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Prayerline Online :: October 2017

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October 1, Sunday
Provide Oxen for Displaced Farmers

NIGERIA. Idris was once a farmer and a Muslim; now he is neither. When Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram overran his home in northeast Nigeria, slaughtering those who refused to follow their orders, his heart raced as he and his wife gathered up their five children and rushed into the bush. They managed to reach a squalid camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP). They had lost everything, and his traumatized children often cried from hunger. An indigenous missionary providing food and other aid listened to his story, and Idris listened to the worker’s story of how Jesus Christ had transformed his life. His heart warmed as he heard how God sent Jesus to die for the sins of all mankind. When Idris put his trust in Christ, however, he found he was still materially and socially impoverished; he had lost both his land and his community. You have the opportunity to help Idris and 13 other displaced, new Christians earn a living again and grow in Christian community. Now living at the indigenous ministry’s care center where they are preparing for resettlement, Idris and the other new Christians can dare to dream of regaining their lives as farmers – and experience the love of the church worldwide as donors provide them sorely needed oxen for plowing. One ox and plow costs $330. By helping to provide this resource, you can ensure that a grieving family recovers what they feared they had lost forever. Please pray for IDPs’ safe resettlement and schooling for their children.

October 2, Monday
Repair Homes for Orphans

UKRAINE. Orphans and other street children at Father's House live with foster families in a home setting, rather than at a traditional orphanage. The native ministry needs to repair the apartment homes. Will 20 people give $111 each to repair heaters, showers and washbasins? Pray that the children will find stable families and eternal love in Jesus Christ.

October 3, Tuesday
Devotional Books for House Churches

CHINA. Yunnan Evangelical Mission has just translated the Bible into four ethnic languages: Miao, Li, Lahu, and Jingpo. Last year the ministry distributed 4,000 devotional books to 20 Miao house churches. This year the team plans to translate, print and distribute other devotional books ($6 per copy). Please consider a gift of $60 to provide 10 devotional books. Pray for God’s living Word to quicken their hearts.

October 4, Wednesday
Baby Formula and Diapers for Refugees

GREECE. Denied asylum in other countries, Syrian and other refugees are returning to Greece. The numbers of those responding to Christ are great as they receive aid and God’s Word from Bridge. Most needed are baby formula and diapers; a gift of $25 provides them for one family for a month. Pray that the gospel would flood hearts.

October 5, Thursday
School Fees for Poor Children

ODISHA. Native missionaries live in constant danger of attack from Hindu extremists. They desperately desire to send their grade 11 and 12 children to a high school out of harm’s way but are too poor to afford it. Will 12 people give $77, the cost for each of 12 boys and girls to attend? Pray that the children will not become discouraged or injured.

October 6, Friday
Provide Monthly Support for Native Missionaries

BRAZIL. A village leader who ruled by force was shot in the leg during a fiery meeting and then lost his income, family and health. A native missionary visited him with the gospel and Scripture in his tribal language. He put his trust in Christ, thanks to a ministry with 20 workers needing monthly support of $110 each. Pray other hearts may soften and know the Lord.

October 7, Saturday
Provide Blankets to Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. Desperate refugees are grateful to provide some warmth for their little ones. Native ministries bring them blankets all year and need $40 for each one; needs increase as cold months approach. As native workers are building relationships with families, pray that traumatized children know the deep warmth of the Holy Spirit, and that all would know Him.

October 8, Sunday
Support Prison Ministry in Mali

MALI. Ministry workers travel hours to reach prisons where inmates, most of them Muslims, listen intently to their message of repentance and hope. A gift of any amount in this 95-percent Muslim country empowers workers to present the gospel in prisons, where it resonates powerfully and travels widely after inmates are released. Pray for strength for weary evangelists, and for protection and fruitfulness for those who respond.

October 9, Monday
Discipleship Seminars for the Persecuted

ODISHA. In an area where many Christians have been killed or tortured by Hindu extremists, discipleship seminars strengthen the faith of new believers so they will stand strong against cruelty from family, friends and nationalists. Each two-day seminar for 50 participants costs $137. Five seminars remain this year; will five people give $137 to help converts overcome persecution?

