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Thursday, September 14, 2017
Volume 18, Issue 37

 Young people attending conference in Egypt.

Criminal Gang Leader's Spiritual Journey in Egypt

Surviving in Egypt's underworld is hard enough without provoking goons to violence by opting out of a criminal gang. It's even more dangerous for a gang leader thinking of embracing Christ.
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Photo of the Week

Witnessing at a soccor stadium in Egypt.

Goals and Assists  

During a break in soccer action, a player in Egypt shares his experience of Christ with youths of varied religious backgrounds. A ministry based in Egypt has seen hundreds of people come to Christ through its sports programs, such as a boy who recently put his trust in Jesus after soccer players shared their testimonies. "I can see how the Lord came again to shake the community in our village as he shook me personally, making me see Him as the living Christ, not merely the doctrine that I had learned," he said. Another youth said he had an encounter with God for the first time through the program and accepted Jesus into his life. "God united us all as one community in Egypt and touched my heart," he said. "He is a God of love." Will you assist native Christians working to break down barriers between peoples of different faiths and reconcile them to Christ?


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