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Christmas opens people’s hearts to Jesus Christ like nothing else does. Throughout the world, in countries where Christians are typically forbidden to share the gospel, people flock to Christmas parties—and hear the Good News!

This month’s Prayerline is filled with opportunities for you to help native missionaries throw Christmas parties—in places like the Middle East, Indonesia, Myanmar, and India—and rescue many souls from darkness.

Click here to watch how one native missionary has used Christmas parties to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Prayerline Online :: December 2016

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December 1, Thursday
Kings Give Generously to Native Missions

Power of One. Charles King and his wife Betty, donors of Christian Aid Mission, sought good soil for sowing kingdom seeds. Growing up on a farm during the Great Depression, Charles knew that the soil matters when it came to planting—and giving generously.

Christ Jesus taught His disciples about different types of soil: rocky, weedy, dry or good. Only seed scattered on good soil becomes productive. The Kings found good soil in Christian Aid.

“I was looking for a well-run charity,” Charles said. “I wanted to support a mission covering two areas: feeding Christians in need, especially those forced to flee their homes because of religious persecution; and helping finance the spreading of the gospel among unreached peoples. I found both at Christian Aid.”

Last summer the Kings significantly increased their giving to Christian Aid. Charles asked the Lord if this pleased Him. Then, one Sunday morning, while he was singing a hymn, Charles felt the presence of the Lord Jesus, and His approval concerning the added giving.

“I now feel free in mailing excessive funds to Christian Aid,” he said. “Thank you for providing me an avenue to lay up treasures in heaven.”

Ask the Lord how you can “lay up treasures in heaven” through a special offering toward our Finishing the Task Fund to help us reach unreached people.

“He … which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully” (2 Cor. 9:6).

Father, let us reach deep, as the Kings do, to give to Your work among indigenous ministries in areas of poverty and persecution, that unreached peoples would know you. Have Your way. We offer our treasures and our lives. In Christ, Amen.

December 2, Friday
Workers Carry Gospel to Unreached People

NIGER. Native missionaries work in rural areas among the Zarma (who adhere to traditional beliefs), Fulani (radical Muslims), and Gourmantche (animist) peoples in Niger. They minister in villages barely accessible, beyond roads and unreachable by car. They plant churches, open medical clinics, teach Bible classes, pray for the sick, and lead children’s ministry. To stay strong they need $7,000. Would seven people give $1,000? Pray whole villages turn to the Lord. “Even there shall thy hand lead me” (Ps. 139:10).

Father, we long to see the gospel reach and transform every unreached village and people in Niger. Establish Your kingdom among every tribe and tongue, that there would be a witness for Your name among them. Worthy is the Lamb. In Christ, Amen.

December 3, Saturday
Christmas Uplifts Traumatized Refugee

MIDDLE EAST. Wars and extremist violence don’t cease for Christmas. Yet Christ comes to unlikely places: a stable on that first Christmas; war zones in Syria and Iraq; and unofficial refugee camps in surrounding countries. Christmas comes as native missionaries share the gospel with traumatized people and help them through acts of compassion. A special Christmas offering of any size can help provide Bibles, food, blankets, and medicines. Pray Christ shines in the darkness. “And the light shineth in darkness” (John 1:5).

Father, let them see Your light. Fill their hearts with Your love. Lift them up to see Your face. Let the lowly find rest in Your presence. In Christ, Amen.

Click here to watch how one native missionary has used Christmas parties to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

December 4, Sunday
Rohingya Refugees Open Shops for Income

INDIA. Prayers and financial support helped a refugee family in India open a shop for income generation to assist in their daily living. “This is life-saving help,” a ministry leader said. “We hope this family will stand because of this shop.” The ministry seeks to help 19 more Rohingya refugee families in Delhi open shops for their survival ($325 per shop). Pray they experience the goodness of the Lord.

“His mercy is everlasting” (Ps. 100:5).

Father, make a way for these 19 Rohingya refugee families start an income-generating project. Thank you for providing sustenance through these shops. Bless them with Your love. In Christ, Amen.

December 5, Monday
Former Alcoholic Freed from Addiction

HONDURAS. Fernando, a struggling alcoholic for years, finally placed his faith in Christ after Rafael, a native missionary with Prince of Peace Mission Honduras, persistently shared the gospel with him. As Rafael discipled Fernando, the Lord delivered Fernando from alcoholism. Now he often shares his testimony. The ministry has 20 other faithful servants, like Rafael, who trust the Lord for regular financial support ($100/month each). Pray for them.

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me” (Is. 61:1).

