Praise the Lord that Christian Aid is reaching the nations!

— Donna K., PA

The letters we get from Christian Aid keep us informed of the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much.

— Charles and Susana C., KY

Thank God for the good work you are doing.

— David E., NY

I praise God for the GREAT and MARVELOUS work He is doing through your ministries to our Brethren.

— DonnElise K.

Thank you for the letters included with our receipts. They help me understand your work. They remind me to pray for you….because you are missionaries too.

— Janet H., MT

Praise God for your ministry! Many others need to do missions this way.

— Sonja K., ME

Praying for each of you every day!

— Kenneth S., FL

About Kosovo

Ethnic conflicts have led to a rewriting of the map of the country that was once known as Yugoslavia in Europe´s Balkan peninsula. Violence erupted again in the late 1990s between the Serbs and ethnic Albanians living in the Kosovo region of Serbia. In 2008, the Republic of Kosovo declared itself an independent state. While it has received partial international recognition, the secession of Kosovo is not recognized by Serbia, which considers it a United Nations-governed entity located within Serbian sovereign territory.

In ancient times, the Roman Empire´s province of Dardania was located in the region. Then in the 15th century the area was conquered by the Muslim Ottoman Empire which controlled the area for the next five centuries. After the First Balkan War (1912-1913), Kosovo was incorporated into the Kingdom of Serbia. The constitution of Yugoslavia, created after World War II, recognized the autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija within the Yugoslav republic of Serbia.

Kosovars are primarily Muslim and resentment runs deep for their Serbian occupiers, who espouse Christianity. Of a population of two million people, 88% are ethnic Albanians, while some 7% are Serbian. The dominant religions are Muslim (80%), Christian (10%), and other (10%). Among Christians, Protestants make up 0.3%.

Recent Prayerline Posts

KOSOVO. Open Doors Church needs much prayer as they reach the dominant Muslims of Kosovo. The Muslim Kosovars view Christians as the enemies of their country and their freedom. It is urgent that the gospel gets a foothold in Kosovo. A church planter in Kosovo needs monthly support. Those who wish to sponsor a missionary will receive a profile of the missionary and updates, as they are available. Pray that Jesus Christ will be magnified in Kosovo.

KOSOVO. Violeta, a missionary wife with Open Doors Church, meets with a group of needy Muslim women twice monthly in either her own home or visiting their homes. They are hesitant to attend church because of strong Islamic pressures from the community. Most of the women live in deplorable situations, and Violeta is praying for spiritual discernment on how to best serve them. She asks that we pray for God to free their minds in understanding Scripture ...

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