Praise the Lord that Christian Aid is reaching the nations!

— Donna K., PA

The letters we get from Christian Aid keep us informed of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much.

— Charles and Susana C., KY

Thank God for the good work you are doing.

— David E., NY

I praise God for the GREAT and MARVELOUS work He is doing through your ministries to our Brethren.

— DonnElise K.

Top 5 People Groups

Belarusian: 8,127,000

Russian: 786,000

Polish: 293,000

Ukrainian: 156,000

Eastern Jew: 13,000


Christian: 69.4%

Evangelical: 1.3%

Non-Religious: 29.8%

Muslim: 0.6%


Operation World

CIA Factbook

Joshua Project

About Belarus

Belarus is a landlocked country and formerly part of the Soviet Union. It is home to 26 People Groups, 5 of whom remain unreached according to the Joshua Project. It gained its independence in 1991 but is still politically and economically tied closely to Russia. It is sometimes called the last dictatorship of Europe and persecution of Protestant Christians is rampant.

Recent Prayerline Posts

BELARUS. After surviving years of oppression, war, and communism, much of the country was devastated by the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. Today Belarus is struggling with an internal crisis: drug addiction and alcoholism. Light of the Truth Ministry works among these troubled souls, showing them how they can find freedom in Christ. Pray for those who are hearing about the saving grace of the gospel.

BELARUS. The effects of wars, state atheism, and fallout from the Chernobyl accident are still manifest in this Eastern Slavic land. Alcoholism and drug addiction are just two signals of the devastation permeating the souls of its inhabitants. Light of Truth Mission has a burden for these people, and has been successful in reaching them through their Christian rehab facilities. “In one of the buildings we recently purchased as a center, 13 new people are now residing,” ...

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