Father, thank you for setting this man free from his addiction to alcohol. Do it in other lives as he shares his testimony. Strengthen native missionaries to persevere in reaching the needy in their reach. Let Your kingdom come. In Christ, Amen.

December 6, Tuesday
New School Impacts Impoverished Children

MAURITANIA. An indigenous ministry in 99.5-percent Muslim Mauritania sees the incredible value of educating poor children and teens to impact future generations for Christ. When the doors of their new school open, they anticipate serving 500-1,000 students in one of the most dangerous countries for Christians. The ministry needs assistance for teachers’ living allowances, school supplies and maintenance in three education centers ($120 each for 50 students). Pray these children grow to know the Lord.

“Shew me thy ways” (Ps. 25:4).

Father, we ask for every provision for these essential education centers in Mauritania. Open the eyes of the children’s hearts. Reveal the Lord Jesus to them. Let them walk in Your ways all their days and bring Your love to their people. In Christ, Amen.

December 7, Wednesday
Kazakh People Reached in Remote Areas

CHINA. Native missionaries from Arabia Bible School share the gospel door-to-door with the Kazakh ethnic people in a remote area in China. They also support Kazakh children in their education so they can better serve their people. Sister Grace, a recent Bible school graduate, now works among Kazakh college students. Missionaries like Sister Grace need $900 per month to live. Pray Kazakhs receive Christ in Communist China despite a new wave of persecution. “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12)

Father, strengthen these native missionaries to persevere through a new wave of persecution. Fill them with Your might on the inside. Protect them. Surround them with songs of deliverance. Let Your living, active Word run swiftly in China. In Christ, Amen.

December 8, Thursday
Ministry Plans to Give 10,000 Food Packs

IRAQ. Shinar Mission in Kurdistan currently distributes monthly food packages ($65 each) to 1,600 families displaced by ISIS. The indigenous ministry is preparing 10,000 packages for Christmas evangelistic outreaches. As they distribute these gifts, they share the gospel. Pray many who have never heard the Good News will hear and receive the gift of salvation. “The Lord liveth” (2 Sam. 22:47).

Father, we ask for provision for these 10,000 packages; may there be more than enough food and necessities to make a difference in the lives of traumatized, displaced families. Bless them and show them Your mercy and love. In Christ, Amen.

Click here to watch how one native missionary has used Christmas parties to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

December 9, Friday
Burmese Bibles Key for Advancing Gospel

MYANMAR (BURMA). An effective way to reach non-Christians, nourish believers, and train church planters in Myanmar (Burma) is to give them the Bible in the Burmese language ($5 each). Native missionaries have distributed their whole supply of Bibles and desperately need Bibles for upcoming evangelistic camps and outreach in rural areas. They need 300 Bibles for the first quarter of 2017. Pray God’s Word will bear much fruit.

“So shall my word…not return unto me void” (Is. 55:11).

Father, they long for and seek Your Word. Equip native missionaries with enough Bibles in the Burmese language for upcoming outreaches in Myanmar. Believers, church planters and non-believers hunger for the Word of God. Bless them. In Christ, Amen.

December 10, Saturday
Network Maps Progress of Gospel in India

HYDERABAD. Hundreds of indigenous ministries in India are faithfully planting thousands of churches each year. Many of these ministries fellowship through the India Missions Association and have formed a research network to map the progress of the gospel in their nation and identify regions that still have no churches. The initiative requires $11,000. Would 11 sponsors each give $1,000? Pray for unity among ministries to finish the task.

“Let us go up at once, and possess it” (Nu. 13:30).

Father, how wonderful! Ministries are gathering in unity and prayer to map the progress of the gospel in India and identify regions that have no witness for Christ! We ask for provision for this project for Your glory and the expansion of Your Kingdom in India. In Christ, Amen.

December 11, Sunday
Ministry Trains Youth to Reach Unreached

ALBANIA. In a country where about 0.45 percent of the people are evangelical Christians and 67-percent are Muslim, many have no faith. An indigenous ministry shares the gospel with youth and trains young people ages 18-30 to reach their generation for Christ. Workers conduct one-on-one discipleship, evangelistic conferences and retreats, and weekly Bible studies. The ministry needs $5,000 annually. Would five people give $1,000? Pray for fruit as discipled believers share the gospel.

“That they might know thee” (John 17:3).

Father, for Your glory raise up youth in the power of the gospel and send them across Albania to reach their generation for Christ. Let them grow in wisdom, love and the knowledge of Your will. Open Your Word to them as they dedicate their lives to You. In Christ, Amen.