October 10, Tuesday
Provide Rice to Destitute Seniors

PHILIPPINES. A dozen destitute seniors have no one to care for them but workers from an indigenous ministry, which provides housing and care and boosts their nutrition with five kilos of rice ($6 each per month). Among the 12 residents are retired pastors and their wives. Will 12 people provide $72 each to provide rice for each month of the year? Pray the Lord will provide for their needs and be close to their hearts.

October 11, Wednesday
Provide Bibles for Christmas Outreaches

MIDDLE EAST. Indigenous evangelists recall how hundreds of people of all religious backgrounds come to Christmas celebrations, hear the gospel and receive the love of Christ. The workers need to start buying Bibles and other gospel literature at an average $7 per copy. Pray hearts would be prepared to hear why the Lord of the universe came as a helpless infant.

October 12, Thursday
Provide Gospel Tent Meetings

NEPAL. A 15-day Hindu festival this month evokes strong feelings of evil. Christians will counter with gospel events where people will be awed by Holy Spirit. For seven planned tent meetings ($700 each), the ministry seeks 33 people to give $150 each. Pray for God to expose darkness by the light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

October 13, Friday
Vocational Training for Unfortunate Children

UKRAINE. Children from troubled families often are deprived of vocational skills and end up in prison. An evangelistic ministry plans to teach them to sew, knit, paint and cook and tell them about God. Native Christian workers will teach 25 children, but they need $20 per child monthly to pay teachers and buy materials. Pray the children will become productive members of society and produce spiritual fruit.

October 14, Saturday
Feed Hungry Children

BENIN. The poorest of the poor scrape out a living with primitive farming practices. They are feeling the sharpest pangs from an economic downturn, with many people limited to one meal a day. A gift of $110 fills the hungry stomachs of children at an indigenous ministry shelter for a week. Pray that their young lives would be continually brightened with regular assistance.

October 15, Sunday
Gospel Outreaches at Christmas

MYANMAR (BURMA). Last Christmas season native missionary trainees and their teachers reached nearly 3,500 adults and over 1,000 children with the gospel, transforming hopeless villagers, some addicted to alcohol or drugs, into beaming vessels of God’s glory. For transportation, food and other costs of another Christmas outreach, will 40 people give $125? Pray for another abundant Christmas harvest of souls.

October 16, Monday
Feed Hungry Children

PARAGUAY. Many of the 100 children that come to a Sunday church service have gone days with little or no food. New Life in Jesus workers and church volunteers bring them healthy meals and Bible stories. Feeding the children and sowing the seeds of salvation in young hearts costs $330 monthly; would two people provide $165? Pray for gospel workers to be wise and effective witnesses to the children and their parents.

October 17, Tuesday
Help Cover Bible College Costs

CHINA. Students learn from the faith their teachers model at Jinshan Christian Bible School. Living and eating with the students, teachers share theology as well as their hearts. Please help form church planters by contributing toward a student’s food, rent and utilities ($330/month). Pray for strong faith as they learn to walk with the Lord.

October 18, Wednesday
Provide Mattresses for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. Refugees are evicted from makeshift camps and deprived of their belongings, while others lose their few possessions to flooding. These are just two of various reasons native missionaries provide them mattress pads ($50 each). Pray that each mattress pad would be a tangible reminder of the rest available in Christ.

October 19, Thursday
Audio Bibles for Illiterate Villagers

DELHI. A native ministry sends more than 300 evangelists to plant churches in northern India, where opposition from Hindu extremists and others is strong and illiteracy is high. Digital audio Bibles produce a great gospel harvest, but many native missionaries lack them. One $33 audio player allows thousands of unreached people to hear the gospel. Pray they will hear and know the Lord Jesus Christ.

October 20, Friday
Support Evangelistic Christmas Celebrations

INDONESIA. Animistic/Hindu villagers themselves help native missionaries prepare Christmas festivities. They help cook food, then gather to eat, exchange gifts, sing Christmas songs and hear of atonement in Christ. Christmas gatherings in 13 house churches cost $900 each; will 10 people give $90 for a celebration that could lead to the planting of more churches? Pray that many will proclaim Jesus Lord of all.

