Native Missionary News Archive

I am very excited about your desire to push for finishing the task! I want to have a part in this effort!! Praying that the task will soon be done!! Until there is a witness for Christ in every nation.

— Jean P.

After recent scandals, I have become skeptical of the native missionary movement. I have been supporting native missionaries for decades now, but these scandals have really burnt my trust. Thank you for addressing trust and accountability in Prayerline letter.

— Jann F., IL

We give thanks to our loving, compassionate, Sovereign God for your ministries. Thank you!

— Rick and Debra R., WI

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, for such wonderful weekly articles. I look forward to each one, as it helps me to view beyond my own thoughts/circumstances enabling transformed and focused prayers outwardly to what God is doing around the world. It helps me to think outside of my little, local box, to see as God sees that there is more at stake than my problems. These articles and this ministry are a simple grace that is calling us to pray together as one body in Jesus Christ. Again thank you!

— Mark M., FL

God’s Joy and Blessings as we remember what Jesus did for us, new Life in Him.

— Jim and Lorraine H., WI

Thank you for all you do in helping us share in the needs of our brothers and sisters in God’s Kingdom! You are precious! Never forget the value of being the facilitating Hand of Jesus!

— Dale and Nancy D., NY

Thank you for all of your hard work in all of the hardest situations around the world, and thank you for making us aware so we can pray and help support your efforts. May God bless your efforts abundantly!

— David S., OR

Thank you for sending us the newsletters from the various ministries Christian Aid supports with its thrilling testimonies and their needs for us to pray for them.

— Keith and Carla H., CA

God bless you for being a great agent in the Hand of God to build His Kingdom!

— Doug R., GA

God bless your efforts on His behalf!

— Larry W., SD

May God richly bless your wonderful efforts on His behalf. Keep up the great work!

— Gary and Cheryl M., FL

Your work is superlative!

— Jacqueline B., IL

God bless you as you continue helping these hurting people! We serve a GREAT GOD.

Ryan and Cynthia S., WI

Thank you! We so appreciate your ministry.

— Bob and Tina R., OH

I pray daily using the prayer calendar. God bless you. As a former missionary kid, I commend you to God and to others for this wonderful work.

— Daniel S., TN

May the Lord bless you in all you do.

— David M., NY

God bless you and keep you safe. Praying for the needs of this ministry.

— Jerah C., PA

Just wanted to thank you this is such a great cause and so informative God bless you all keep up the great work so amazing

— Joey S.

May God continue to anoint and direct Christian Aid in co-laboring with His people in many far away and remote places.

— Dennis N., PA

I want to express my sincere thank you for being a bridge between concerned followers of Christ and the needs of the church worldwide. I have prayed for this many times, and now I can be a part of the lives of so many accross the globe.

— Debbie P., FL

Praying our Precious Lord Christ will richly BLESS you all. Love you lots and many thanks for your little notes.

— Sister Gertrude C., MI

Thank you for what you do, for the cause of Christ. Thank you for all your letters and the monthly prayer requests, and the magazine. My tears are pouring for the refugee families. I praise God for you.

— Gloria M., WA

Praise God for Christian Aid Mission. It is such a blessing to read and hear of how God is working in you all and through you all.

Bobby S., VA

May the Lord’s direction and wisdom be multiplied.

Lena B., NY

What a blessing to see all the awesome places you go to “live for the Lord.” God bless you!

Jennifer B., NH

I will be praying for you all in HIS ministry of the gospel & trusting God to multiply the little I can give and accomplish all His purposes, in Jesus’ Name!

Karen W., CA

I’m thankful for the tremendous work your mission does.

— Sue B., TN

I appreciate your monthly prayerline and pray for these groups/individuals each day. I also just finished reading the Reformation for Missions and it was a real eye-opener and definitely should be the new model for missions in this century. Thank you, and God bless all you are doing.

— Fredrica S., TN

I am thankful that I can give some of my money from cake ball sales to Christian Aid to help needy kids! God bless!

— Corinne L. (11), NH

Your most recent message was very motivating. We are alive, today, for such a time as this. We love you so much! Thank you for the honor of allowing us to help our brethren!

Dawn M., MA

May God continue to use you in blessing our brethren in need around the world. Our prayers are that all gifts received be multiplied. God bless!!

Jorge & Julie P., PR

I wanted to send a word of encouragement and say thanks to you for sending me email updates about what is going on with Christians oversees. God bless you and your ministry.

Veronica D., CA

All things work together for good as GOD give us the strength to help one another. To GOD be the glory.

— Elenita C., CA

It's truly a testimony of the Lord's sovereignty that He can take such a horrific situation and use it to grow His kingdom - I am deeply grieved for the families who lost their loved ones in Syria. I am praying that their deaths would send a wake of God's glory through that area - that millions would be saved and meet Him. Though I am far away and feel as though I can do very little, I just wanted to write some one and say that my heart aches for these lives lost, the pain that their families are enduring. I am on the opposite side of the world but I care. These eleven daises are in my kitchen today reminding me of the beauty of these martyrs. Many blessings to your ministry and all that you do for the Kingdom.

Kylie D.,

Keep up your good work! Thanks for all your research on these missions!

Mildred S., MA

More POWER, JOY, and GUIDANCE to you all—All praise to our precious Jesus!

— Martha P., TN

Thanks and God bless you and your staff for the wonderful work you do. I know God has a Huge and Special plan for your organization In the near future. I pray that plan involves you being able to reach more people around the world than ever before. I want to say thank you for letting my wife and I be a part of your outreach and we look forward to hearing great things Our Lord Jesus CHRIST Has been doing in your ministry. God Bless you Sincerely, in the Love of CHRIST , Amen.


We uphold Christian Aid Mission in daily prayer and the people of Iraq & the Middle East. May God grant you funds and personnel to meet needs. God's richest blessings!

— Daniel and Donna S., TN

I really like the addition of the scripture in the Prayerline!

Robert and Karen K., PA

Blessings to you for your work in the Lord in this coming New Year.

Richard and Evangeline W., TX

I thank the Lord for the continued work of Christian Aid Mission.

Alfred R., NY

Just finished reading the book Reformation in Foreign Missions and was truly amazed at what we can do with a different point of view. One that makes so much more sense.

Julie R., OH

I'm sending you a check for $5000 which I'd like you to use however you feel that the Lord is leading whether for administration or otherwise. I am a treasurer myself and know how hard it is to get gifts for telephones, electricity and insurance, none of which can be seen but without which you cannot operate. I've been one of your supporters for years and am always amazed at how much you do. I wish you well and the Lord's blessing.

— James S., FL

Thank you for your informative letter and other materials- it has helped more than you know.

Fern B., TX

I keep praying that God will provide jobs for all who give to Christian Aid- important for completing God’s work on earth.

Virginia D., CA

Thank you for your wonderful mission!

Judy E., MN

Praise God for the wonderful things you are doing for others. I pray for your strength and protection in Jesus name. I look forward to assisting in the future. God bless you.

Dorothy H., OH

I give thanks to God for you and pray for the ministry.

Marina O., IL

Your ministry worldwide continues to be so God-directed and blessed. The need is sooo great and I am glad I can be a small part of it.

Alice S., IA

Praying for all the needs of your Prayerline—we count it a privilege to pray with brothers/sisters – continue on your good works in His name!!

Kim F., PA

Your work inspires me! God bless.

Jacob L., VA

We appreciate you and are glad to be a part of your ministry. God bless.

— George and Beatrice W., VA

My prayers can reach and do more than I can. Here is my little offering; it is all I can do. God bless.

Elaine O., NY

We pray continually for this ministry!

Pastor and Mrs. Kenneth D., NC

Thank you for all your work for the Lord!

Eleanor A., NC

Thank you for your ministry. May God bless and prosper your mission.

Paula S., TX

God bless your work

Ricky F., FL

I appreciate the work you are doing and pray God will continue using you to build His Kingdom.

Kristel K., PA

God bless you for your service to our KING!

Susan M., CA

May God bless everyone involved in this charity. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Khalil R., PA

I have been very impressed with the work that you are doing throughout the world. Keep up the good work.

Dick D., OR

Dorothy’s book was amazing to read—her endurance by God’s grace, and the depth of both evil (gov’t persecutors) and love (of God) revealed. Important reading for comfy Americans. I will be ordering more copies to give away. Also, I hope to get Dr. Freddie’s book when it is out. Re: support for missionary à missionary must be Biblical. Thanks for all your work for our Lord Jesus.

— Barbara S., PA

Thank you for allowing us to serve with you.

Timothy and Catherine G., NY

You have some of the best information about what's happening in Iraq and how we can pray.

Teresa B., MN

May all the needs of the ministries all over the world be met.

Gloria A., CT

We love the new Prayerline. We keep it and a map of the world on the kitchen table with our Bible and use it every morning.

Melinda K., MI

I pray it is well with all. God bless and keep you in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Shirley B., KY

We appreciate all you do to make it possible for us to participate in the furtherance of the cause of Christ, both in evangelism and in meeting the physical needs of our fellow believers in the Majority World.

Bob and Donna J., NC

I thank God in the name of Jesus Christ for your work in Christ to bring the Gospel to the world. Thank you and God bless.

Gregg C., NY

May the God of the universe who is IN CONTROL provide for all your needs.

Thomas B., NY

I am 79 and my wife will be 81 yrs. old soon. I take time with the Prayerline you send me. I lay my hand on each separate need and I ask Father God to supply each need in Jesus’ Name until I go through all of the 30 individual needs.

Mr. D. Robert C., MA

Thank you for being Jesus’ hands, feet, voice and ears to serve these children in need of Christ’s love.

Mickey & Elyse, WI

I received your magazine recently and got fully absorbed in the stories therein. God bless you as you lead in this ministry.

Vergie T., NC

This ministry is so very dear to our hearts. We pray that Jesus will continue to bless you. We love you. Come again Lord Jesus!

— Mary Anne & Bruce C., ME

I thank God for the work you are doing!

Cynthia S., WI

Thank you for helping me find the truth. You have brought me to the Lord.

Levi S., CA

It is a privilege to sow with Christian Aid to harvest souls unto the Kingdom of our God! My prayers and blessings to you all for your faithfulness these many years! May you all be watchful stewards persevering to the end!

Janet H., VT

We pray God’s rich blessing every morning for each need and the ministry that works so hard. Thank you for the service you give.

Darrel and Sonia H., IN

I continue to pray for you and the people that are being reached for Christ.

Larry B., VA

God bless all those who serve in the Christian Aid ministry around the world!

Sheila B., CA

I send Blessings to my brothers and sisters in the Lord for all you do to further the Kingdom of God and advance His Kingdom. May the Lord empower Christian Aid’s staff both here and abroad with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in gifts for the service of our King! Hallelujah!

Janet H., VT

Thanks for supporting indigenous missionaries – it is a privilege to pray for them!

Chris and Kim F., PA

Thank you for these beloved ones, Lord God, who are a light of Christ in dark places, who minister your name, sharing your compassionate loving kindness with the lonely, the downtrodden, the desperate and despairing, the widows and orphans…. the hopeless. Thank you, O God, for lavishing your grace upon your ministers of your word as they share the Bread of Life – the abundance of Living Water with those so hungry and thirsty for righteousness. May they know your love and promises in Christ (Eph 1)

Debra H., WI

For the past three years my income has been off by 40%. There have been many difficult times and some serious problems. Yet, He has helped me through it all. He is going to help me this time too, because He cannot lie! It’s not that I’m a great man of faith, He’s just a GREAT GOD!!!

Thank you for all you do to spread Jesus! I am so thankful to be a part of something greater.

Sarah M., VA

I thank and praise our Father in Heaven for my brothers and sisters that go before me. May the work and provision of my hands also be established & accomplish purpose of God’s plan. Thanks for using me to be a part of God’s work through your ministries.

Janet V., FL

In a time as this all the world needs the word of God preached. Thank you Christian Aid.

David and M.E. M., MS

Praise God for your ministry and the faithfulness of the missionaries!

Karen C., TN

I was so encouraged to find your website and learn that you are specifically supporting Christian refugees in addition to those of other faiths.

Carolyn T., TN

Appreciate you. God bless you workers.

Freda F., OH

Thank you for faithfully sending the monthly prayer needs. God bless you.

Ruth and Fred K., NY

May God bless all of your work with the children. Thank you!

Fidelis Bible Class, MD

Praise God for your good work. To God be the glory!

Thomas and Therese N., CA

We pray for effective witness & work. May God reward you.

Shirley G., PA

I am using my Prayerline brochure and am blessed by the knowledge of all your ministries. All praise to God, our Heavenly Father and to Jesus our Savior and Redeemer!

Sonya M., PA

I appreciate everyone at Christian Aid - Thank you for being there so I can be of service to Lord Jesus. You provide a wonderful opportunity to be a part of God's worldwide family. God Bless you Everyone.

Penny S.

Thank you for the Prayerline to share with “my” ladies and my sister! I greatly appreciate it.

Ellen B., GA

God bless you for helping Christians!

Ellen J., TN

I appreciate your ministry so much and tell everyone with whom I have opportunity, sharing the news and old prayer letters. Thanks for your ministry to the King!

Carolyn S., FL

May the Lord richly bless your ministry.

Carol W., OH

God bless your activities! It is a blessing. God is love!

Yohannes Y., MD

I deeply appreciate the work you are doing. God’s blessings and favor be upon all of you.

In Him, Ruth F., PA

Thank you, It's an honor to help these desperate people in places like the Middle East. Thanks for getting the help to the people who will help them.

Michelle P., ME

Thank you, for becoming a way for us with little to help.

Carolyn S., FL

Thank you for being Christ's Hand extended and a faithful ministry through which we can give to these in Jesus name.

Nancy D., NY

Keep fighting the good fight!

Mary Lou G., NY

I learned the principles of indigenous missions while in Bible College in 1978 from a 3rd generation missionary. I also questioned fellow students from Peru and India and learned from their conclusions about foreign missionaries. I gained a lot from these people and I agree with your Reformation book totally.

— Willie L., IN

Thanks so much to those out there helping out our brothers and sisters. The kingdom of God is expanding and the workers are truly inspiring!