December 12, Monday
Slavik’s Gospel Events Reach Thousands

UKRAINE. Devastating times have driven thousands of people in eastern Ukraine to seek hope for eternity. They rush to hear the gospel at Slavik Radchuck’s evangelistic campaigns. As the government of Ukraine recently passed a law calling for every city and village to celebrate 500 years of Reformation and Protestantism, Radchuck’s ministry plans 25 evangelistic events reaching 5,000-8,000 people each in 2017 ($1,200 per event). Pray for salvation.

“Seek ye the Lord while he may be found” (Is. 55:6).

Father, bring salvation all across Ukraine through the evangelistic ministry of Slavik Radchuck. Draw many to hear the transforming message of the cross. Fill them with hope. In Christ, Amen.

December 13, Tuesday
Ministry Assists Flooded Farm Villages

PAKISTAN. Residents of five villages in Pakistan have received no flood relief assistance and have no way to earn a living after rains inundated their fields and homes. Fields remain four to five feet under water. Residents, mostly farmers, have been unable to work for the past month and lack funds to feed their families. The ministry plans to provide food packs for more than 500 families. Any gift helps. Pray for restoration.

“I will be with thee” (Is. 43:2).

Father, we ask for provision for 500 families who need food to survive amid this desperate situation. Let these flood victims see Your hand of restoration and supply. Show them Your glory and goodness. In Christ, Amen.

December 14, Wednesday
Elderly Need Basic Provisions to Survive

PHILIPPINES. Redeemed by the Blood Ministries cares for widows and the elderly by taking them in and assisting them with many needs. Most residents are believers, 70 years and older, and include elderly pastoral couples. They have no income or retirement funds, no equivalent of Social Security or Medicare. Pray for God’s provision for food, clothing, housing, and medications ($1,700 monthly), and that each of these seniors would know the Lord Jesus.

“Plead for the widow” (Is. 1:17).

Father, we plead for the widows and elderly and ask for provision for their food, clothing, housing and medications. They have nothing and no one. We praise You for this precious ministry that opens a shelter and cares for abandoned seniors. Let them know You. In Christ, Amen.

December 15, Thursday
Worker Courageously Endures Persecution

MOROCCO. After 13 hours of interrogation by 10-plus policemen, a native missionary in Morocco was released. He was arrested because he possessed Bibles in the 99.6-percent Islamic country, where just 0.2 percent of the population professes faith in Christ. “He stayed strong in answering that he is a Christian,” a leader said. The ministry needs $2,500 for worker support. Would five people give $500 to help? Pray for courage for believers in Morocco.

“Whom shall I fear?” (Ps. 27:1)

Father, strengthen these persecuted native missionaries that they may fearlessly proclaim the gospel. Open a way for Your presence and raise up a witness among unreached peoples in Morocco. In Christ. Amen.

December 16, Friday
Fellowship Seeks to Build Prayer House

INDIA. A prayer house speaks of the presence of the Lord Jesus in a culture of Hindu idol worship. An indigenous ministry seeks to build a prayer hall for a village fellowship that has worshipped in a small shed since 1973. Hoping to expand, they need supplies, electricity, and a floor ($3,000). Pray the whole village comes to Christ.

“Enlarge the place of thy tent” (Is. 54:2).

Father, shine Your glory in this village in India. We agree for this growing fellowship to worship in a larger space. May their building needs be met, and may their whole village receive the gospel. In Christ, Amen.

December 17, Saturday
Christmas Celebrations Delight Children

INDONESIA. Children celebrate with their whole heart. Yesus Kristus orphanage provides a modest Christmas celebration for the 103 children they serve. Each child joyfully receives a small gift and a special meal. Through a gospel film they discover the true meaning of Christmas and learn of God’s saving love through Jesus Christ. The cost is $11 per child. Pray these children would know the Father’s heart for them.

“A father of the fatherless” (Ps. 68:5).

Father, how great is Your love that You call us Your children. Bless these young ones who live in an orphanage. Open their understanding to know the Father’s heart and blessing. May they sense Your love as they celebrate Christmas, enjoy a meal together and receive a gift. May they know You, Lord, the greatest gift. In Christ, Amen.

Click here to watch how one native missionary has used Christmas parties to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

December 18, Sunday
Refugee Fellowships Gather for Retreat

JORDAN. Native gospel teams encourage devastated Iraqi and Syrian refugees by reaching out to meet deep spiritual needs. Many joyful home churches have formed as a result. Love God Love People, an indigenous ministry, gathers all these refugee home churches for a spiritual retreat. Events cost $800 each. Pray they would find spiritual encouragement through our Lord Jesus Christ. “He is your Redeemer” (Is. 54:5).