October 21, Saturday
Provide Assistance for Support Staff

KENYA. Indigenous missionaries brave bandits and other dangers to reach unreached tribal people, but making their outreach possible are six staff members, including the director. These servants work regardless of whether they are paid. A gift of $58 provides payment for the entire staff for one day; would 30 people give $58 to ensure a month’s pay?

October 22, Sunday
Support Missionary Conference

ODISHA. Indigenous missionaries from several groups and Christian Aid Mission representatives will meet in February to share information toward the end of creating a strategy for native ministries to expand the kingdom among unreached people groups. Each participant brings a critical piece of the larger picture. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide participants in fellowship, fruitful encounters and finishing the task.

October 23, Monday
Provide Children’s Bibles

UKRAINE. More than 2,000 children attend camps in eastern Ukraine, where war-weary people know little about Christ. Christian Mission Harvest presents the gospel and children’s Bibles with full-color illustrations at the camps and needs 2,500 copies ($5 each). Will 83 people give $150 each to bring kids the story of God’s salvation? Pray that children and others seeking hope in dark times will find it in Christ.

October 24, Tuesday
Provide Motorcycles to Indigenous Evangelists

INDONESIA. Indigenous missionaries have discovered a primarily Muslim tribe within their reach. In order to cross rough terrain to make contact with this remote, unreached people group, the ministry needs five motorcycles ($1,550 each). Will 50 people provide $155 each to help native missionaries overcome barriers to proclaim Christ? Pray for protection and opportunity for the evangelists.

October 25, Wednesday
Support Ministries to the Deaf

UGANDA. Indigenous missionaries have brought Christ to an unreached people group – the deaf. A vibrant church has formed but lacks funds for the pastor, evangelists, interpreters and care for orphans. A gift of any amount goes a long way toward keeping this light burning bright. Pray that their work may come to full fruition.

October 26, Thursday
Training for New Pastors

DELHI. The first generation of formerly Muslim, ethnic Rohingya Christians in New Delhi are impoverished church leaders who need encouragement and training to nurse fledgling congregations to maturity. A native ministry can offer six-month training to 30 pastors if it receives $43 per month for each trainee. Pray that pastors selling scraps and driving rickshaws to survive will be able to nourish their sheep.

October 27, Friday
Provide Gospel Christmas Feasts

MYANMAR (BURMA). Starting as early as November, native missionaries begin celebrating Jesus’ birthday with feasts topped with gospel messages in this 89-percent Buddhist country. Christmas feasts are planned for 10 villages; will 10 people give $100 to meet costs of transportation, venue and supplies for one village? Pray fervently for the Holy Spirit to draw many and awe them with the splendor of Christ’s love.

October 28, Saturday
Provide Back-up Generators

MAHARASHTRA. Storms have cut electricity during a church-planting ministry’s discipleship camps and trainings, leaving hundreds of seekers and trainees in the dark. A generator would allow non-Christians at evangelistic camps to see the Light and keep young Christian leaders at conventions preparing to multiply churches; they need 67 people to give $90 each in order to buy a generator. Pray that the ministries would be unhindered and see salvation harvests.

October 29, Sunday
Provide Bibles

PAKISTAN. A native ministry transforms Muslim communities by providing Scripture; the Word of God changes people’s hearts. Workers have sold thousands of copies for donations that cover only transport costs and need to buy 3,000 Urdu-language Bibles ($5 each). How many Bibles will you help them provide? Pray that no Pakistani will be denied God’s Word.

October 30, Monday
Provide Bicycles to Poor Children

TAMIL NADU. Most children at an indigenous ministry’s school arrive by car or bicycle, but three middle schoolers have to walk two miles. Especially with the onset of the rainy season, they need bicycles ($70 each) to shorten the time needed to get to school. Please help an indigent child to keep up with his peers in all respects, and pray that God would be glorified in their lives.

October 31, Tuesday
Help Support Indigenous Missions

CHRISTIAN AID. With faith as small as a mustard seed, your prayer is the most powerful weapon against darkness – with power to demolish strongholds. We value your partnership and ask that you help Christian Aid Mission support indigenous missionaries who know best how to introduce Christ to their countrymen. Pray God will honor their faith to reach every people.

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