Praise the Lord that Christian Aid is reaching the nations!

— Donna K., PA

The letters we get from Christian Aid keep us informed of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much.

— Charles and Susana C., KY

Thank God for the good work you are doing.

— David E., NY

I praise God for the GREAT and MARVELOUS work He is doing through your ministries to our Brethren.

— DonnElise K.

Thank you for the letters included with our receipts. They help me understand your work. They remind me to pray for you….because you are missionaries too.

— Janet H., MT

Praise God for your ministry! Many others need to do missions this way.

— Sonja K., ME

Praying for each of you every day!

— Kenneth S., FL

God bless everyone involved in Christian Aid.

— Sheila B., CA

Top 5 People Groups

Greek: 8,911,000

Albanian Tosk: 441,000

Pontic Greek: 392,000

Aromanian: 209,000

Macedonian: 156,000


Christian: 88.3%

Evangelical: 0.4%

Muslim: 7.7%

Non-Religious: 3.6%

Hindu: 0.3%


Operation World

CIA Factbook

Joshua Project


About Greece

Officially called the Hellenic Republic, Greece is situated in the lower Balkan Peninsula at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It shares borders with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, and its territory includes more than 1,400 islands (over 150 which are inhabited) in the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas. Eighty percent of Greece is mountainous. The tallest peak is Mount Olympus at an elevation of 9,570 feet.

Ancient Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization. Cultural and technological achievements have greatly influenced modern thought, as it is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy , scientific and mathematical principles, and Western drama and literature. The modern Greek state was established in 1830, after nearly 400 years of rule by the Ottoman Empire. During the last century Greece experienced a string of political conflicts that included a civil war, two military dictatorships, and renewed tensions with Turkey.

The onset of a worldwide recession in 2007 hit Greece particularly hard. The nation is still reeling, with an unemployment rate of 27 percent in 2013, massive government debt, and growing political unrest. Adding to the financial burden are the thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers who are pouring into Greece from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Balkans.

Greece was the first European country to be evangelized (Acts 16:10), but today Christianity is mostly a cultural expression. Although the nation is identified as 88 percent Christian, less than 3 percent of the population attends church regularly. The Orthodox Church is deeply linked to Greek identity. Evangelical churches represent less than 0.5 percent of the population. Muslims comprise over 7 percent of the population, but that number is increasing with the influx of immigrants from the Middle East.

Recent Prayerline Posts

GREECE. Denied asylum in other countries, Syrian and other refugees are returning to Greece. The numbers of those responding to Christ are great as they receive aid and God’s Word from Bridge. Most needed are baby formula and diapers ...

GREECE. Refugees cross borders or deboard boats onto the beaches of Greece in search of a new life. Many struggle to survive. “They’re just trying to live,” said the leader of Bridge. Many pass through Greece hoping to obtain documents that will allow them into the rest of Europe. ...

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