Father, through retreats, Your people grow to overflowing. Bring unity as these refugee home churches gather to worship and encounter You. May they grow in faith, encouragement and discipleship. In Christ, Amen.

December 19, Monday
Crowds Gather to See Soccer Ball Juggler

ANDAMAN ISLANDS. A soccer ball juggler—one of Asia’s finest—doubles as an evangelist ministering among youth in the Andaman Islands at Christmas. During a series of village outreach meetings ($1,500) he’ll perform and then share the gospel. Crowds of youth gather to marvel at the young man’s skill. Pray for God to give a major breakthrough in their hearts during these times—that many turn to the Lord. “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10).

Father, thank You for this talented young man who loves you so and uses his gifts for Your glory. May his words of hope through the cross reach the hearts of those gathered. Reach them with Your truth and love. May many believe and turn to You. In Christ, Amen.

Click here to watch how one native missionary has used Christmas parties to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

December 20, Tuesday
Fellowship Needs Larger Worship Space

MYANMAR (BURMA). Faithful believers gathering in remote villages of Myanmar (Burma) overflow their small home meetings and eagerly pray for a church building ($2,200 each). They can build but they need provision. A church building means everything to Christ-followers from a Buddhist background who used to worship idols in a monastery. A prayer house advances the gospel witness throughout Myanmar. Pray churches would shine like lighthouses in dark places.

“Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house” (Ps. 26:8).

Father, advance Your gospel throughout Myanmar. Let all peoples worship You. We agree for provision for a church building that would represent the gospel presence in this area. May these precious believers have a place to worship You and shine forth Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

December 21, Wednesday
Poor, Persecuted Families Need Housing

BURUNDI. Displaced families face poverty and homelessness, with no way to provide for themselves. With the Lord’s help, they can walk in hope. With building supplies, they can have shelter. Native missionaries want to provide impoverished children and persecuted women with Bibles, hymnals, children’s books, and iron sheets for building houses ($5,000). What if 10 people gave $500? Pray the poor hope in the Lord.

“The God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing” (Ro.15:13).

Father, fill the poor with hope and joy as they trust in You. These need shelter. And they desire Bibles. Bless them with provision for iron sheets for building a home and Bibles, hymnals and children’s books for encouraging their hearts. Be glorified. In Christ, Amen.

December 22, Thursday
Thousands of Youth Pray for Unreached

INDIA. Prayer changes everything. Prayer awakens the heart and unifies nations. In India—where just 2 percent of the people are Christian and more than 2,000 people groups are unreached—indigenous ministries and churches gather to pray to reach the unreached together. Thousands of youth plan to attend a national youth conference. They need $15 per person. How many can you send? Pray for revival in India despite challenges from Hindu radicals. “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thes. 5:17).

Father, let the youth gather and be forever changed in Your presence. Equip and empower them to reach the darkest areas of their nation—that every people group may have a gospel witness. Bring revival in India. In Christ, Amen.

December 23, Friday
Workers Train to Reach Minority Youth

CHINA. More than 50 workers are ready to go with a native missionary known as Brother Wind to reach the youth among the indigenous minority people of China. The cost of training is $550 per worker. Pray leaders reach the youth of unreached people groups in China.

“For of such is the kingdom of God” (Luke 18:16).

Father, let Your winds blow in China. Let the youth know you. Let native missionaries carry Your love to the youth among indigenous minority people. Strengthen Brother Wind as a leader. Give him great wisdom, vision and energy to reach youth in China. In Christ, Amen.

December 24, Saturday
Poor Families Increasingly Need Help

PALESTINE. The Shepherd Society, a ministry outreach of Bethlehem Bible College, responds to the needs of poor Palestinian families throughout the year. For $60 per month, a family can receive assistance for food, utility bills, medical care and school fees. As the situation declines in the region, the requests for assistance have increased. Pray many Palestinians would come to know the Good Shepherd.

“The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep” (John 10:11).

Father, on this Christmas Eve, bless these poor Palestinian families and the precious native workers with Bethlehem Bible College, who respond to their needs. Our Lord Jesus, born in a manger in Bethlehem, with shepherds gathered, understands. Father, meet these needs according the riches of Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

December 25, Sunday
Celebration Blesses Christian Prisoners

PAKISTAN. Knowing the struggle of prisoners in Pakistan, an indigenous ministry desires to visit the local jail, distribute winter clothing and celebrate Christmas with 70 Christian prisoners to renew hope and provide necessities to help them survive. The cost to visit with gifts, clothing and food is $4,500. Pray for a blessing for these imprisoned believers.