— Joel R., UK

I pray for all your projects, and also each day for Dorothy Sun and the China division.

— Evelyn T., VA

How we praise the Lord for the way He is supplying the needs in Burma! Thank you for your ministry and faithfulness. The Lord answers prayer! We believe the funds will arrive safely.

— Jean P., CA

Thank you so much for the book. In hope of others adopting Christian Aid’s method of reaching more people for Christ my copy was passed on to a deacon of my church.

— Ola V., MD

Praying for the Lord to show them His Salvation.

John P.G., Singapore

I wish I were able to send more, but I do pray daily for your important ministry.

Joy F., FL

You’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

Dick and Virginia K., IA

God bless your ministry, supporters, and all you come into contact with.

Joe and Barbara B.

Thank you for the monthly Prayerline calendar. I join you in prayer!

Deborah B., GA

“What’s Happening?” is a high point for me each month. Thanks!

Stanley M., FL

I continue to treasure my partnership with Christian Aid and the privilege of praying for one another. I praise God that He is working! “What’s Happening” is so dynamic. The ministries of our brothers and sisters truly teach me as I think of their dedication to God in very hard places.

Tammy D., PA

Really enjoyed the latest magazine! Please add this monthly donation to my others. God bless each of you at the office.

Linda G., OR

I lived in the Middle East for 5 years and have Syrian friends. My heart breaks over this unthinkable tragedy. I am praying! Please keep the info coming so we can pray effectively! Thanks for what you do!

Karen R., VA

God bless you all! I praise Him for your commitment and integrity.

Lois H., OK

Thank you for making it possible for me to reach a country I’ve never been to. You do what I cannot do. I cannot go there, I cannot speak their language, I cannot reach their souls.

Karen V., PR

Thank you so much for all that you do.

Jerry F., SC

My prayer is that each request would be met. Wish I had more to give. The need is great everywhere. I’m trying to concentrate on the Middle East and Africa – a few other places as well.

Myra B., CA

I am grateful to the Lord to you guys for your commitment with the gospel.

Luis D., NJ

We are praying for the wonderful work you are doing.

Peter M., FL

I praise God for your world wide ministry. We have the great privilege of praying and giving to the Great Commission of our Lord through missionaries in many countries that are Muslim and closed to Christian missionaries.

Michael S., WI

Bless you all in the great work you do. I’m staying in prayer for many lost peoples.

Lisa A., CA

Thank you for your labors for Jesus. We thank The LORD for his blessings from Heaven and we are thankful that we can be involved.

Cleveland Christian Chapel, OH

Sent with prayers: Multiply Lord as with the fish and loaves. Be glorified Lord – Amen.

Joel B., OH

I have been blessed by your ministry for the last 40 years. Thanks. Keep up the good work

Stuart M., AR

My son did a bake sale fundraiser for this as a school project, we hope that this speaks of God's love to these refugees.

Karla R., PA

Thanks again for your service to Christ and His Kingdom.

Robert R., OH

May God continue to direct, guide, provide, protect and bless those who submit and surrender to doing his work throughout the world! And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:17

Alisa B., KY

May God continue to richly bless you and your organization as you labor for the extension of His Kingdom.

Jonathan and Sara S., GA

Merry Christmas! Hello folks- God bless all of you and CAM in the coming year!

Stephanie R., NY

Merry Christmas to all! May God continue to bless the wonderful work you do.

Elizabeth C., MD

Thank you for all your correspondence. God bless you as you reach out to those who would be invisible were it not for you. God bless this work, and every knee will bow.

Debbie P., FL

We wish you a most wonderful Christmas celebrating our dear Savior’s birth!

Ron and Natalie T., MD

Dear folks at Christian Aid, We want to THANK YOU for all you are doing taking the Gospel of Christ out there!

Greg and Terri B., WV

Praying for the missionaries around the world. God bless!!!

Anna Y., NY

Merry Christmas and a very blessed new year and thanks so much for your prayers for the Philippine ministries and for me and my loved ones.

Araceli A., CA

A very happy, joyous, blessed Christmas to all of my Christian Aid family Thank you for your loving, prayerful concern for my family.

Edith G., CA

Thank you for all your hard work & faithfulness in reaching out to those in need with love & hope. I pray that God will continue to richly bless you for the committed investments into HIS Kingdom.

Jan V., FL

Thank you for your faith-filled work you are doing in the love, power and name of Jesus Christ! Your light is brightly penetrating the darkest places of the world. May God richly bless each of you!

Anne K., WA

We appreciate Christian Aid Mission so much. We pray daily for the financial needs of the indigenous church. Needs keep us on our knees!

David S., IL

I often wonder how you who work at CAM are doing financially. You seldom ask for help directly.

Dot D., CO

We bless and praise the Lord for the great work Christian Aid is doing.

Jason and Inbarani S., KY

God bless you for all you are doing in Jesus’ Name. Thank you for your prayers.

Bruce and Charlene F., MA

God bless you for all you are doing in Jesus’ Name. Thank you for your prayers.

Pastor Glen and Grace R., PA

Thankful to God for you and the blessing and privilege of this ministry.

Allison M., MI

God bless you all at CAM and especially those indigenous missionaries to whom these funds go. God increase them and His Kingdom for Christ’s glory!

Hennelore R., OH

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!

Craig and Billie Jo Y., SC

Enclosed in a one-time gift most of which comes from an inheritance we received from our generous uncle, who passed away earlier this year. We pray that you can use it to glorify God by spreading the Gospel and in helping others in Jesus’ Name. We hope this donation will be an encouragement to you as well. We chose your organization because of the fruits that we have seen over the years. May God continue to richly bless you and your excellent ministry.

Jonathan and Elizabeth T., MI

Thank you for all you are doing to help indigenous missions. “God’s Kingdom Come”.

Alvin W., MI

Dear Christian Worker: I am living in an assisted living home and we have two former missionaries who hold services here and have passed out your Prayerline pamphlets and I have seriously prayed daily for these needs. Because of obligations I didn’t feel I could send money even though I wanted to do so. I asked the Lord to help me take care of these needs so I could have some extra to send. He did and I was glad to use it this way. I have been faithfully giving to support our church missionary needs but I was glad to be able to send some to these needs. I am in my 90s so my time may be short since I do have problems but I will be praying for the needs you mention as long as the Lord keeps me here, and give as I can also. It is so good to see the Lord is working among those who have not yet heard the gospel message.

Emma M., ID

Thanks for the info. There are SO MANY needs worldwide that I can't even read about all of them that I receive. But Jesus knows. And I lift them up to Him. It's so good to know that Jesus knows us all and is praying for us at the Father's side. Praise His Name!


Enclosed is a contribution. We are very pleased with your ministry and the way that you hold the recipients accountable! God bless you!

Daryl and Kristine R., KS

To my Christian Aid Family: Thank you for standing with me in prayer for my needs and for my family in this past year. We have been truly blessed. I pray that this year will be the best ever for your ministry and for each of you personally. God bless you. Love in Christ,

E. G., CA

Let us not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Gal. 6:9

Maple Grove Christian Church, VA

Thank you for serving Christ and His Church around the world. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your ministry.

Bradford K., FL

Heavenly Father please stretch out thy mighty hand on this gift, that it may be a blessing to other. In Jesus; name, Amen.

Khalil R., PA

Thank you for your prayers. It is a continued blessing to be praying over natives and peoples who are responding to the call of the Holy Spirit to come to the water of life. May Christ be exalted and even in “such a time as this”!

Janet H., VT

Thank you for your dedication to the Great Commission. Jesus is coming soon! Israel is critically important to God.

Charles S., IL

Thank your for your service to persecuted Christians.

Matthew and Alison B., MA

God bless your efforts to support these ministries and help those in need!

Scott A., CO

After hearing about Christian Aid, I’m glad that I don’t have to donate to the American missions that use most of their money supporting people who transport their American lifestyle overseas. So I hope you can continue helping missionaries that really need help.

Wayne S., SD

God bless in all that you do to further the Kingdom. My wife is from Mindanao, Philippines. We LOVE that place.

Roger and Regina B., VA

I'd rather give locally also and will never knowingly give to corrupt Western Aid organizations. May many turn to God is this extremely trying time. Stay strong in the Lord.

Sherry M., FL

God Bless this ministry for not giving in to Western practices of selfish agendas and truly bringing hope to these victims of the typhoon. May God continue to fund and bless this work.

Rachel G., FL

Please start automatic giving to the destitute elderly need in Burma. I am on social security but they need it more than I do.

Barbara S., FL

Thank you for the reports you send with your receipts. Thank you for this unique way of helping believers all over the world.

Gerald R., FL

Thank you for helping us give!

Matt and Melody A., IN

Your hard work is so greatly appreciated!

Alejandro S., TX

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

Brian W., Australia

God bless you all for doing His work.

Terri C., IL

I praise the Lord for the work you do in His Name!

Louise R., MO

What a privilege to partner with you all. God bless the Syrians!

Donald and Lisa B., WI

Thank you very much for all the updates and news letters you send me, I pray that the Lord may continue to refresh you as you dedicate your time in letting the Body of Christ know about what is taking place around the globe.

Precious C.

Thank you so much for all the helpful updates – our church prays for hotspots like these regularly and I find your news insightful and it makes me grateful to God for His many blessings. Times are changing, though and we are definitely edging closer to the Lord’s return. God bless you & your team.

Henry C., Malaysia

Thank you for what you are doing to obey the Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations. You’re always in my prayers.

Jerry S., CA

Blessed is he who considers the poor. The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. I love that verse. Trouble can be very disconcerting can't it. But to have the Lord's promise of deliverance takes the sting out of it. And it adds a blessing. Praise be to God.

Richard G., Japan

Thank you for all you do to keep me informed. May God bless you.

Charles J., NH

God bless all of you---such an exciting ministry.

Frank B., CA

I praise the Lord that He is using Christian Aid Mission to reach out to Christians in all areas of the world; and especially in places western missionaries can’t go.

Louise R., MO

I pray for this ministry every day. I look forward to the day when I can send in much more than this.

Carol T., CA

We pray for the wonderful working of the Holy Spirit from Heaven.

Church in Ohio

God bless you. You are a blessing to many.

Jeff and Diane S., HI

Thank you for your “work” in providing Prayerline so we may pray effectively.

Chris and Kim F., PA

Keep up the good work you and your teams are doing all over the world!!

Ashok J., Australia

Dear friends at Christian Aid, We continue to thank you for taking the Good News of Christ to the people.

Greg and Terri B., WV

Native Missonaries News and Stories Archives

Christian Aid serves as a bridge between indigenous missions groups and Western believers. We strive to inform you about the desperate situations of millions of believers all around the globe as well as sharing with you evidence of the Love and Power of God among the nations. Christian Aid’s News articles offer you a glimpse into the lives of indigenous believers, their struggles and their triumphs. We hope that by informing you of the needs of your brethren, God will lead you to pray and support indigenous missions groups.

Shining Light on a Dark World, One at a Time

January 18, 2018 - Everyone in his world knew of his humiliation, but that wasn't why an alcoholic in Bolivia was thinking about jumping off a cliff. Read more.

Warmth and Light in the Deepening Cold

January 11, 2018 - A ministry director in Turkey helps bear Syrian refugees’ burdens in a way that only a native, near-culture missionary can. Read more.

Native North African Missionary Attacked on Christmas

January 5, 2018 - Celebrating Christmas in an area known as a training ground for Islamic terrorists nearly proved fatal for an indigenous missionary from northern Africa. Read more.

New Christians Excited about Historic Christmas in Iraq

December 21, 2017 - Thanks to the Islamic State (ISIS), for the first time in the history of Qaraqosh, Iraq, an evangelical church this month will hold a Christmas service in the ancient city. Read more.

Facing Down Dangers in the Jungles of Peru

December 14, 2017 - When one of the most poisonous snakes in the Amazon bit the guide an indigenous missionary had hired for a research trip in Peru, team members pleaded for the Christian to administer anti-venom serum. He had none. Read more.

Defeating Disease and Darkness in Mexico

December 7, 2017 - A dying 54-year-old in a mountain village in western Mexico did everything the witchdoctors told him, but all medical doctors could tell him was to prepare to die. Read more.

Need for Discipleship Grows for Refugees in Greece

November 30, 2017 - Ahmad hadn't planned to marry two women, and the chaotic life of a refugee was a factor in how he ended up wanting both. Read more.

In Argentina, Homeless Addict Thankful for Gospel Power

November 23, 2017 - Giovanni refrained from telling those living on the street with him that he was from a well-off family. But the kinship he felt with an indigenous missionary led him to reveal that and more. Read more.

Refugee Needs Greater than Ever in Turkey

November 16, 2017 - Her husband imprisoned amid Syria’s civil war, Haya left everything behind when she and her children fled to Turkey four years ago and set up home in a dilapidated house with an outdoor toilet. Then last month neighbors set it on fire. Read more.

Hope for Cubans Hit by Hurricane, Hunger

November 9, 2017 - Hurricane winds collapsing already crumbling homes compounded the crises that many Cubans live with daily. A regime allergic to outside aid did not help. Read more.

Golden Window of Opportunity Opens in Syria

November 2, 2017 - The Muslim soldier who returned from Syria's civil war was not the same man he was before – and it was unclear if he ever would be. Read more.

Healing Fun for Syrian Children in Hard Times

October 26, 2017 - Between the threat of kidnapping and anxiety over families torn apart by war, it is not easy being a child in Syria. Read more.

Syrian Refugees Hope in Christ as Nightmare Deepens

October 19, 2017 - A 6-year-old Syrian refugee girl saw that her mother was desperate to feed her family. Then she saw a man in a white robe like "the prophet Jesus." Read more.

Salvation in Burma Comes at High Cost

October 12, 2017 - A shaman's blood-letting attempt nearly killed a 10-year-old girl in Burma and left her with chronic pain in her neck. The healing process included getting kicked out of her home. Read more.

