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I am very excited about your desire to push for finishing the task! I want to have a part in this effort!! Praying that the task will soon be done!! Until there is a witness for Christ in every nation.

— Jean P.

After recent scandals, I have become skeptical of the native missionary movement. I have been supporting native missionaries for decades now, but these scandals have really burnt my trust. Thank you for addressing trust and accountability in Prayerline letter.

— Jann F., IL

We give thanks to our loving, compassionate, Sovereign God for your ministries. Thank you!

— Rick and Debra R., WI

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, for such wonderful weekly articles. I look forward to each one, as it helps me to view beyond my own thoughts/circumstances enabling transformed and focused prayers outwardly to what God is doing around the world. It helps me to think outside of my little, local box, to see as God sees that there is more at stake than my problems. These articles and this ministry are a simple grace that is calling us to pray together as one body in Jesus Christ. Again thank you!

— Mark M., FL

God’s Joy and Blessings as we remember what Jesus did for us, new Life in Him.

— Jim and Lorraine H., WI

Thank you for all you do in helping us share in the needs of our brothers and sisters in God’s Kingdom! You are precious! Never forget the value of being the facilitating Hand of Jesus!

— Dale and Nancy D., NY

Thank you for all of your hard work in all of the hardest situations around the world, and thank you for making us aware so we can pray and help support your efforts. May God bless your efforts abundantly!

— David S., OR

Thank you for sending us the newsletters from the various ministries Christian Aid supports with its thrilling testimonies and their needs for us to pray for them.

— Keith and Carla H., CA

God bless you for being a great agent in the Hand of God to build His Kingdom!

— Doug R., GA

God bless your efforts on His behalf!

— Larry W., SD

Christians Slaughtered in Murderous Attack

Boko Haram Terrorist Accepts Christ

November 23, 2011

By Rae Burnett, Africa Director for Christian Aid Mission

This article is compiled from recent interviews with a native missionary leader supported by Christian Aid.

More than 130 Christians, including several indigenous missionaries, were brutally slaughtered on November 11 when members of a fanatic Islamic sect viciously attacked the mostly Christian community of New Jerusalem in Yobe State, Nigeria. Christian Aid Mission, based in Charlottesville, Virginia has established a fund to provide assistance for victims of violence and those who are helping them. See below to contribute now.

Cluster of huts in African village
Most of the 20 million Fulani in Nigeria have never heard the gospel.

The Muslim extremists, belonging to a terrorist group called Boko Haram, demanded that Christians recite the Islamic creed. Those who would not were butchered on the spot. Among the devastation and destruction left in the wake of Boko Haram were 10 church buildings, set aflame while Christians remained trapped inside.

Boko Haram literally means “western education is sin.” The group’s terror campaign grows increasingly violent, bold, and more frequent with little resistance from authorities. Hundreds of Muslims have also been killed as fanatics carry out near daily attacks in the remote northeast of Borno state, where Nigeria borders Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

Their goal is to force Sharia law throughout Nigeria. Boko Haram targets secular education by bombing schools and universities. Most factions are focused on local issues and carry out politically motivated attacks, but the group also threatens anything perceived to be foreign influence. They recently suicide-bombed UN headquarters, killing 23. Embassies and hotels have increased security and are on high alert.

As one of the Boko Haram terrorists was poised to slit the throat of his Christian victim, he was suddenly struck with the weight of the evil he was about to commit. Dropping his machete, he ran to the nearest church, asking a pastor for help. The pastor referred him to a Christian Aid-supported indigenous ministry that cannot be named for security.

When the call came, the ministry leader was grieving the loss of several close missionary friends who were murdered in the Yobe State slaughter. He immediately met with the confessed killer and joyfully led him to Christ. He is discipling him in a secret location because of the extreme danger.

Fulani cattle driver with herd
Christian Aid-supported native missionaries are reaching remote villages with the message of Christ.

After meeting the Lord, the converted terrorist/murderer called his former colleagues to testify what had happened to him without disclosing where he was. Upon discovering the man’s conversion to Christianity, Boko Haram members invaded his home, kidnapped his two children and informed him that they were going to execute them in retribution for his disloyalty to Islam. Clutching his phone, the man heard the sound of the guns that murdered his children.

Though severely traumatized, the man is growing in the knowledge of Christ through the loving care he is receiving from his brothers and sisters in the ministry that is sheltering and training him. He knows he is called to become a missionary to Nigerian Muslims.

For years, this indigenous missionary ministry has been working tirelessly to take the gospel to Nigeria’s unreached Islamic northern states which are dominated by the Muslim Hausa and Fulani tribes. Many are illiterate and remotely located, and millions have never even heard that Jesus died for them.

Despite the extreme difficulties involved in reaching Muslims with the gospel, the ministry has made incredible inroads into several Islamic communities. Former Muslims who have made a commitment to follow Christ face the danger of persecution or death from the Islamic community and even family members. The ministry shelters these believers in a safe location while they are discipled and trained in the Word of God.

Please help this vital indigenous ministry share the gospel with so many who have never heard the gospel. Your gift will help provide for the needs of native Nigerian missionaries risking their lives to share Christ with Islamic tribes, as well as for the protection and training of Muslim converts and the development of the safe haven where they are kept.

Donate online below to help provide funds for ministry needs as Nigerian missionaries help victims of terrorism, or you may call 1-800-977-5650 to donate. Please use gift code: 500MSF.

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