“To proclaim liberty to the captives” (Is. 61.1).

Merry Christmas, our Lord and King. And let the hope of the birth of the Son of God spread throughout the earth. Strengthen also these believers who are behind bars. They long to see their families again. Uphold them by Your righteous right hand. Help them to shine in jail, and make Your name known among those who don’t know You. Supply all their needs according to the riches of Your Glory. In Christ, Amen.

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December 26, Monday
Ministry Rescues, Cares for Abused Women

SRI LANKA. About 200 girls and women enter prostitution daily in South Asia, 80 percent against their will. An indigenous ministry wants to rescue and shelter abandoned, abused women. They recently found a young woman, pregnant with her third child, wandering the streets. She’d been captured, raped, abused and abandoned. With $50 per month, this ministry can help a single mother in an unreached region. Pray for healing.

“He brought me up also out of an horrible pit” (Ps. 40:2).

Father, bless these who have set their hearts on rescuing abandoned, abused women and helping bring restoration to their lives. Have mercy, oh Lord, according to Your lovingkindness. Heal and save and restore. In Christ, Amen.

December 27, Tuesday
Tribal Children Hope for School Supplies

PERU. Segadores Ministry works among the Ashaninka tribal people who live in fear of their animistic gods. Ministry workers share hope, faith, love, and courage through Jesus Christ. Pray many will be drawn to Jesus Christ, and that they have enough funds to provide school supply packages to at least 200 Ashaninka poor children ($33 per child). Pray they know the love of Christ.

“There is no fear in love” (1 Jn. 4:18).

Father, bless these young ones with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Show them Your ways and teach them Your paths. As they gather for school, let them see the blessing of provision through school supplies to help their learning. Bless them and lead them in the way everlasting. In Christ, Amen.

December 28, Wednesday
Children Anticipate Christmas Surprises

UKRAINE. More than 1,000 children and teenagers participate in evangelistic summer camps run by an indigenous ministry in Ukraine. At Christmas, native missionaries hold gospel outreaches wherever summer camps were held. The children receive gifts and the true meaning of Christmas. About 500 children from the mission station anticipate gifts from their leaders. The ministry needs $4,500 to provide 500 gifts. Pray these children would receive the Lord and share with their friends.

“They presented unto him gifts” (Matt. 2:11).

Father, reach into the hearts of these precious children. Bring them the lavish treasures of Your love, hope, peace, and joy. Bless them with simple gifts they can hold and see and know are also from You. In Christ, Amen.

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December 29, Thursday
Growing Fellowship Desires Prayer Hall

MAHARASHTRA. A gospel worker in a newly reached village invited traveling native missionaries to preach the gospel during a one-day evangelistic outreach. Now the believers in this village seek to build a prayer hall ($5,000) on donated land, since their 150 members have outgrown their small worship hut. The worker is reaching out to six nearby villages. Pray they would have a witness for the Lord.

“I have surely built thee an house to dwell in” (1 Kings 8:13).

Father, let their borders expand, and stretch out their tent pegs for many to gather in this community. Let this prayer hall shine in the darkness. Let songs arise and fill the village and may many hear and hope in the Lord. Reach these six other villages through them. In Christ, Amen.

December 30, Friday
Income Project Opens Way for Poor Youth

NIGERIA. Impoverished youth ache to find purpose and sustenance in Nigeria. Through a transportation project using popular “Kek Napep” tricycles, an indigenous ministry seeks to help poor youth generate income for their families. The youth make a portion for each ride, which helps them live and save for their future. The project costs $1,800. Would three people offer $600? Pray for deep encouragement among youth in this nation.

“Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing” (Ps. 30:11).

Father, we ask for abundant provision to come through this income project, that youth would find hope and many families would have enough for their daily living. Bless them. In Christ, Amen.

December 31, Saturday
Blankets Help Workers Survive Cold Temps

DELHI. As 400-plus native missionary workers gather for an annual convention, ministry leaders hope to bless each one with a quality king-sized blanket. Mountainous North India and Nepal experience severe winter weather from December to February. Praise God for the $2,600 that has come in to provide blankets; another $4,400 is needed. Help keep these faithful workers warm. Pray each deeply encounters the Lord and receives restoration.

“The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty” (Ps. 93:1).

Father, wrap them in Your love and keep them safe in the warmth of a thick blanket. These who journey into the mountains in severe winter weather rejoice at such a gift. Bless them and keep them. Make Your radiant face shine upon them. Give them peace. In Christ, Amen.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.