Help Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

With Puerto Rico's electrical grid destroyed by Hurricane Maria on Sept. 20, a trusted network of pastors on the main island will distribute as many gas-powered generators as Christian Aid Mission donors can supply to desperate residents. The U.S. territory's 3.4 million people are lacking the electricity required for critical needs such as water and refrigeration for food. "The greatest need now in Puerto Rico, and it seems it will be like that for a while, is for gas-powered generators," a Latin American representative of Christian Aid Mission said. Read more.

Bringing Criminals to Christ in Mali

October 5, 2017 - Most of the women behind bars in Mali had been convicted of infanticide. One Muslim woman was not eager to say what crime she had committed. Read more.

Help Victims of Earthquakes in Mexico

Indigenous ministries are rushing to aid victims of earthquakes that shook central Mexico on Sept. 19 and Oaxaca state on Sept. 7. A Christian Aid Mission representative was present in Oaxaca during the 8.1-magnitude quake that killed at least 90 people, as well as the 7.1-magnitude temblor centered in Puebla state that toppled buildings there, in Mexico City and in Morelos state, leaving more than 200 people dead. “The first one was so violent that my son thought it was the end of the world,” he said. “The second one was also very powerful. Thousands are rushing to provide help, and the church is part of that, with the added benefit of sharing the peace with God.” Read more.

Children in Poverty Get Taste of Abundant Life

September 21, 2017 - Impoverished children in the Philippines learn that life is more than trying to get all you can just to survive. Read more.

Criminal Gang Leader's Spiritual Journey in Egypt

September 14, 2017 - Surviving in Egypt's underworld is hard enough without provoking goons to violence by opting out of a criminal gang. It's even more dangerous for a gang leader thinking of embracing Christ. Read more.

Help Victims of Hurricane Irma in Cuba

While international aid agencies may help victims of Hurricane Irma in Cuba for a week or so, an indigenous ministry will continue to provide clean water, food and construction materials for weeks of recovery from the damage that the Category 5 hurricane caused. Taking the brunt of the hurricane and thus reducing its strength to levels 4 and 3 by the time it hit Florida, Cuba suffered catastrophic damage on its northern coast. Read more.

Fruitful Strategy Wins Muslims in Spain

September 8, 2017 - Having lost everything and watched his father die while fleeing to Europe from Islamic State atrocities in Syria, God's love was not on Amer's mind when he arrived in Spain. Read more.

Flooding, Landslides Hit Sierra Leone

While Americans are rightly concerned about flooding in and around Houston, more than 1,000 people have died in the West African country of Sierra Leone after torrential rains set off floods and mudslides in Freetown on Aug. 14 – followed by a massive fire. A near-culture ministry has set up a cooking and distribution site to feed destitute victims who have lost everything in the ongoing crisis, but it urgently needs to do more. Read more.

Hearten, Heal and Help Christian Workers in Syria

August 31, 2017 - Amid the heart-break, trauma and burn-out of working amid war in Syria, the leader of an indigenous ministry has another problem. Read more.

Learning to Lose Life, Gain Christ in Nepal

August 24, 2017 - Kiran felt he had lost his entire future when his parents disowned him for leaving Hinduism, and he was looking to the evangelist who led him to Christ for some answers. Read more.

Desperate Flood Survivors Seek Your Prayers

Native missionaries ask for prayer after torrential rains created flooding and landslides in Bangladesh, Nepal, and bordering areas of India that left an estimated 250 people dead. Millions have been left homeless. Read more.

With Mosul in Ruins, Iraqis Desperate for Help

August 17, 2017 - One Islamic State militant grabbed the young mother's arms while another snatched her screaming 3-year-old daughter out of her lap. If the family had no money to give in exchange for remaining alive, then they would take little Christine. Read more.

Christians Overcome Hostility, Persecution from Muslim Missions

August 10, 2017 - For two years in an area of northern Ghana where indigenous Muslim missionaries had created a climate of fear, only three Muslims had shown the slightest interest in Christ. The Holy Spirit then stunned Christian indigenous missionaries. Read more.

Syrian Refugees' Tent Camp Is Destroyed

August 3, 2017 - First Turkish authorities said they would give thousands of refugees a month to move out of a makeshift tent camp. The next day, they didn't give them even five minutes. Read more.

Cold, Forgotten Kids in Ukraine Are Warmed, Transformed

July 27, 2017 - Sniffing glue or taking drugs was once the only way for street kids in the Ukraine to escape the cold realities of their lives. Then came the miracles of holistic healing. Read more.

Refugee Kids in Turkey Get Break from Nightmare

July 20, 2017 - Some Syrian schoolchildren haven't been to school in six years. They need a recess from refugee life. Read more.

Building Miracles in the Deserts of the Middle East

July 13, 2017 - The dream of a shelter for indigent children and seniors that an Egyptian seminary graduate had nursed for 20 years turned to dust when another party finagled his land from him. His vision, however, remained intact. Read more.

Illness, Disabilities Mount among Syrian Refugees

July 7, 2017 - A 3-year-old boy from Syria who was born in a makeshift refugee camp in Turkey does not walk or talk. An indigenous missionary seeks to bring a little light. Read more.

Persecution, Vietnam's Dirty Little Secret

June 29, 2017 - In rural villages in Vietnam's Central Highlands, it's what you don't do that gets you in trouble. Read more.

Workers Battle Drought, Starvation and Superstition

June 22, 2017 - A weary mother in drought-stricken Niger had already seen two of her children die from starvation, and now her 2-year-old son's skin was clinging to his bones. She feared that spirits were angry with her. Read more.

Staying Alive after Roaring Floods in Peru

June 15, 2017 - Rushing waters destroyed homes, roads and lives in Peru this spring, but indigenous missionaries are on hand to help survivors. Read more.

Behind Desperate Pleas in Syria, Broken Families

June 8, 2017 - They have lost everything – home, health, business, homeland – and now Syrian refugees are also losing their children. Read more.

Help Victims of Terrorism in the Philippines

June 6, 2017 - More than 200,000 people in the southern Philippines are desperate for food, water and other essentials for survival after fleeing an attack on Marawi City by an Islamic State-linked terrorist group. The ongoing terrorist assault that began on May 23 sent thousands of families fleeing, most to Iligan City, where Christian Aid Mission supports an indigenous ministry that risked rescuing some residents and is striving to provide critical aid to those who have escaped. Read more.

Pushing Aid through Closed Border in North Korea

June 2, 2017 - North Korea this week defied the West with another missile test, further provoking a nuclear threat that has brought Chinese and North Korean soldiers to their common border — and shut off aid to starving people. An indigenous missionary, however, has found a way to get relief in. Read more.

Drought in Kenya Creates Staggering Crisis

May 25, 2017 - Devastating hunger has left millions of people hungry in northern Kenya and the Rift Valley as under-funded native missionaries wonder if Western media have paid any attention. Read more.

Gospel Makes Inroads in Odd Ways in Indonesia

May 19, 2017 - The director of an indigenous ministry in Indonesia was not sure why the village head was asking him to provide a duck for a Hindu sacrifice, but he had a ready answer. Read more.

Needs Grow in Greece as New Era Begins

May 11, 2017 - Growing up in Iraq, Mahmoud had been told that Christians are sinners and liars, and that he should not trust them. Then he fell into the Aegean Sea. Read more.

Christian Workers Overcome Difficulties in Vietnam

May 4, 2017 - Church leaders in Vietnam unwilling to submit their congregations to religious freedom violations accompanying registration leave themselves open to arrest, but somehow churches continue to sprout. Read more.

Reaching Mexico's Unreached, Unyielding Indigenes

April 20, 2017 - Animist villagers in southern Mexico reproached Reynaldo for abandoning the worldview of his tribal ancestors - the kind of pressure that has walled out relationship with Jesus for centuries. Read more.

Displaced Iraqis Escape Death in Mosul, Iraq

April 6, 2017 - The father of a 10-year-old boy in northern Iraq, displaced by war against the Islamic State, was upset when his son told him he had decided to follow Christ. The father decided to do something about it. Read more.

Aleppo, Syria Aid Resumes Despite Opposition

March 30, 2017 - The battle for Aleppo, Syria put a halt to an indigenous ministry's outreach and aid, but efforts have resumed in spite of renewed fighting and opposition from area Muslims. Read more.

Christians in Turkey Faithful amid Dangers

March 23, 2017 - A pastor in Turkey sometimes doubted whether anyone was paying attention to his online sermons. Then the Lord intervened directly. Read more.

Catastrophe in Peru

Fierce flooding in northern Peru has killed more than 75 people and left at least 100,000 people homeless since January. Rains 10 times stronger than usual have sent raging masses of water over houses, crops and schools, injuring nearly 300 people and leaving thousands without food, water and shelter. Flashfloods and mudslides have washed away roads and bridges. Read more.

The Surprisingly Urgent Need in the Philippines

March 16, 2017 - The prospect of Islamist expansion beyond the southern Philippines is just one reason evangelization is a matter of high urgency, an indigenous missionary says. Read more.

Indigenous Ministry in Peru Prays Away Pains of the Poor

March 9, 2017 - While indigenous missionaries regularly expend much time and energy to reach remote tribal people in Peru, their radio ministry overcomes geographical barriers in an instant – and brings relief to years of pain. Read more.

Busting Barriers to Build the Kingdom in Burma

March 2, 2017 - Amid historical and political layers of hostility toward non-Buddhist faiths, indigenous missionaries in Burma (Myanmar) have worked diligently and painstakingly to establish small Christian communities. Read more.

In Aleppo, Syria, a Huge Opportunity Opens

February 23, 2017 - In the urban nightmare that is Aleppo, Syria, a rare combination of outside aid, indigenous workers and government support has created a unique opportunity for gospel advance. Read more.

Sierra Leone's Gospel Moment Has Arrived, Ministry Shows

February 16, 2017 - The Muslim population of Sierra Leone has vaulted past the number of people following Christ, but an indigenous missionary said the moment has arrived to harvest the lost souls of his country for God. Read more.

Building Churches in Southeast Asia, Soul by Soul

February 9, 2017 - Their 2-year-old daughter had never been able to walk due to a birth defect, but the couple from Vietnam's Central Highlands canceled their doctor's appointment in Ho Chi Minh City when they began to see the power of prayer. Read more.

Refugee Mothers from Syria Fight to Save Families

February 2, 2017 - Christian workers in Turkey say that no matter how sharply Syrian refugee mothers may be suffering, they first ask for help for their children – if they still have their children. Read more.

Addicts in Burma Seize Chance at New Life

January 26, 2017 - Addicted to alcohol since childhood, a young man in Burma (Myanmar) with an infant daughter showed up at a recovery center far from mental stability, much less sobriety. Read more.

God Shows His Hand in Gospel-Resistant Turkey

January 19, 2017 - Having set out on Christmas Day to visit friends, a young Muslim woman never met up with them and could not explain how or why she had ended up at a church event. Read more.

Killed for Christ in the Philippines – a Love Story

January 12, 2017 - Throughout his Muslim daughter's courtship with a Christian, Datu had hurled stones at the suitor's father, a pastor, and threatened to kill his son. Then came the wedding. Read more.

In Aleppo, Syria, the Fight to Survive Goes On

January 5, 2017 - The retaking of Aleppo, Syria freed tens of thousands of civilians from danger of being bombed or otherwise killed, imprisoned or forcibly “disappeared” as suspected rebels, but residents remain in sharp need, an indigenous ministry leader said. Read more.

Battle for Mosul, Iraq Drives Civilians to Camps

December 22, 2016 - The military campaign to retake Mosul from the Islamic State (ISIS) has driven more than 100,000 from their homes. Most of them are Sunni Muslims whom ISIS has also driven from their religion. Read more.

Evangelists in Burma Trust God
amid Hostilities

December 15, 2016 - In the face of daunting societal and official opposition in Buddhist-majority Burma (Myanmar), indigenous evangelists increase their faith in God in order to expand His kingdom. Read more.

Bringing Grace and Health to Tribal People of Peru

December 8, 2016 - Angry ghosts and harmful spirits can be terrifying to the ethnic Ashaninka of the Peruvian Andes, but indigenous missionaries are bringing them the light of the gospel. Read more.

Evangelists in Philippines Push Past Terrorists

December 1, 2016 - Islamist and communist militants have not stopped indigenous missionaries in the Philippines from expanding God's kingdom. Read more.

Syrian Refugees in Turkey Growing More Desperate

November 23, 2016 - Syrian refugees in Turkey are despondent, hopeless and hungry as winter comes on after more than five years of war – putting more pressure on indigenous ministries to provide more food, warmth and gospel hope. Read more.

Christmas Parties Prove Popular in Hindu India

November 17, 2016 - The year the Lord gave an indigenous missionary in northern India an avenue to share the gospel with his community, Hindu extremists put up a seemingly insurmountable obstacle: A promise to kill him. Read more.

Bringing Hope for Survivors of Ebola-Hit Sierra Leone

November 10, 2016 - This month marks one year since Sierra Leone was first declared free of the Ebola virus that killed thousands of people and wrecked the economy. An indigenous ministry is helping to pick up the pieces amid opposition and despair. Read more.

Destruction Reigns as Battle for Mosul Begins

November 3, 2016 - A young woman in Iraq was attending an indigenous ministry's discipleship training recently when her eyes suddenly filled with tears. She had just received a photo of her home near Mosul. Read more.

War, ISIS Cruelty Traumatize Syrian Refugees

October 27, 2016 - An elderly Syrian in Turkey lost two children and other relatives following intensified airstrikes and bombings in Aleppo, Syria. He is one of thousands of refugees in need of trauma counseling. Read more.

Hurricane in Haiti

Damages to crops and infrastructure in Haiti by Hurricane Matthew have left hundreds of thousands of people on the impoverished Caribbean island without food and clean water. The 125 miles-per-hour winds and flooding from the hurricane's Oct. 4 landfall, which killed at least 546 people and damaged about 200,000 homes, swept away cattle and knocked out electricity. Organizations on the ground say cash is more helpful than donations of clothing and food, which can obstruct coordination of relief aid, and an indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists seeks such funding in order to provide clean water, rice, sugar and oil. "We are distributing food because people have lost all their gardens and businesses," the director of the ministry said. "We have five churches destroyed and 11 churches need repair — some don't have a roof. Pray for us and pray please for the Haitian people. We're counting on your prayers and assistance." Read more.

Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism

October 20, 2016 - Foreign missionaries and public preaching are meeting with increased opposition in India, forcing a greater emphasis on one-on-one evangelism that indigenous missionaries are best suited to carry out. Read more.

Battle for Mosul Portends Humanitarian Disaster

October 13, 2016 - A long-awaited battle to retake Mosul, Iraq from Islamic State terrorists appears imminent – along with the attendant humanitarian crisis. Read more.

Expanding Christ's Kingdom on 'the Island of Gods'

October 6, 2016 - Islam is growing on Indonesia's island of Bali, but for most inhabitants, Hindu/Buddhist belief mixed with animism, magic and mythology permeates their lives. Local missionaries are well suited to the gospel challenge. Read more.

Flooding in Pakistan

Residents of five villages in an area of Punjab Province, Pakistan that has received no flood relief assistance have no way to earn a living a month after rains inundated their fields and homes. The area in Jhang District is populated mostly by farm laborers whose fields are still four to five feet under water. "The survivors of the flooding are very worried about their families, especially for the children, women and elderly people to escape from hardships of the season, as the weather has been changing here in Pakistan," said the director of an indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission supports. Read more.

Syrians Find Light amid Dark Nightmare

September 29, 2016 - Fierce fighting has resumed in Aleppo, Syria after a failed cease-fire, but people are coming to Christ amid civilian casualties and shortages of basic survival items. Read more.

Talking - and Listening - to God in India

September 22, 2016 - An indigenous missionary in India found conversing with God can get you into - and out of - a lot of trouble. Read more.

Aleppo, Syria Desperate for Cease-fire to Hold

September 15, 2016 - Some 2 million people in Aleppo, Syria were in danger of coming under siege from various factions before a cease-fire went into effect this week, bringing some hope to people weary from despair. Read more.

Crisis in Venezuela

People in Venezuela, a country in economic crisis hit hard by falling oil prices, are arriving at points along the border with Colombia to keep from starving to death. Some of the desperate Venezuelans have managed to get through after Colombia temporarily re-opened some crossings since closing the border in 2015, while others arrived before last year’s closure. An indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists on the Colombian side of the border is providing food and sharing the news of eternal life in Christ with these desperate families. Read more.

Temple Prostitutes Learn to Serve Lord Jesus

September 9, 2016 - When an indigenous missionary couple in India learned that children of temple prostitutes were in the rooms with their mothers while the women entertained customers, they realized they had to do something. Read more.

Refugees in Turkey Forgotten after Failed Coup

September 1, 2016 - Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey risk being totally forgotten, except by those clamoring for them to leave. Read more.

Secret Christians Multiply in Northern India

August 25, 2016 - Organized extremist groups hostile to the gospel are nearly nonexistent in a pocket of northern India, yet many residents there are secret Christians. A veteran, indigenous ministry is trusting God to further intervene. Read more.

Flood Strikes Bangladesh

August 19, 2016 - At least 110 people have died in Bangladesh in what residents are calling the worst flooding in 30 years. U.N. and other agencies estimate that 3.7 million people have been affected in 19 districts, with 17,000 houses washed away and 65,000 others ruined by riverbank erosion. More than 250,000 homes are reported damaged. Read more.

Refugees in Lebanon Face More Abuse

August 18, 2016 - A recent suicide bombing of a predominantly Christian town in northern Lebanon has sparked more hostility toward Syrian refugees - subjecting already traumatized, innocent people to more abuse. Read more.

Evangelists in India Encounter Native Beliefs, Rituals

August 11, 2016 - Many ethnic Bhuiya in India hold the earth and sun as their highest gods, and many worship the cobra. Indigenous missionaries are not surprised at how often the Bhuiya ask them to pray for deliverance from evil spirits. Read more.

Workers, Refugees Face Jihadist Dangers

August 4, 2016 - Providing aid to people suffering unspeakable loss, indigenous ministry workers must take care sharing the gospel. Some onlookers could report them to Muslim terrorists. Read more.

Church in Syria Helps Displaced Find New Life

July 28, 2016 - Hundreds of thousands of people from other parts of war-torn Syria have recently fled to the relative safety of the country's seaside town of Tartus - presenting even greater challenges to a local church already overrun with displaced people. Read more.

Facing Islamic Hostility with Gentleness

July 21, 2016 - After being forced to flee to a new country for leaving Islam, a Moroccan Christian asked his wife, then pregnant for the first time after eight years of trying to conceive, why they weren’t still proclaiming Christ to Muslims. Read more.

Christians in Vietnam Face Beatings, Prison

July 14, 2016 - Authorities beat and/or threatened to imprison pastors for refusing government orders to consolidate their unregistered house churches into a single, officially approved church. Read more.

Nigeria's Displaced Struggle for Life, Livelihood

July 7, 2016 - Tens of thousands of children in northeast Nigeria, where Boko Haram militants have tried to impose Islamic law on all Nigerians, will die of malnutrition this year without increased aid. An indigenous ministry seeks to provide immediate aid as well as means for making a living. Read more.

Turkey Takes Brunt of Refugee Crisis

June 30, 2016 - Refugee attempts to board smugglers' boats from Turkey to Greece fell by more than 90 percent in the past three months - one reason Turkey now has even more refugees than it can handle. Read more.

God's Reign in the Former Kingdom of Nepal

June 23, 2016 - Various crises in Nepal the past year united churches and its people as they worked together to survive, but divisions afflicted some congregations. Indigenous missionaries were crucial in helping to heal the church and build the kingdom. Read more.

Muslims Come to Christ in Greece, Turkey

June 16, 2016 - Recent policy decisions in Europe have multiplied refugee needs in both Greece and Turkey. Though hard-pressed by the enormity of helping, Greek and Turkish ministries are welcoming the opportunity to serve so many Muslims. Read more.

Sri Lanka Struggles to Stay above Water

June 9, 2016 - Needs for food, potable water and medicines continue for people displaced by flooding in Sri Lanka. Indigenous missionaries are eager to work with and for their countrymen in the name of Christ. Read more.

Bearing the Scars of Spiritual Battle

June 3, 2016 - Indigenous missionaries serving Syrians and Iraqis displaced by war are on the frontlines of a spiritual battle. There is a cost for refugees coming to Christ in droves, and indigenous missionaries are paying it. Read more.

Refugee Life Takes Psychological Toll

May 26, 2016 - Without jobs, without hope and often traumatized, Syrian refugees welcome someone to talk to. Indigenous missionaries are listening. Read more.

Historic Flooding in Sri Lanka

May 20, 2016 - At least 60 people have died and 500,000 people have fled their homes after the heaviest rains in a quarter of a century pummeled Sri Lanka in the past week. The government reported 21 of 25 districts of the island nation off the coast of India had been affected, and indigenous ministries that Christian Aid Mission assists immediately began providing relief items. Read more.

Aleppo, Syria Collapses into Chaos

May 19, 2016 - A series of short-term truces in Aleppo in the past few weeks has helped stem the bloodshed, but fighting between rebels, government forces and terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS) has continued to deprive civilians of life and livelihood. Read more.

Nepal Still in Anguish One Year after Temblors

May 12, 2016 - A year ago today, the second major earthquake in three weeks hit Nepal. The rubble still remains, literally and figuratively, for thousands of people who suffered devastating losses. Read more.

Breaking Through Barriers in Kenya

May 5, 2016 - The landscape in Kenya is replete with animists, witches, bandits and Islamist terrorists. Indigenous missionaries are sent forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Read more.

Going Where Christ is Unknown in Burma

April 28, 2016 - Indigenous missionaries in Burma (also called Myanmar) do not let jungle predators, civil war, language barriers or anything else block their efforts to reach villages where Christ has yet to be proclaimed. Read more.

Abraham’s Seed Blesses Another Nation

April 21, 2016 - If “The God who made heaven and earth and everything in it” was a good enough starting point for the Apostle Paul at the Aeropagus, then it was good enough for indigenous missionaries befriending tribal people in the Philippines. Eight months later, they began teaching about the suffering of Jesus. Read more.

Earthquake in Ecuador

April 18, 2016 - At least 654 people have died and more than 2,658 have been injured as houses and buildings collapsed from a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck coastal Ecuador on Saturday evening (April 16). Read more.

Evangelism Thrives in India Despite Persecution

April 14, 2016 - Long known as a hotbed of Hindu persecution of Christians, Kandhamal District in eastern India is becoming known for something else – amazing works of the Lord Jesus. Read more.

Survivors of Bombing Languish in Pakistan

April 7, 2016 - At a section of a park for children’s rides in Lahore, Pakistan, a suicide bomber’s explosion did not discriminate between Muslims and Christians, tearing apart bodies and leaving survivors devastated beyond words. Pakistani Christians are ministering to the bereaved and the wounded. Read more.

Cease-Fire or Not, Syrian Refugee Crisis Persists

March 31, 2016 - Many Syrian refugees are women and children, since Islamic extremist groups like the Islamic State (ISIS) and government forces pressure Syrian men to join their ranks. One month after a cease-fire took hold, refugee needs are greater than ever. Read more.

Historic Visit Highlights Cuba’s Quest for Hope

March 24, 2016 - Urging further reforms in Cuba, U.S. President Barack Obama said in Havana this week that lasting change must come from Cubans themselves. To that end, indigenous missionaries have been doing their part. Read more.

Defeating Dark Powers in the Jungles of India

March 17, 2016 - Mental illness drove an ethnic Korwa animist in central India to wander in the jungle for weeks at a time. As a result of a chain reaction that began with an indigenous missionary more than 30 years ago, he's now planted five churches. Read more.

Herculean Efforts Mounted for Refugees in Greece

March 10, 2016 - A Syrian refugee who had just arrived in Greece asked an indigenous ministry worker if he was a Christian or a Muslim. Guardedly, the worker asked him why he wanted to know. As tears streamed from his eyes, the refugee said, "I need someone to talk with me about Jesus." Read more.

In Zimbabwe, Overcoming a World of Despair

March 3, 2016 - In a time of severe drought, joblessness, poverty and AIDS, a pastor in Zimbabwe gave up all hope and abandoned his congregation. Then he happened upon an indigenous missionary preaching in his remote, forgotten village. Read more.

Miracles Sought, Found in Crisis in Syria

February 25, 2016 - The Syrian administration and opposition groups that have fought a civil war for five years agreed on a plan for a cease-fire this week, but some war-rattled civilians put more hope in Christ's miracles. Read more.

How to Reach ‘99% Christian’ Quechuas in Peru

February 18, 2016 - Reaching an ethnic group steeped in pagan rituals can be tricky. An indigenous ministry in Peru has found Spirit-powered hard work and the inherent power of the gospel is paramount. Read more.

Spiritual Battles Rage in Sri Lanka

February 11, 2016 - On an island country where spirits, gods and demons are prevalent in public consciousness, indigenous missionaries are being trained and sent to the frontlines. Read more.

Syrian Refugees Desperate as Winter Bites

February 4, 2016 - In what is regarded as one of Turkey’s coldest winters, refugees from Syria and elsewhere are suffering from severe hunger and dying from swine flu. The director of a ministry based in Turkey continually receives pleas for help. Read more.

Fuel Crisis Hits Earthquake-Stricken Nepal

January 28, 2016 - Still reeling from earthquakes as winter cold bites, Nepal has been hit with a blockade that has cut off supplies of fuel, electricity, food and medicines. Indigenous ministries are in prime position to help. Read more.

Evangelists in Burma Overcome Obstacles

January 21, 2016 - With the signing of a new conversion law, there's tough new legal terrain in Burma (Myanmar) to go along with the steep mountain paths required to reach certain remote peoples. Reports from an indigenous missionary, however, indicate God is not intimidated. Read more.

Amid Bloodshed, Some Joy for Kids in Syria

January 14, 2016 - Before conflict and bombings undermined international talks aimed at peace in Syria, children in the shadow of war were strengthened as they celebrated the birth of Christ. Read more.

Persecution Besets Church in the Philippines

January 7, 2016 - A church sprouted in an unlikely place, near the jungle hide-outs of Islamist and communist rebels in the Philippines island of Mindanao, in an unlikely way. Then the congregation saw its worship hall set ablaze on Christmas Eve. Read more.

Refugees from Syria, Iraq Seek Help to Survive

December 17, 2015 - Many Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have left Islam will be celebrating their first Christmas this year, as they have seen the power of Christ amid their despair. But winter cold is threatening lives. Read more.

Two Indigenous Missionaries Slain in Philippines

December 10, 2015 - A missionary indigenous to the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, known locally as Pastor Cris, and his adult son, Darwin, were killed as they bathed in the Culaman River, where they used to conduct baptisms. Communist militants are suspected. Read more.

Hindus in India Scheme against Conversions

December 3, 2015 - An evangelist in India receives an average of one call a week from Hindus trying to trick him into making statements that would open him to accusations of coercing or luring people to convert; often the callers are recording the conversations. Read more.

Paris Attacks Exacerbate Refugee Crisis

November 25, 2015 - None of the terrorists who killed 130 people in Paris on Nov. 13 have been identified as Syrians, but officials in some European countries have called for shutting their doors to Syrian refugees, further challenging indigenous Christian ministries providing aid. Read more.

East Ukraine Paralyzed in Political Limbo

November 19, 2015 - War-ravaged people in eastern Ukraine are left with no near-term hope of restoring economic normalcy in provinces now governed by separatists. Relief efforts are even more urgent. Read more.

Syrian Refugees Drown Trying to Reach Europe

November 12, 2015 - Desperate Syrian refugees continue to die in harsh seas in their attempt to reach Europe. As indigenous ministries in Turkey help to meet needs in order to discourage them from setting out in overcrowded dinghies, a ministry based in Greece tends to the survivors. Read more.

New Constitution in Nepal Bans Converting Others

November 5, 2015 - Proselytizing is the attempt to convert someone to another religion. Evangelizing is proclaiming as Lord and Savior the One who is beyond all religion, as religion by sociological definition is man-made, and letting people make their own choice about Him. That's one reason a ministry based in Nepal is not too concerned about a ban on proselytizing in Nepal's new constitution. Read more.

