainable income for their livelihood and for the expansion of Your kingdom. Let them shine in the darkness. Let this farm become a testimony of Your faithfulness among Your people. Bring forth provision through this project. Send Your workers with the gospel and with power. In Christ, Amen.

May 19, Thursday
Intensive Training Impacts 300 Workers

NEPAL. For the first time since the massive earthquake more than a year ago, a native ministry team can offer training for up to 300 native missionaries in Midwest Nepal. Four teaching missionaries plan to travel to two areas to provide short-term, intensive ministry training ($150 each for three months). Pray this vital equipping empowers them to reach the unreached in Nepal. “I will go before thee” (Is. 45:2). Father, it’s time. Though rubble remains in post-earthquake Nepal, yet native missionaries exalt you as they enter a season of equipping, prayer, training and understanding—preparing to go again to rebuild and restore their land in the power of Your Spirit. Undergird these ones who so love You and the people you have given them. Strengthen and refresh these who pour out their lives for the broken, the poor, and the devastated. Bless these shepherds after Your heart. In Christ, Amen.

May 20, Friday
Love Looks Like Formula to Refugee Moms

MIDDLE EAST. Refugee mothers, too malnourished to nurse their young, plead for life-saving baby formula ($33 for a month’s supply). One native church planter noticed a mother feeding her baby a strange substance and discovered all she had was watered-down, plain yogurt. Providing life-sustaining formula for starving infants builds the relational bridge for evangelism and discipleship with Muslim refugees. Pray they would encounter the Lord Jesus through His love in action. “…Ye have done it unto me” (Matt. 25:40). Father, when young, malnourished moms receive formula for their starving babies, they listen to native missionaries who visit them in the name of the Lord Jesus. Pour out your abundant blessings and flood their hearts and tents and makeshift homes with your love. Let their aching hearts receive Christ and be filled with everlasting life and hope. Thank you for this open way to a mama’s heart…through nourishing formula and the real, provisional life-source for their babies. In Christ, Amen.

May 21, Saturday
Ministry Shines Gospel among Buddhists

BURMA (MYANMAR). Native missionaries with Myanmar Free Mission prayerfully focus on reaching 15 villages in two predominantly Buddhist regions this year. In each village the ministry plans to hold a powerful gospel outreach and offer worker training ($300 per outreach; $4,500 total). Pray the Word would go forth and bear much fruit, resulting in vibrant churches in these unreached regions. “Not unto us, but unto thy name give glory” (Ps. 115:1). Father, these who love you and have given their lives as native missionaries need training in Burma. Establish them in Your Word. Prepare them in every way, in all knowledge and understanding and in all the fruits and gifts of the Spirit. We ask for provision for every need. Release hearts here to train up workers there, for the harvest is plentiful in these Buddhist regions, and the few laborers eagerly prepare. Bless and send them. In Christ, Amen.

May 22, Sunday
Devoted Workers Await Ministry Support

CHINA. Four intelligent, faithful, young gospel workers have devoted their lives to full-time missionary work through Good Shepherd Ministries. With hearts to bring the gospel to those who have never heard, they plan to evangelize in urban and rural areas in China. However, they have little support for their living expenses. Each worker needs $200 per month. Pray they fearlessly continue to serve the Lord. “Be strong and of a good courage” (Josh. 1:9). Father, as we cry out for our own needs and ministries, we fervently pray for these native missionaries in China, who need support to live and minister full-time. These young workers have given everything they have. They respond to the undeniable call on their lives to preach the gospel among the unreached peoples in urban and rural China. We ask for provision and empowerment as they live by faith. May the vision in their hearts align with Your vision for the lost in China. Use them mightily. In Christ, Amen.

