Praise the Lord that Christian Aid is reaching the nations!

— Donna K., PA

The letters we get from Christian Aid keep us informed of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much.

— Charles and Susana C., KY

Thank God for the good work you are doing.

— David E., NY

I praise God for the GREAT and MARVELOUS work He is doing through your ministries to our Brethren.

— DonnElise K.

Thank you for the letters included with our receipts. They help me understand your work. They remind me to pray for you….because you are missionaries too.

— Janet H., MT

Praise God for your ministry! Many others need to do missions this way.

— Sonja K., ME

Top 5 People Groups

Tigrai: 2,110,000

Tigre: 1,116,000

Afar: 600,000

Irob: 289,000

Kunama: 282,000


Muslim: 53.1%

Christian: 42.7%

Evangelical: 2%

Ethnic: 2.3%

Non-Religious: 1.9%


Operation World

CIA Factbook

Joshua Project

About Eritrea

Eritrea is an arid, temperate highland plateau and a strategic desert plain along the busy Red Sea Coast shipping lanes. It is home to 18 People Groups, 10 of whom are unreached according to the Joshua Project. The largest People Group is the Tigray (Tigrigna) people who are related to the Amhara and Tigre people of Ethiopia and Eritrea who together make up the Habeshans. These people can trace their origins back to Shem, eldest son of Noah. They left present day Yemen and settled on the African side of the Red Sea inhabiting the Nile Delta and all land east of the valley down to the Ethiopian Highlands. Eritrea only recognizes four religions: Sunni Islam, Eritrean Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran and even these religions suffer from government interference. Foreign missionaries are forbidden.

Recent Prayerline Posts

ERITREA. Conditions in this African country are similar to Russia under communism. Authorities have closed and forbidden all living churches. More than 4000 Christians are imprisoned in unspeakable conditions. Pray for support to help families left behind, for underground gospel work in refugee camps where tens of thousands have fled, and for purchase and distribution of Bibles.

ERITREA. Pray for tens of thousands of Eritrean Christians who have fled the extreme persecution that relentlessly pursues the total eradication of all born-again believers. Since Communist authorities formed a Special Task Force in January 2005, even wedding-goers are rounded up and never heard from again. Pray for protection and financial support ($100/month/each) for native missionary families.

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