Gospel Advances amid Uptick in War in Iraq

October 29, 2015 - Military forces stepped up the effort to retake territory from the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq this month, even as native Christian workers continued to see spiritual victories in Kurdistan. Read more.

Spain’s Christians Brace for Syrian Refugees

October 22, 2015 - Some in Spain fear a wave of Syrian refugees will bring more Muslim influence to a country where radical Islam has made inroads, but one Spanish ministry is eagerly welcoming them. Read more.

Kurdish Refugees Suffer as War in Turkey Escalates

October 15, 2015 - Kurdish refugee families from Syria are facing more difficulties in obtaining help in Turkey as the government ratchets up its war on Kurdish rebels in the southeast. Christian workers in Turkey are fighting all the harder to keep up with needs for aid. Read more.

Militants Bring Islamist Brutality to Refugee Camps

October 8, 2015 - When Islamic extremist militants from Syria flee to other countries, they don’t leave their brutal methods behind. That doesn’t stop an indigenous ministry from trying to turn them toward Christ. Read more.

Christian Workers in Syria Crucified, Beheaded

October 1, 2015 - Eleven indigenous missionaries who were killed last month for refusing to deny Christ had chosen to remain at their ministry base in a village near Aleppo, Syria. The 12-year-old son of the ministry team leader also could have spared his life by denying Christ. Read more.

Wild Accusations Torment Christians in Laos

September 24, 2015 - Christians in Laos who pray for the sick suffer under the charge of acting as "illegal doctors,” according to a court ruling, and in one village a Christian family faces the death penalty for angering village spirits. Read more.

Syria: Martyrdom, or Live to ‘Fight’ Another Day

September 17, 2015 - Christian workers in Syria today face the question of whether to risk their lives – and those of their families – by staying in order to meet critical needs or slipping away in order to “live and fight another day.” Read more.

World Wakes Up to Syrian Refugee Crisis

September 10, 2015 -But will anyone get up and help, now that a photo of a Syrian refugee toddler’s body lying lifeless on a Turkish beach has awakened a largely indifferent world? Read more.

Violence in Nigeria Deprives Children of School

September 3, 2015 -About half of Nigeria's displaced people are children, and as the new school year begins, one ministry is urgently trying to bring education to some who haven't seen a classroom for years. Read more.

Seaside Refuge in Syria Could See Brutal End

August 27, 2015 -While the Syrian regime is bombing civilians near Damascus, Islamic State terrorists are suspected of using chemical weapons near Aleppo. As the four-year war in Syria reaches a boiling point, 1.5 million people have fled to the quiet, seaside city of Tartus – but they’re hardly on vacation. Read more.

Flooding, Landslides Hit Vast Area of Burma

August 20, 2015 -The cyclone that struck Burma (Myanmar) this month has resulted in far fewer deaths than the casualty figure from 2008’s Cyclone Nargis, but the deluge is more widespread than that of the previous disaster. Indigenous missionaries say the gradual rise in waters is nothing short of calamitous. Read more.

Civilians Suffer as Cease-Fire Falters in Ukraine

August 13, 2015 - As another cease-fire crumbles in Ukraine’s embattled eastern regions, indigenous Christian workers are risking their lives to save the lives of others. Read more.

Traumatized Yazidis Find Healing, Salvation in Christ

August 6, 2015 - A year ago this week the Islamic State (ISIS) slaughtered hundreds of defenseless Yazidis and other civilians in Iraq and abducted many others. One year later, many Yazidis have put their faith in Christ. Read more.

Illness, Hunger Close in on Earthquake Survivors in Nepal

July 30, 2015 - Villagers in Nepal who have lost their homes to earthquakes earlier this year are hauling corrugated sheet metal up muddy mountainsides for hours to protect their families against torrential rains. That may be the easiest part in their quest for survival. Read more.

Syrian Refugee Crisis Meets Greek Debt Crisis

July 23, 2015 - Thousands of war-ravaged refugees from Syria this month ran smack into an international debt crisis in Greece, a country that was less than welcoming even before this week’s economic turmoil. Read more.

Expanding Outreach to Lebanon’s Largely Unreached Deaf

July 16, 2015 - Hundreds of deaf children in Lebanon may never hear the good news of eternal life in Christ in an audible voice, but a locally-based ministry seeks to offer the message in ways they’ll never forget. Read more.

Christian Leader in Vietnam Gives View of Crackdown from Inside

July 09, 2015 - Vietnam’s 2013 law on religion prohibits using “freedom of belief and religion” to undermine “national unity,” but how much it is enforced depends on how threatened authorities feel. Apparently they’re feeling highly threatened. Read more.

Nigerian Christian Workers Stand Firm amid Boko Haram Violence

July 02, 2015 - Unlike some foreign groups, a ministry based in Nigeria will not let Boko Haram violence drive it away. Rather, it is expanding its ministry. Along the way, several members of Boko Haram have repented and put their faith in Christ. Read more.

Syrian Families Fleeing War, ISIS Languish on Turkish Border

June 25, 2015 - The battle on the Syrian border with Turkey to take the town of Tal Abyad from the Islamic State (ISIS) last week drove thousands of refugees to the fence separating the two countries. Those who made it to Turkey exchanged one crisis for another. Read more.

Cubans Hungry for Hope amid Potentially Big Changes

June 18, 2015 - Prospects for normalized diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba provide a glimmer of hope, but the past few years of economic opening between the two countries have made little impact on most Cubans’ standard of living. Hope, a local ministry director said, will have to be found elsewhere. Read more.

Refugees Face Growing Crisis as ISIS Caliphate Expands

June 11, 2015 - Syrian refugees who are largely Sunni Muslims are struggling to survive in Lebanon, where Shiite elements in the government are little disposed to help them. Now those elements are making it harder for refugees to survive. Read more.

Panel in Philippines Approves Bill Creating Islamic Region

June 4, 2015 - An indigenous missionary on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines has enough spiritual battles without passage of a bill that would create an independent Islamic state under sharia. Read more.

Solution Sought for 'Boat People' Fleeing Burma, Bangladesh

May 29, 2015 - Ethnic Rohingya fleeing oppression in Burma and deprivation in Bangladesh faced hunger and disease this month after smugglers abandoned the boats they’d put them on weeks ago. Indigenous missionaries are addressing some of the root causes that drive the Rohingya to sea. Read more.

Church Plant in Turkey Seeks to Sidestep Dangers

May 21, 2015 - The sociability of most Turks paves the way for gospel proclamation in Turkey, but it also makes it hard for those who have received Christ to meet for worship close to their Muslim neighbors. Christians meeting in homes run the risk of losing their jobs and having their children kicked out of school. Read more.

As Second Earthquake Hits Nepal, Native Christians Undeterred by Aid Logjams

May 14, 2015 - Unaffected by the bureaucratic red tape and coordination miscues hampering foreign relief efforts, indigenous Christian workers in Nepal are buying and delivering aid to shell-shocked survivors of Nepal's earthquakes. Read more.

Nepal’s Christian Workers Go Where Few Are Able to Reach Earthquake Victims

May 08, 2015 - Earthquake survivors feel abandoned as only a fraction of aid needed arrives. Read more.

Earthquake in Nepal Presents Christians with Unique Opportunity

May 07, 2015 - Natural disaster in what was once the world's only Hindu kingdom has presented Christians in Nepal with an opportunity to identify as fellow Nepalese, not threats to the national culture. Read more.

Indigenous Workers in Nepal in Prime Position to Aid Earthquake Victims

April 30, 2015 - When a disaster of earth-shaking enormity hits millions of people, ministering to their immediate needs is critical. While many organizations are rushing aid to Nepal following its historic earthquake, though, coming up with enough food and tents is not the primary challenge. Read more.

Nepal’s Christian Workers Go Where Few Are Able to Reach Earthquake Victims

April 27, 2015 - Rains and giant boulders may make some roads impassable, but indigenous missionaries in Nepal go on foot to reach earthquake victims with critical aid. Read more.

'Miracle' saves lives in Nepal earthquake; others unaccounted for

April 25, 2015 - A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck Nepal, with initial accounts reporting more than 1,000 dead . . . a number sure to rise dramatically as rescue efforts get underway. Read more.

Trafficked North Korean Woman in China Finds Hope amid Despair

April 23, 2015 - After losing her family in North Korea, Mi-Hyeon Li ran into traffickers in China who sold her to an impoverished paralytic, with whom she had a daughter. She remained with them in spite of opportunities to flee to South Korea – and found a new kind of hope. Read more.

Islamic State Losses Offer Glimmer of Hope for Displaced Iraqis

April 16, 2015 - Military victories against the Islamic State (ISIS) and the U.S. president’s affirmation of the Iraqi prime minister’s handling of the war on Tuesday (April 14) give displaced Iraqis a glimmer of hope, but they see little chance of returning home soon. Read more.

Cyber-Churches Help Former Muslims Dodge Dangers in Islamic Countries

April 10, 2015 - In the Middle East and North Africa, where leaving Islam has harsh consequences, e-churches help former Muslims avoid hostilities and enter that unfamiliar territory known as church culture. Read more.

Trafficked Women Show Up among North Korean Refugees in China

April 02, 2015 - A North Korean mother fled to China, leaving behind her young son and nearly blind husband after her baby girl died from malnutrition at the age of 18 months. She hoped to find a way to support them in China, but she exchanged one nightmare for another when traffickers got hold of her. Read more.

Survival of the Unfittest – Escaping Syria Presents New Challenges to Disabled Muslim

March 26, 2015 - A Syrian Muslim fleeing his war-torn country has no use of his hands or feet. He made it all the way to Greece, which has been less than welcoming to Syrian refugees. Read more.

Native Missionaries' Gospel Work Crucial on Burma's Rugged Spiritual Landscape

March 19, 2015 - The message of Christ’s salvation goes forth in Burma (Myanmar) amid civil war atrocities, poverty and opposition from the government and its favored religion. Missionaries native to this troubled land are well-suited to the task. Read more.

Church bombings leave 35 Christians dead, dozens injured

March 18, 2015 - Terrorist bombs killed 35 Christians attending church in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday (March 15), according to a report sent to Christian Aid Mission by a local ministry. Dozens more were injured, with many of those in critical condition. Read more.

Officials Threaten Pastors in Laos Imprisoned for Praying for Healing

March 12, 2015 - Unless five pastors imprisoned as “illegal doctors” for praying for healing for a dying woman withdraw their appeal, Lao authorities are threatening to increase their sentences. Read more.

Christian Families Flee ISIS Kidnappings in Syria

March 06, 2015 - After the Islamic State (ISIS) kidnapped at least 220 Christians in northeastern Syria last week, a mother with a newborn and two other young children literally walked through the valley of the shadow of death, trekking and hitch-hiking 350 miles to Beirut, Lebanon. Read more.

Small Business Capital in Indonesia Yields Saved Souls

February 26, 2015 - Just as chainsaws help clear away trees in Indonesia, a chainsaw rental and several other small businesses clear the way for indigenous missionaries, pastors and other Christians to share the good news of Christ with Hindus and Muslims. Read more.

Veteran Pastor’s Gentle Answers Turn Away Wrath in India

February 19, 2015 - Working in an area where radical Hindus shut down public evangelistic events and nearly half of the residents are Muslims who prohibit leaving Islam, a pastor whose ministry has planted 200 churches appeared to be cornered when a journalist asked if he converts people. The question came as a proposal outlawing religious conversion was being drafted. Read more.

Needs Mount for Syrian Refugees from ISIS as More Families Pour into Turkey

February 12, 2015 - Amid the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the help you can provide to Syrians who fled from the Islamic State’s crimes against humanity is a drop in the ocean; but as a character in David Mitchell’s novel “Cloud Atlas” asked, “What is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” Read more.

Islamic State Drives Yazidis to Christ

February 05, 2015 - Muslims have been coming to Christ in droves, but among people displaced by Islamic State (ISIS) atrocities, most who are embracing Christ through one ministry in northern Iraq are Yazidis. Read more.

Obstacle to Conversion Looms for Burma’s Beleaguered Evangelists

January 29, 2015 - The upper house of Burma’s parliament last week passed a bill requiring anyone wishing to convert to obtain approval from a single, 11-member government committee. That would add a huge obstacle to the difficulties indigenous evangelists already face. Read more.

Violence in Niger Weighed as Question of Another Eruption Looms

January 22, 2015 - An unprecedented level of attacks from Muslims upset over depictions of the prophet of Islam in a French satire magazine threatened native Christian workers and others in the West African nation of Niger. There are signs there could be future incidents. Read more.

Winter Brings Killer Cold to Those Who Fled Death in Middle East

January 15, 2015 - From Lebanon to Iraq to Syria, temperatures are plummeting. For those driven from their homes, the need for shelter, heaters, baby formula and other children’s items far outstrip the supply. Read more.

Hindu Extremist Hostilities Erupt during Christmas Season in India

January 08, 2015 - Christmas usually brings out the worst in Hindu extremists in India, but this year the usual suspects found an unusually brazen ally for their anti-Christian hostilities – the national government. Read more.

Bad News in Pakistan Fails to Stop Good News from Advancing

January 02, 2015 - Radical Islamist terrorism and social opposition in Pakistan are the least of concerns for indigenous Christian workers – they need to learn the part of the gospel task the departed foreign missionaries never taught them. Read more.

From Home Burnings and Violence in Syria, Good News Arrives in Turkey

December 18, 2014 - Islamic State fighters instilled terror in residents of Kobani and surrounding areas in Syria, and hundreds of thousands of once well-off Kurds fled across the border to refugee camps in Turkey. Amid their deprivation came a choice morsel of good news. Read more.

Massive Influx of Non-Christians to Dohuk an Overwhelming Challenge and Huge Opportunity

December 12, 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Yazidis and other non-Christians have arrived in the northern Iraq city of Dohuk, where there are few churches to provide aid – a huge opportunity for an Iraq-based ministry. Read more.

Why Muslims Are Converting to Christ in the Face of ISIS Atrocities

December 04, 2014 - Terrorized and living with agonizing loss, Muslim refugees and other victims of the Islamic State in the Middle East are more open than ever to Christ, but that’s not why they’re converting at unprecedented levels. One reason for the conversions stands above all others. Read more.