May 23, Monday
Hungry Children Taste God’s Goodness

PARAGUAY. Every Sunday morning, New Life in Jesus gospel workers and church volunteers share Bible stories and provide healthy meals for 100 children from poor families. “Many of the children go several days with barely any food,” the native leader said. The ministry needs $300 monthly to feed impoverished children. A nourishing meal enables children to learn, grow and hope. Pray these families see the Lord’s provision. “The LORD make his face shine upon thee” (Nu. 6:26). Father, hunger weakens the body and mind. Without Your provision and love through native missionaries who are all about their Father’s business—these children would die of starvation. But here they gather at a church in Paraguay. They find nourishment. They take in the Scriptures. They slowly grow stronger in body and spirit. May each one come to a saving knowledge of You, Lord. And may their families come to know You. Make a way where there is no way. Have Your way among them. In Christ, Amen.

May 24, Tuesday
300 Worshipers Overflow Meeting Space

UTTAR PRADESH. A Christ-follower in a Hindu village opened his small home to some of the 300 believers in 10 villages for a worship service. The worshipers overflow the space, many enjoying the service from the courtyard. The fellowship desperately needs a building so all the believers may gather. They have the land. They need help completing a building ($2,942). “Praise God for His mercies,” the leader said. “Upon this rock I will build my church” (Matt. 16:18). Father, from a few to 300 Christ-followers in 10 villages! How glorious to hear of their efforts to gather as one man opens his own home. Yet they cannot all fit. They pack as many as they can into the worship room then spill into the yard, the music, prayers and gospel message following them. They just love to gather! Could they have a larger space? They have the land; they need help with building supplies. We lift them up to You, Lord. Bless them. Let them see Your glorious provision as they wait for You. In Christ, Amen.

May 25, Wednesday
Solar Equipment Needed for Remote Area

TOGO. His friends tell him to leave the bush. They say it’s too dangerous, too dark. After all, last year the native ministry leader was captured by Muslims. Now the lights are out in the training center—the batteries on the solar equipment died. “The darkness, with a potential attack, is complicating our situation,” the leader said. The ministry needs $5,120 for batteries, solar panels, power regulator and converter. Pray for gospel light in Togo. “And the light shineth in darkness” (John 1:5). Father, shine Your light and glory upon this rural area. Let the light of Your face shine upon their hearts. We ask for protection; surround Your workers with Your glory, with songs of deliverance. Cover them. We plead Your blood over their lives. Provide natural light by solar panels; let Your light shine on their path. Give them wisdom, counsel and understanding. And make these courageous ones to shine in the darkness until these villages know You. In Christ, Amen.

May 26, Thursday
Ten Native Missionaries Prepare to Go

INDONESIA. An indigenous ministry in Indonesia seeks to reach unreached people groups by training 10 new native missionaries this year, focusing on personal discipleship and preparation for gospel campaigns. The ministry plans to hold three, six-day evangelism training sessions which would empower 10 faithful missionary hearts to go with the gospel. The annual cost is $245 per person. Pray the many unreached peoples of largely Islamic Indonesia may encounter the glorious light of Christ. “A light to lighten the Gentiles” (Luke 2:32). Father, send them with Your power. Prepare these indigenous workers through these six-day gospel training sessions. Here they are, gathering to study to make themselves approved. Bless them with Your abundant spiritual fruits and gifts, as well as every provisional need. Let them see glorious breakthroughs of supply in their lives. These 10 faithful servants go in faith. Bless them. May many unreached tribes come to know You through their message. In Christ, Amen.

May 27, Friday
Missionary Children Hope for Higher Education

PUNJAB. Native missionaries work among many in darkness in Punjab state. Raising their families in the love of the Lord, indigenous ministry couples need help with education fees for their children ($200 monthly, each), who are growing up as Christ-followers in a slum area of poor idol-worshippers who dwell in huts on the roadside. Pray this generation would carry the transforming gospel to the needy. “One generation shall praise thy works to another” (Ps. 145:4). Father, provide every need exceedingly and abundantly beyond all they could hope or imagine. Raise up these children in the knowledge of God and send them as arrows of truth and love to the people living in darkness. Have Your glory in their lives. Fill them with hope and make them shine as burning lamps in their generation. In Christ, Amen.

