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Thursday, June 15, 2017
Volume 18, Issue 24

Remnants of a home devastated by flooding lie abandoned in northern Peru.

Staying Alive after Roaring Floods in Peru

Rushing waters destroyed homes, roads and lives in Peru this spring, but indigenous missionaries are on hand to help survivors.
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Photo of the Week

Peruvian woman and child cleaning up flood damaged house.

After the Storm  

Survivors of fierce flooding in Lambayeque Region, in northern Peru, are looking at a bleak future as they gather the few remaining items from their water damaged home. The worst downpours since 1998 struck the region earlier this year, and thousands of people remain in need as Peru struggles to recover from the devastation to its economy and infrastructure. An official of Virgenes de las Mercedes town in Olmos District said she was very grateful for mosquito nets and food from an indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists. "I am also grateful for medicine and the word of hope of Jesus Christ," she said. "Your provision is a great help in the time of need and affliction of our town, since the majority lost their houses. Thank you for your generous heart and God bless you."


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