Amid Hunger in Ebola-Stricken Liberia, Bringing the Bread of Life

November 26, 2014 - Surrounded by death and discouragement, a ministry based in Liberia endeavors to ease the sharp hunger that the Ebola virus has wrought. Read more.

Indigenous Evangelists in Kenya Go Where Few Others Dare

November 20, 2014 - Whether dodging dangers or falling prey to them, a local ministry uses native knowledge of the people they’re serving to bring the water that quenches all thirst. Read more.

Illnesses Outpace Supplies for Iraqis Fleeing Islamic State

November 13, 2014 - Iraqi aid workers say illness is adding to the grief of people displaced by Islamist terrorists, and many ailments are going untreated. Read more.

Crisis in Nigeria Forces Ministry to Relocate

November 11, 2014 - Having recovered two children captured by Boko Haram, a Nigeria-based ministry providing aid to those fleeing the Islamist terrorist group must relocate if it is to continue providing relief and development projects in Christ’s name. Read more.

The Story Behind the Story of Ebola

November 06, 2014 - In Sierra Leone, where life expectancy is only 47 years, the rapid spread of the Ebola virus has stretched ministry workers striving to support grieving and suffering families. Read more.

Crisis in Nigeria Grows More Desperate

November 04, 2014 - Gunfire and bomb blasts are filling the city of Mubi in northeast Nigeria with smoke and corpses while a Nigeria-based ministry assisted by Christian Aid Mission struggles to meet the needs of a growing number of Internally Displaced People (IDP). Read more.

Radio Ministry in Ghana Emits Power in Weakness

October 30, 2014 - Low morale, dilapidated equipment and rising costs did not stop a radio station from reaching Muslims in a major metropolis. Then success brought new problems. Read more.

Role of the Bible Grows Following ISIS Attacks in Northern Iraq

October 23, 2014 - The Islamic State’s campaign to establish a brutally administered caliphate in Iraq has created displaced people hungry for Judeo-Christian Scripture. Read more.

Terrorized Refugees Flee ISIS Offensive in Kobani, Syria

October 16, 2014 - Once well-off Kurdish Syrians leave everything behind – including family members – as new tent cities emerge on Turkey’s southern border. Read more.

Vietnamese Evangelist Seeks to Extend Gospel to Unreached Tribes

October 16, 2014 - The director of a ministry based in Vietnam who has paid dearly for his faith says there is no price too high for the honor of proclaiming Christ. Read more.

A Blaze of Warmth and Light amid Dark Forces in Guatemala

October 9, 2014 - An outreach to poor children pours love into a world where little ones come face-to-face with hunger, hurt and death. Read more.

ISIS Crisis Creates Unprecedented Opportunity to Share Christ in Iraq

October 9, 2014 - The challenge is not how to reach Muslims, but how many indigenous workers can reach them while they are so open to listening. Read more.

Evangelist in Remote Outpost in India Morphs into Much Needed Doctor

October 2, 2014 - Meeting the medical needs of hundreds of poor tribal people with animistic beliefs can be overwhelming, but it helps open hearts to hear about Christ. Read more.

Shell-Shocked Iraqi Refugees Receive Love of Christ

September 25, 2014 - Given the choice of either converting to Islam or leaving everything they had worked for, refugees fleeing the terror of the Islamic State (ISIS) continue to stream into Amman and Zarqa in Jordan and to Erbil in northern Iraq. A local ministry, assisted by Christian Aid Mission, works with area churches to help meet their needs. Read more.

Civilians Flee Terrorist Attacks on Towns in Northeastern Nigeria

September 25, 2014 - A development and discipleship ministry in northeastern Nigeria was thrust into meeting the needs of throngs of fleeing people this month after rebel terrorists took over several of their towns and villages. Read more.

Syrian Children Find Solace, Sense of Purpose in Lebanese School

September 18, 2014 - Ready for some good news out of the Middle East? A Bedouin school in Lebanon has opened its doors to educate hundreds of Syrian youngsters who used to wander aimlessly through the nearby refugee camp. For many of the students, the most important lessons they learn are not found in a textbook. Read more.

Missionaries Native to Burma Face Daunting Challenges

September 18, 2014 - It’s not just in the West that people are too busy for Jesus. Native missionaries in Burma (Myanmar) spent two days driving through rugged mountain forests only to find it was the wrong time to hold an evangelistic rally. Read more.

Tent Churches Emerge in Iraqi Refugee Camps

September 11, 2014 - Iraqi refugees fleeing atrocities committed by the Islamic State (ISIS) find themselves in the arms of Christ. Read more.

Micro-investments Strengthen Women in Bangladesh

September 04, 2014 - It’s not easy being a convert to Christianity in Muslim-dominated Bangladesh. Discrimination and rejection are commonplace, but one church-planting ministry is seeking to strengthen Christian families in the face of opposition. Read more.

"We are Taking Our Nation for Jesus"

August 28, 2014 - Fourteen years of civil war. The fourth poorest country on earth. Now the Ebola epidemic threatens to wipe out thousands of lives. Is there hope for Liberia? Read more.

God’s Messenger to the Youth in Ukraine

August 21, 2014 - There’s a conflict raging in Ukraine that has nothing to do with missiles and machine guns, and that’s the battle for the souls of the nation’s youth. Burdened for their eternal destiny and the future of his beloved country, renowned evangelist Slavik Radchuk will stop at nothing to make sure everyone hears the good news of freedom found through Jesus Christ. Read more.

Tragedy and Revival in Iraq

August 14, 2014 - Iraqis and Syrians have fled for their lives from a barbaric, bloodthirsty terrorist group. But despite this tragedy, a revival is taking place, spurred on by the indigenous ministries that Christian Aid Mission is assisting. Read more.

A Plea for God’s Mercy in the Time of Ebola

August 07, 2014 - A deadly disease with nightmarish symptoms, Ebola has ravished the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. What’s being done to stop the spread of it? And how are Christians responding? Read more.

Iraqi Christian Refugees : Where can God’s people go? What can God’s people do to help them?

After nearly 2,000 years of Christian heritage, Mosul was emptied of the remnant of its faithful believers July 19 by order of militants who took control of the Iraqi city last month. Read more.

Earning High Marks in Thailand

August 07, 2014 - A Christian school has garnered national recognition and become a platform for the gospel in Buddhist-dominated Thailand due to the achievements of its students and outstanding faculty. Read more.

Removal of Crosses Sparks Controversy in China

July 31, 2014 - Crosses have been forcibly removed from the rooftops of hundreds of registered churches in one eastern province in China, and more are coming down each month. Why the sudden crackdown? Read more.

The Latest Casualties of War: Ukrainian Christians

July 24, 2014 - Senseless violence in embattled eastern Ukraine took on added ramifications last week with the downing of a Malaysian commercial airliner near the Russian border. As that investigation begins, new reports are surfacing of additional casualties of war—this time Christians who are caught in the crossfire. Read more.

Escape from Mosul

July 24, 2014 - Exhausted and shaking with fear, eight Iraqi families escaped certain death when a Christian Aid-assisted ministry helped them evacuate the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul last week. Read more.

Bringing the Joy of Jesus to Children in Syria

July 17, 2014 - Kids’ Clubs introduce Syrian youngsters to God’s love in a carefree environment where they can sing, play, and—at least for an hour or two—forget the ugliness of war. Read more.

Lights, Camera, Jesus! Evangelistic Film a Hit Among Maasai Villagers

July 17, 2014 - Neither rain nor mosquitoes could dampen the spirits of a Kenyan ministry leader who recently witnessed the impact of the “JESUS” film in one Maasai community. Read more.

Proclaiming a Message of Hope, Not Hate, in Pakistan

July 10, 2014 - A Pakistani ministry has set a goal to place 2,000 Bibles into the hands of its unreached Muslim neighbors by the end of August. Read more.

A Place to Call Home

July 10, 2014 - An elderly Filipino woman receives a new home and a fresh start thanks to the kindness of Filipino Christians in the United States. Read more.

Giving a Hope and a Future to Egypt’s Rural Poor

July 3, 2014 - Vocational training and micro-enterprise projects are opening doors for the gospel and providing financial freedom to impoverished Egyptian families. Read more.

Crisis in Iraq: Muslim Converts Face the Greatest Challenges

June 26, 2014 - How is the mayhem in Iraq affecting Muslim background believers? A Middle East ministry is asking Christian Aid for resources to provide shelter for some of these converts and their families. Read more.

Delivered from Drug Addiction in China

June 26, 2014 - A Bible-based drug rehabilitation center in western China is helping dozens of addicts kick the habit through the life-changing power of God’s Word. Read more.

Bringing Hope to Disabled Children in Jordan

June 19, 2014 - Handicapped children are overcoming seemingly daunting obstacles and gaining acceptance in their Bedouin community thanks to a compassionate Jordanian outreach. Their parents are experiencing some dramatic changes too. Read more.

‘No Small Work’: Refugees and Terrorists Coming to Christ in Northern Nigeria

June 19, 2014 - Relentless terrorist attacks, a rising tide of displaced families, and a looming food shortage threaten to turn Nigeria’s northeast region into utter chaos. In the midst of the upheaval, a ministry battles on to rescue lives and souls. Read more.

Lives on Hold: Ukrainian Refugees Find Solace through Good Samaritan Charity

June 12, 2014 - Concerned for the safety of their children, Elias and Catherine left Crimea in March and escaped to western Ukraine. A ministry in L’viv is providing temporary shelter for them and several other families until they can return home. The question is when. Read more.

Garments for God’s Glory

June 12, 2014 - At a ministry-supported sewing center in northern India, women learn to design apparel for extra income and discover the beauty that lies within each of them as God’s glorious creations. Read more.

Creating a Better Future for Guatemala’s Youth

June 05, 2014 - Rival gangs have turned Guajitos into a battle zone, and youth are both perpetrators and victims in the carnage. One Guatemalan ministry is fighting back to reclaim the nation’s children. Read more.

Making Room for More: Ukraine Orphanage Receives Refugee Children

June 05, 2014 - They are too young to understand the complexities of politics and armed conflicts. The Ukrainian-Russian tug-of-war is no playground game, but children are the ones who are being pulled in different directions as a result of the crisis. One ministry that reaches out to young refugees is asking for immediate help to provide for their care. Read more.

IDP Crisis Swells in Nigeria

May 29, 2014 - Nigeria now ranks third in the world for the country with the highest number of internally displaced people. One local ministry is reaching out to the homeless with relief supplies and a message of redemption from the Word of God. Read more.

Laotian Students Denied Education Because They Are Christians

May 29, 2014 - Eager to take their final exams, three high school students were told to stay at home–not because of disciplinary problems–but because their religion is not accepted in the community. Read more.

From Ruin to Restoration: Micro-Grants Enliven Rebuilding Efforts of Philippine Typhoon Survivors

May 22, 2014 - Big gifts do come in small packages. That was the case for Dimitrio, a Filipino pastor who recently received a micro-grant to help rebuild the church and home he lost in Super Typhoon Haiyan. Read more.

Will India’s Changing of the Guard Affect Christian Ministries?

May 22, 2014 - As India’s newly elected prime minister prepares to take the oath of office Monday, indigenous Christian ministries remain cautiously optimistic that they will be able to continue their evangelistic outreach without government interference. Read more.

Bringing the Word of Life to Vietnam

May 15, 2014 - It’s true that Christians are enjoying more freedom to practice their faith in Vietnam, but intense persecution continues in the highlands, where tribal groups view “western religion” as a threat to their way of life. Read more.

Satisfying Parched Souls in Kenya

May 15, 2014 - A village in Kenya is transformed by the gift of a well and the message of “living water” through Jesus Christ. Read more.

On the Mend

May 15, 2014 - A Syrian doctor who underwent emergency ear surgery two weeks ago is back at home and hopes to return to his medical practice this week. Read more.

Beyond the Classroom—Bible College Graduates Reaching Every Corner of Nepal with the Gospel

May 08, 2014 - With graduation set for this Saturday, 18 students from a Bible college in Nepal are eager to don their caps and gowns and race off to chase their dreams. But these students aren’t seeking fame or fortune. They are the newest crop of missionaries and church leaders who are willing to sacrifice all so they can bring the good news of Jesus Christ to their own people. Read more.

Set Apart to Serve a Different Master

May 08, 2014 - Shakya’s* parents were devastated when the son they had groomed to become a Buddhist monk told them he had other plans. Here is one Bible college graduate’s inspiring story. Read more.

The Silent Killer: Health Crisis is Staggering in Syria

May 01, 2014 - Finding a surgeon or basic antibiotics is a major challenge for millions of people who remain in war-torn Syria. Just ask Dr. Samir, a Syrian believer who undergoes a potentially life-saving operation this week thanks to help from Christian Aid Mission. Read more.

Three Weeks in Siberia: Fulfilling the Great Commission

April 24, 2014 - Their nations may be teetering toward armed conflict, but in the frozen tundra of northern Siberia, Russian and Ukrainian missionaries are united in heart and purpose as they bring the good news of God’s love to the outermost reaches of human civilization. Read more.

Breaking Spiritual Poverty in Burundi

April 24, 2014 - Decades of internal conflict and deep-seated poverty have crippled the East African nation of Burundi. Refusing to give in to despair, two sisters in one rural village have become prayer warriors—and their neighbors are taking notice. Read more.

The Power of the Gospel in Iraq

April 17, 2014 - "If everyone in my country of Syria had this book, we never would have had to go to war or fight each other." That was the comment made by a young widow whose life was transformed by the gift of a Bible at a refugee camp in Iraq. Read more.

Overcoming Prejudice and Persecution in Central Asia

April 17, 2014 - Raids and arrests by the secret police. Fines for Christmas gifts to children. Threats made against pastors’ families. Unfortunately it’s a way of life for churches in parts of Central Asia, where Christians face persecution from both government authorities and radical Muslim groups. Read more.

Giving Sight to the Blind in India

April 10, 2014 - Thousands of people who walked in darkness now see clearly, thanks to 50 eye camps per year and more than 2,000 surgeries in the villages surrounding Karnataka. But these medical procedures stem from the deep desire and clear vision of a few dedicated physicians and ministers who are reaching the poorest of the poor with the light of the gospel. Read more.

