Praise the Lord that Christian Aid is reaching the nations!

— Donna K., PA

The letters we get from Christian Aid keep us informed of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much.

— Charles and Susana C., KY

Thank God for the good work you are doing.

— David E., NY

I praise God for the GREAT and MARVELOUS work He is doing through your ministries to our Brethren.

— DonnElise K.

Thank you for the letters included with our receipts. They help me understand your work. They remind me to pray for you….because you are missionaries too.

— Janet H., MT

Praise God for your ministry! Many others need to do missions this way.

— Sonja K., ME

Top 5 People Groups

Akan-Twi: 4,228,000

Ewe: 3,675,000

Akan-Fante: 3,022,000

Brong: 1,295,000

Dagomba: 1,215,000


Christian: 62.3%

Evangelical: 22.1%

Muslim: 22.2%

Ethnic: 15.1%

Non-Religious: 0.4%


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CIA Factbook

Joshua Project

About Ghana

Ghana is a North African country situated to the left of Togo. It is home to 112 People Groups, 19 of whom are unreached according to the Joshua Project. One of the largest unreached People Group is the Dagomba who live in Northern Ghana. Although almost half of the Dagomba follow the Islamic faith, many also believe in and worship additional spirits and gods. Each village sacrifices to its individual ancestral gods and the entire society collectively worships the more powerful gods. The Dagomba also practice witchcraft and consult diviners to rid themselves of curses. Ghana has traditionally had peace between Christian and Muslim groups but Islam is spreading rapidly throughout the state.

Recent Prayerline Posts

GHANA. Some children would not be able to afford school, food and clothing without an indigenous ministry’s gift of a goat for income generation. ...

GHANA. After Markaz Al Bishara leaders saw many people come to Christ, Muslims kept Christian children from attending school and denied tractor services, credit and farming items to Christians. A church leader’s farm was burned ...

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August 10, 2017 - For two years in an area of northern Ghana where indigenous Muslim missionaries had created a climate of fear, only three Muslims had shown the slightest interest in Christ. The Holy Spirit then stunned Christian indigenous missionaries. Read more.

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