May 28, Saturday
Teens Study Bible, Grow in Discipleship

KAZAKHSTAN. Young people seek a foundation for their adult life. An indigenous ministry focuses on teaching and training teenagers through Bible classes. “We create an open atmosphere where the teenagers feel free to ask questions,” the native leader said. They train them to become leaders, resist temptation, and follow the Lord. The ministry seeks $4,000 for its Bible school for young people. Pray young believers stand firm in the Lord. “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). Father, these teens are drawing near. Sweep over them with wave after wave of Your love. Let them know You, Lord. Thank you for a place they can freely ask questions about faith and life. Establish them. Strengthen their foundation and build them up in their faith. Fan the flame of the gifts You have given them. Set a fire in their souls and use them to carry and proclaim the gospel among young people in this generation. Father, pour out Your Spirit in Kazakhstan. Open doors no one can shut. In Christ, Amen.

May 29, Sunday
Plentiful Harvest Eager for Laborers

GAMBIA. Native missionaries in Gambia labor to reach new people groups. “Our passion is to focus on smaller tribes like the Basari, Malinike, Konyagi and Serere,” the ministry leader said. A prepared church-planting couple is ready to go but needs support ($6,000 per year). God’s harvest awaits. The fields are ripe. “There’s a clarion call to reach the unreached,” he said. Pray for laborers. “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields” (John 4:35). Father, these native workers hear Your clear, strong call and they are ready to go. Open Your storehouse of provision for this couple as they go in faith. Lift them up as on the wings of eagles; carry them to walk and live among these small, unreached tribes—that they may know the hope of their calling, Christ in them, the hope of glory! Through the lives of these workers, spread everywhere the fragrance of life. As they lift up the name of Christ Jesus, may You draw many to Yourself. Use them to bring Your Light to Gambia. In Christ, Amen.

May 30, Monday
Persian-Speaking Children Hear Gospel

MIDDLE EAST. An online magazine goes where missionaries cannot go to bring the gospel to children in closed countries. The ministry translates five evangelistic children’s stories each month ($385 per month) into the Persian/Cyrillic language for children in Persian-speaking countries such as Iran. Pray a vibrant, underground church continues to grow as the gospel goes forth and bears fruit in the lives of young people, for future generations. “And to him that knocketh it shall be opened” (Matt. 7:8). Father, let Your Word run swiftly through the Middle East and enter places long closed to the gospel. As the resurrection displayed Your unstoppable Life, so let Your Word go behind closed doors and into closed countries, that the One Who is the Resurrection and the Life may be proclaimed. Awaken hearts to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus! Let the children sing Your praises; raise up a hidden generation of those who love You and live for You alone. Open doors for the gospel message through this online magazine. In Christ, Amen.

May 31, Tuesday
Family Makes Room to Reach Unreached

CHRISTIAN AID. Sarah ached to give more. Seeing the numbers of unreached tribes, she cried out for laborers. She longed for people to hold a Bible. How could she help? The Lord answered her prayer. He sent a young lady who needed housing. Sarah opened her home, drawing rent and sacrificially sending it to Christian Aid. You, too, can experience a miracle of provision for giving. Ask the Lord to make a way. Give to help reach the unreached. “God loveth a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7). Father, flood us with creative ways to increase income for giving. Open our eyes to see. Open our hearts to give. Together we join with this woman’s heart cry for more people to know You. She asked: How may I help? And You answered. But the wondrous part is that she was in tune with Your leading and she knew the idea was from You. Lord, You love to use us to reach the unreached. You call us to pray; You open ways for giving. Let creative ideas for increased income for kingdom purposes rise in every believer. Awaken us to Your heart to provide for Your people and works in faraway places. We rejoice at the privilege to co-labor with You! In Christ, Amen.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.