Building New Foundations in the Philippines

April 10, 2014 - Supertyphoon Haiyan may have wrecked her home and her community, but this Tacloban resident finds renewed purpose through her ministry to children. Read more.

Uprooted by Fear: More Displaced Nigerians Flock to Camps

April 03, 2014 - Weary of the onslaught of terror by a militant Islamic group that preys on unprotected rural villagers, thousands of displaced Nigerians continue to flood into relief camps that are ill-equipped to handle the influx. Read more.

Crimea´s Tatars: Caught in the Crossfire

March 27, 2014 - Will history repeat itself? That’s the fear of the Tatars, the Turkic ethnic group who may have the most to lose following Russia’s official annexation of Crimea last week. Read more.

Widespread Flooding Brings Misery to Bolivia River Towns

March 27, 2014 - Massive flooding due to a longer than normal rainy season has wreaked havoc in northern Bolivia. One local ministry is reaching out to river communities with an outpouring of love and emergency aid. Read more.

Three Years Later, It is Day-to-Day Survival for Christians in Syria

March 21, 2014 - Sabeen * was driving her sister and niece to a hospital in Damascus to visit a friend. As they passed through a neighborhood, gunfire cracked around them. The sound was nothing new to the three Syrian women. … Then came the jarring boom. Read more.

Despite Threats, More Residents Come to Faith in Lao Village

March 21, 2014 - What would you do if your family received an eviction notice—just for being Christians? Five Laotian families responded by sharing their faith with their neighbors. Now there are dozens of believers in the village and increasing pressure on the chief to let them stay. Read more.

Help Nigerians Displaced by Terrorist Attacks

A Nigerian ministry is asking Christian Aid Mission for immediate help to meet a growing humanitarian crisis, triggered by a rash of terrorist attacks that have prompted the exodus of tens of thousands of residents in the northeastern part of the country. Read more.

Planting Mangoes and Churches in Bangladesh

March 13, 2014 - The national tree of Bangladesh is being used by one local ministry to yield much more than a harvest of tasty fruit. Thanks to a mango farming project, there is a new crop of churches sprouting up among the country’s isolated hill tribes. Read more.

Discovering the Father’s Love in Ukraine

March 13, 2014 - There’s a hidden segment of Ukrainian society that is receiving little attention in the midst of the nation’s political and economic clamor—its tens of thousands of street children. Read more.

"The Churches are Full"

March 05, 2014 - As the standoff continues between Crimean and Russian military forces, believers in Ukraine are mounting their own army—a legion of prayer warriors seeking peace and healing in their country. Read more.

"They Have Adopted Us as Family and Friends"

February 27, 2014 - An act of kindness is never forgotten—and sometimes it reaps even greater joy. That’s one of many blessings a ministry in Greece is experiencing as part of its ongoing outreach to Syrian refugees. Read more.

Road to Kalimpong

February 27, 2014 - For nearly two years a native missionary forded a river and traversed mountains to reach a remote village in northeastern India where there was no witness for Christ. Recently the village celebrated the opening of its first church—and a new road that will beckon more believers to worship in the community. Read more.

For of Such Is the Kingdom of Heaven

February 20, 2014 - Following ancient customs, the Ashaninka inflict harsh punishment on children accused of witchcraft. It’s a troubling practice that one indigenous ministry is striving to change as they bring the love of Christ to unreached people in Peru’s Amazon basin. Read more.

Amid Violence, Some Good News from Central Africa

February 20, 2014 - The former member of an African terrorist group has joined a new cause, and found the One he says is ultimately worth living—and dying—for. Read more.

Rediscovering God in Albania

February 06, 2014 - Declared the world’s first atheist nation in the 1960s, Albania systematically destroyed churches and sought to eradicate any semblance of religion. Nearly 50 years later, a new generation is returning to the faith of their fathers thanks to one pastor’s vision for a “Victory School.” Read more.

Bali’s “Ice Cream Preacher”

February 06, 2014 - Church planters find a recipe for success as they seek innovative ways to reach Bali’s staunch Hindu population with the gospel. Read more.

Tuning into the “God Channel”

January 30, 2014 - At one time radio was the Soviet Union’s favorite tool for spreading Communist propaganda. Now a Ukrainian evangelist uses the same medium to share the love of Jesus Christ with millions of people in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. Read more.

Training Center Breaks Down Barriers in Northern India

January 23, 2014 - Becoming a follower of Jesus Christ was scary for Haashim*. He knew his life was in danger if he dared share his faith with relatives or friends. As a new believer, he wanted to learn more about the Bible and the Christian life, but there was no one in his northern India village who could teach him. Read more.

The Gospel Goes Forth Despite DPRK’s War on Christianity

January 16, 2014 - When the international ministry Open Doors released its 2014 World Watch List last week, no one was surprised to find North Korea at the top of the rankings—again. For the 12th year in a row, the communist country stands apart as the greatest persecutor of Christians. Read more.

Remembering a Fallen Brother in Kenya

January 09, 2014 - The name Ezekiel means “God strengthens,” and this week a ministry in Kenya is asking for prayer for strength and comfort as it mourns the loss of one of its young pastors. Read more.

Christmas Celebrations Make Lasting Impact in Myanmar

January 09, 2014 - The holiday season may be over in Myanmar too, but for one church planting ministry, the excitement has just begun after Christmas celebrations spark new gospel opportunities. Read more.

Ministry Wrap-Up for 2013

January 02, 2014 - The Syrian refugee crisis and catastrophic storms in Asia dominated headlines in 2013. But behind the scenes, native missionaries persevered in the midst of challenging circumstances and saw God multiply the fruits of their labors. The following is an around-the-world sampling of major events/initiatives highlighting the work of these dedicated servants of the Lord. Read more.

Bringing Joy to Syrian Kids at Christmas—and All Year Long

December 26, 2013 - Children scarred by war need to know that their lives matter. From Christmas celebrations to kids clubs and summer camps, several ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission are reaching out to the youngest victims of Syria’s conflict. Read more.

Rebuilding Churches, Restoring Hope after the Typhoon

December 19, 2013 - Two Filipino congregations receive an early Christmas present when a local ministry rebuilds their churches and delivers hope to their devastated communities. Read more.

Crisis Not Over for Displaced in Zamboanga City

December 13, 2013 - They rank last in the trio of recent crises crippling the Philippines. Sidelined first by an earthquake in Bohol, and eclipsed by Super Typhoon Haiyan’s rampage of Tacloban, the plight of the people of Zamboanga City has been buried in the avalanche of disaster coverage by international media. Read more.

Step Backward in Fear or Move Forward in Love?

December 13, 2013 - Missionaries on the Philippine island of Mindanao put their lives on the line to share the gospel with ambivalent Muslim groups. September’s violent attacks in Zamboanga heightened the dangers—and prompted a call to action by one local ministry. Read more.

Families Face Expulsion from Laos Village

December 10, 2013 - Another threat of forcible removal looms large for a group of Christian villagers in rural Laos, this time in the Savannakhet province of the country. Read more.

No Need to Fear the Darkness

December 05, 2013 - Since ancient times the Asho Chin people have allowed fears of vengeance from the spirit world to dictate their daily lives. Now a ministry in Myanmar is sharing the good news of deliverance from fear through the power of Jesus Christ. Read more.

"Just Pray, Pray, Pray that God Will Protect Us"

November 27, 2013 - A ministry leader in Tacloban, Philippines, shares her family’s harrowing story of survival when Typhoon Haiyan tore through their coastal neighborhood. Now a second flood—this time of Christian compassion—is sweeping through the area to help devastated residents rebuild their lives. Read more.

Help Arrives for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

November 21, 2013 - Ministry partners in the Philippines are distributing emergency aid to superstorm survivors, even as they struggle with personal losses that have turned their own lives upside down. Read more.

Embracing Christ and Tradition in Kyrgyzstan

November 21, 2013 - Cultural pressures force Kyrgyz believers to make a painful choice—Christ or their families. Through evangelistic outreaches, a native ministry is addressing some of the misconceptions about Christianity and opening new doors to the gospel. Read more.

"The Devastation is Heartbreaking"

As their nation reels from incomprehensible destruction in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, several Philippine ministries are pleading for immediate help and the steadfast prayers of Christian Aid Mission supporters. Read more.

Introducing Children to God’s Greatest Gift

November 14, 2013 - We often hear the phrase “Jesus is the reason for the season.” As Christmas approaches, Christian Aid’s indigenous ministry partners are making preparations for celebrations that will introduce children and their families to the Savior. Read more.

Overcoming Powers of Darkness in Tanzania

November 14, 2013 - Imagine being marked for death because you are an elderly woman with red, swollen eyes. Or if you were born with the genetic condition called albinism in which your skin and hair lack pigment. In either case, if you lived in some areas of Tanzania, your life would be in danger. Read more.

Proclaiming the Prince of Peace in Honduras

November 07, 2013 - Gang violence has claimed thousands of lives and created terror on the streets of Honduras. Armed with God’s Word, an indigenous ministry is fighting to take back the souls of the nation’s youth. Read more.

Pray for Persecuted Believers Around the World

November 3 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Join Christian Aid Mission staff and believers across the globe as we intercede for those who risk all to proclaim the good news of the Savior. Read more.

Crisis Escalates for Cyclone Victims in India

October 31, 2013 - Impoverished villagers living along India’s eastern coast may not have seen the worst of Cyclone Phailin’s fury. The storm demolished homes and crops, and local ministry partners of Christian Aid are pleading for assistance to help alleviate the suffering. Read more.

An Insider’s Glimpse into the Syrian Refugee Crisis

October 24, 2013 - Much has been reported about the plight of Syrian Muslims who are fleeing their country, but how has the war impacted Christian refugees? In an emotional interview with Christian Aid Mission staff, the leader of a Lebanon-based ministry shares refugee accounts that broke his heart—and gave him hope for a brighter future. Read more.

Rescuing the Rohingya

October 17, 2013 - Despised by some, an enigma to others, the Rohingya are one of the most persecuted—and one of the least reached with the gospel—of any ethnic minority in the world today. Read more.

New Testaments for Russia

October 17, 2013 - Bibles were outlawed during 70 years of communist rule. A new generation is coming to Christ as missionaries deliver New Testaments throughout Russia and Ukraine—one village at a time. Read more.

Help Cyclone Victims in India

October 15, 2013 - Christian Aid Mission is working with Indian ministries in the Odisha region to bring emergency relief to coastal areas hit hard by this past weekend’s massive cyclone. Read more.

Plight of Syrian Refugees Extends into Greece

October 10, 2013 - Syrian refugees looking to Greece as their promised land are finding a less than hospitable reception. A Christian Aid-assisted ministry is reaching out to help some of these beleaguered immigrants make a fresh start. Read more.

Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

October 10, 2013 - The silver rush made this Bolivian city one of the largest and richest in the world during its heyday. Now Quechua tribes in the mountains are receiving a far greater treasure—the glorious riches found in Jesus Christ. Read more.

Youth Revival in Bulgaria

September 25, 2013 - Weary of stale religion, Bulgarian youth are experiencing a wave of spiritual renewal that is empowering a new generation to boldly live for Christ. Read more.

Producing Salt and Light in Sri Lanka

September 25, 2013 - A literacy program is opening doors for impoverished women to receive an education and deepen their appreciation for God’s Word. Read more.

Ministries Press On as Philippines Standoff Continues

September 19, 2013 - With most of Zamboanga City under lockdown for the second straight week, it’s still business as usual for area missions groups who feel a greater sense of urgency to proclaim Christ in Mindanao. Read more.

Sanna — A Syrian Mother Shares Her Story

September 19, 2013 - A Christian family narrowly escapes death in Syria, only to discover life in Lebanon is no promised land. Read more.

Ecuador Prisoners Find Freedom in Christ

September 12, 2013 - Returning to the outside world can be intimidating for a prisoner who has spent years inside a jail cell, especially if that prisoner becomes a follower of Christ. A prison outreach ministry in Ecuador is making the transition smoother and equipping new believers as ambassadors of the gospel. Read more.

Fifty Christians Face Eviction in Laos

September 12, 2013 - The Constitution of Laos may guarantee religious freedom for all its citizens, but in practice Christianity is treated as the exception. The leaders of one village are enforcing their own set of rules—and local believers could be left with no place to go. Read more.

One Life at a Time

September 05, 2013 - Millions of Syrians, at least one-third of the country’s population, have been displaced by a bloody civil war that has already stretched on for two long years. Fleeing their volatile homeland, refugees cram into dingy hovels and tent cities in neighboring countries, terrified of what the future holds. But while most reports paint a grim picture of the refugee crisis, indigenous ministry leaders are sending word of an unprecedented openness to the gospel…and they are reaping the harvest, one life at a time. Read more.

Kingdom Expands Despite Heated Persecution in Pakistan

Pastors are imprisoned, believers attacked, and church houses burned in this country where Christianity comprises just 1.45 percent of the population. News stories abound of kidnappings, torture and unjust executions. This is a land of suffering for many who call on the name of the Lord. Read more.

Egyptian Protestors Turn Fury on Christians

August 22, 2013 - Mounting violence directed at Egypt’s Christian minority hit close to home last week when a ministry assisted by Christian Aid Mission joined the list of dozens of evangelical and Coptic institutions whose property was destroyed by angry mobs of political protestors. Read more.

“Now I Have a Burden for Lost Souls”

August 22, 2013 - Her home country wanted her dead. Religious rituals brought no consolation. Yonna was a young woman on the run, but she was tired of running. A Christian Aid-assisted ministry in Thailand helped re-direct her life and sparked a new sense of purpose. Read more.

Rescuing Nepal’s Children from Exploitation

August 15, 2013 - Child trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Nepal. Through education and rehabilitation, one local Christian ministry seeks to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Read more.

Prayer Alert for Egypt

August 16, 2013 - A ministry partner in Egypt contacted Christian Aid this week, describing the situation in the streets as “really dangerous and urgent.” Read more.

Resurgence of Hope in Vietnam

August 08, 2013 - With dogged determination, Vietnamese missionaries have endured over three decades of harassment and persecution in order to bring the gospel to isolated tribal groups. Their tenacity is paying off, as formerly unreached groups are joining the ranks of the country’s growing Christian population. Read more.

Building a Firm Foundation

August 01, 2013 - Three years after the catastrophic 7.0-magnitude earthquake, Haitians are making steady progress toward rebuilding their nation from the ground up. Meanwhile a dedicated ministry leader and educator is quietly working behind the scenes with his own blueprint to shape the future. Read more.

Cast Out but Not Forsaken

July 25, 2013 - As Turkey’s government grapples with yet another refugee crisis, a local ministry is quietly working behind the scenes to bring a message of hope to displaced war victims. Read more.

“We Believe Thousands Will Come to Christ”

She saw them in a dream: the needy ones. Children blind and lame surrounded her, and the angel, or someone, said, “They´re your responsibility.” Read more.

Church Growth, Evangelism Reach New Heights in Sierra Leone

July 18, 2013 - Rebounding from the atrocities of civil war, Sierra Leone believers are seeking a new era of peace and spiritual revival. Their efforts have been richly rewarded. Read more.

Protestant Churches Feel the Heat in Kazakhstan

July 18, 2013 - Highly restrictive laws mandating the registration of churches has evangelical groups in Kazakhstan crying foul. A local ministry told Christian Aid what happened to one fellowship of believers when they met for an Easter prayer tea. Read more.

Resilience Marks Two Centuries of Christianity in Burma

July 11, 2013 - When American missionary Adoniram Judson stepped onto the shores of Burma on July 13, 1813, there were no known Christians, no churches, and no Bibles available in the Burmese language. His first six years of ministry produced one convert. Read more.

Giving Legs to Faith in Uruguay

July 10, 2013 - Stricken with polio at a young age, Ismael Gimenez feared he was doomed to a life of beggary and dependency. But God had bigger plans, and today Gimenez’ ministry of compassion reaches out to dozens of disabled individuals with the transforming power of God’s Word. Read more.

Churches Face Harassment, Closure in Sri Lanka

June 27, 2013 - Facing opposition from their Buddhist and Hindu neighbors, Sri Lankan Christians fear their religious rights will erode as extremist groups attempt to shut down churches in the island nation. Read more.

Christian Aid Welcomes New Africa Director

June 26, 2013 - When Gary Darcus boarded a plane bound for Kenya in 2003, the phrase “seasoned traveler” was not a part of his everyday vocabulary. The 48-year-old had left a successful career in restaurant management to accept a position with an organization supporting native missions. Flying by himself to Africa required an extra measure of faith for someone who had never ventured outside of North America. Read more.

Bringing Relief to Refugees in the Bekaa Valley

June 21, 2013 - Lebanon currently hosts over half a million refugees from Syria, and pressures to provide for the massive influx intensify as thousands more stream across the border every week. Having recently returned from a trip to the region, the Middle East director for Christian Aid Mission shares observations about the current state of the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon—and how Christians around the world can make a difference. Read more.

Veterinary Program Makes Inroads for the Gospel in Jordan

June 13, 2013 - Left far behind modern civilization, Bedouin shepherds cling to the same nomadic lifestyle that characterized their ancestors' existence four thousand years ago. A Jordanian veterinary ministry is bridging those two worlds-and introducing the "sons of Ishmael" to the Lamb of God. Read more.

Kenya Floods Leave Massive Wake

June 06, 2013 -Kenya´s infamous rainy season, striking annually between March and May, has been especially devastating this year. The relentless downpours have taken the lives of nearly 100 people and forced tens of thousands from their homes. Read more.

From Killing Fields to a Living Hope

June 05, 2013 - Cambodian jungles stretch thick, tangled and dark across miles of war-ravaged land. Through these jungles prisoners ran for cover, escaping the Killing Fields where a million people lay murdered in open graves in the late-1970s under the Khmer Rouge. Read more.

Turning Silent Tears into Sunny Smiles

May 21, 2013 - When Veronika was brought to Father´s House last September, the disheveled little girl was malnourished and barely uttered a word. Her developmental skills were on the level of a two-year-old. She didn´t even know how to dress herself. Read more.

Breaking Free : Indian Dalits Work to Cast Down the Caste System

May 20, 2013 - Trapped for centuries at the bottom of an oppressive Hindu caste system, Dalits–those who have been broken, ground down by those above them in a deliberate way–are dreaming, hoping, writing, singing and working to rise above their burdensome social position of poverty and prejudice–and make justice a reality. Read more.

Heated Dispute Burns Path for the Gospel in Chile

May 16, 2013 - While fires blaze in the heated ongoing dispute over land between the Chilean government and the Mapuche Indian tribe, a slow, steady flame is burning in the hearts of Mapuches who are turning to the Lord for their sustenance amidst unbearable poverty and discrimination. Read more.

Risking All to Remain in Egypt

May 08, 2013 - The sounds of firing guns and the accompanying shouts and screams have become commonplace background noise for the Christian Aid-supported ministry leader and his wife. Read more.

The Great Escape

May 07, 2013 - Persecuted Christians are not the only North Koreans who risk their lives to attempt escape into neighboring China. Scarcity of food, low wages, and skyrocketing prices propel people from all levels of society to seek a better life for themselves and their children. Some of the fortunate ones are finding help and hope through a ministry assisted by Christian Aid Mission. Read more.

Opening Doors to Women´s Ministry in Kosovo

May 01, 2013 - Cultural strongholds have stymied the gospel and created a spirit of oppression for women living in Muslim-dominated Kosovo. Seeing their brokenness, a pastor´s wife has launched an outreach to deliver encouragement and the healing power of God´s Word into their homes. Read more.

Gospel Harvest Hopeful in Islamic Bangladesh

Deep in the villages of Bangladesh, revival gatherings are winning souls to Christ in a predominantly Muslim world. Where churches are burned, pastors threatened, and land and jobs denied to believers, newly-reached tribes are receiving the Scriptures in their own language. Many are turning to Christ. Read more.

A League of Her Own

April 25, 2013 - She survived the Japanese invasion of her hometown during World War II. For two decades she endured backbreaking labor and near starvation in a communist prison. And last August her husband passed away after 45 years of life lived as a team. These may sound like misfortunes, but don´t feel sorry for Dorothy Sun. She is a woman on a mission. Read more.

Missionary Homes Lost in Latest Round of Nigerian Attacks

April 19, 2013 - Terrorists set fire Friday to the homes/mission bases of three missionary families working with Christian Aid-supported Missionary Crusaders Ministries in Nigeria. Ministry leader, Gabriel Barau, sent this urgent report.Read more.

Proclaiming Freedom to the Captives

April 15, 2013 - Every Thursday morning for the past three years, Edmond has arrived at the gate of Lezha prison and gone through the same routine. A guard escorts him to the main office where he hands over his cell phone and identification cards. He even empties his pockets of a few Albanian leks and some loose change. The only object he is permitted to take inside is a Bible. Read more.

Caught in the Crossfire

April 11, 2013 - As the exodus of Christians from Syria continues unabated, more reports are surfacing of the alarming conditions facing those who choose to remain. Read more.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

April 10, 2013 - Forgiveness ran contrary to Felix´s way of thinking. He was prepared to take justice into his own hands—until a visitor to his Colombian village convinced him the love of Christ, not hate, was the answer. Read more.

Soldiering for Christ in the Philippines

April 09, 2013 - Once a fighter for the communist army, a young man in the Philippines laid down his weapons and surrendered his life to Christ. His family was the recent recipient of a special gift from a Christian Aid donor. Read more.

Taking the Gospel to the Maritime Frontier

April 04, 2013 - Far removed from the east coast of India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to some of the most isolated people groups on the planet. With support from Christian Aid Mission, a local ministry is making in-roads deep within this tropical paradise. Some tribes inhabiting the islands have never had any contact whatsoever with the rest of the world or heard about Jesus Christ. Read more.

Threats Against Churches in Sri Lanka on the Rise

April 04, 2013 - During the past six weeks, Christian Aid Mission has received several reports of threats being directed toward pastors and churches in southern Sri Lanka. Read more.

Terrorists Strike near Mission Field

April 03, 2013 - In a recent report to Christian Aid Mission, Gabriel Barau, ministry leader of Missionary Crusaders Ministries in Nigeria, reports: “About five days ago, very close to one of our fields, 30 gun men walked into the town, destroyed the police station, released more than 100 prisoners, and killed 64 persons instantly. That is the tension we have in the northeast every day. We sincerely need your prayers to raise the funds needed to move our headquarters office to a safe location.”Read more.

Clinic Refreshes Pastors, Builds Networking Bonds

With purpose and passion they rescue young girls from prostitution rings, preach through persecution, plant churches, and visit villages that are like “a hell kingdom” because of the domineering control of the local monastery. Read more.

Training multiplies efforts in war-torn Sri Lanka

Open wounds from a war-torn land thirst for the healing presence of Jesus Christ. Despite the quarter-century conflict ending in 2009, villages on this island off the southern tip of India continue to struggle for economic recovery. Yet native missionaries find this the perfect opening for reaching their country with the gospel. The land is weary. The people are looking for something, someone, greater than their silent idols. Read more.

Siberia : A Second Chance

March 26, 2013 - He was on the verge of losing everything. Hitting rock bottom, a Siberian man finds redemption when he enters a Christ-centered drug and alcohol treatment program. Read more.

The Forgotten Minority in Palestine

March 22, 2013 - During his visit to Israel this week, U.S. President Barack Obama called for the creation of a separate Palestinian state for Arabs to peacefully exist side-by-side the Jewish state of Israel. But one group was missing from the equation. Read more.

Darkness in Mali Pierced by the Light of the Gospel

March 18, 2013 - Terrified citizens of Mali grimly look to the mountainous North, where thousands of Al-Qaeda terrorists remain, determined to outlast the French and Chadian soldiers who expelled them from several main cities. For years, these mountains have acted as a secluded training ground for Muslim extremists, armed with weaponry provided by the former Libyan leader, Muammar al-Qaddafi. Read more.

Firestorm in Pakistan

March 14, 2013 - Christian Aid Mission is sending emergency assistance to help displaced families whose homes and businesses were torched by an angry Muslim mob in Lahore, Pakistan, this past weekend. Read more.

Three Lao Pastors Released from Prison

March 08, 2013 - Jailed for several weeks for making copies of a Christian video, three Lao pastors have returned safe and sound to their villages. This is a persecution story with a happy ending. Read more.

Growing in Grace

March 08, 2013 - When a young Argentinian couple started Grace Mission over 20 years ago, their goal was to plant one church for every two unreached towns throughout the country. That may sound like a very ambitious undertaking, but their prayers are being answered-one church at a time. Read more.

Experiencing New Horizons in Nepal

March 04, 2013 - A long-time supporter of Christian Aid Mission traveled to Nepal in February to visit a church and three children´s homes we sponsor in the country. She returned to the United States eager to share her experiences and the joy of seeing lives transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Read more.

Huge Potential for Gospel Advancement in Guinea-Conakry

February 26, 2013 - Locked in the bondage of Islam and idol worship, the spiritually impoverished people of Guinea-Conakry are beginning to awaken to the hope found in Christ. When three students attended a gospel conference held by a Christian Aid-supported ministry in neighboring Senegal, they brought this hope back to their people with astounding results. Read more.

Laos Believers Face Evictions, Arrests in Struggle for Religious Freedom

February 25, 2013 - Religious freedom? The Constitution of Laos guarantees protection for all lawful activities of the Buddhists "and of other religious followers," but violations of those rights persist against the country's minority Christian population. Read more.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan Experience Crisis and Christ

February 18, 2013 - Ali´s story is just one of thousands that could be told by a Syrian refugee. The street in Mafraq where his family lives has a terrible smell. Ali, 43, lives here with his wife, Sehm, and their six children. Ali was an art teacher in Dara´a, a city in southwestern Syria, before he fled the bombing. Read more.

Ministering on the Streets of Guatemala City

February 06, 2013 - They are the forgotten ones. Children sifting through piles of garbage looking for anything to eat, anything that will ease the pangs of hunger. With no home to go to at night, they find rest on the cold sidewalk, a back alley, or an abandoned train station. Worst of all, there is no one to hug away their hurts, to wipe away their tears, to tell them they are loved and that their lives matter. Read more.

Planting Hope in a Hostile Land

February 05, 2013 - Today there are an estimated 100,000 to 400,000 Christians in North Korea. Despite ever-present dangers of imprisonment, brutality, and death, faithful followers of Jesus Christ remain committed to sharing the gospel in the midst of very difficult circumstances. Read more.

Indigenous Ministry Engages Hidden Tribes in Latin America

January 31, 2013 -Working among the Wichi tribe in Argentina, Francisco Mendez, an indigenous missionary supported by Christian Aid, counts all lost compared to the surpassing greatest of knowing Christ and making Him known … among people who have never heard. Read more.

Making an impact among remote tribal groups in the Amazon

January 30, 2013 - Deep in the brush of the Amazon, a dynamic Bible institute trains and sends native missionaries to preach the gospel among a half dozen previously unengaged tribes. A church planting ministry booms; a school ministry reaches more than 2,000 tribal children; the Bible is translated into the Kaiwa language; and a mission hospital provides medical care, lab work and dental care while helping children and pregnant moms overcome malnutrition. Read more.

Shining Christ´s Light into the Darkest, Poorest Places

January 29, 2013 - About 150 full-time missionaries preach the gospel to these destitute Quechua Indians who live in small villages above the timberline at nearly 14,000 feet, where the sun´s intensity dries out what little plant life covers the ground. Most of the natives have come to Christ through open-air evangelism. Read more.

Report from a ministry in Aleppo, Syria

January 15, 2013 - Aleppo, Syria´s largest city, has been fought over by all sides of this civil war. Large minorities of Christian Arabs, Syrians, Assyrians and Armenians live in Aleppo. At times life in Aleppo is quite peaceful but now, all live under great tension. Read more.

NIGERIA: Boko Haram Terrorist Threat Continues

January 10, 2013 - Once again Boko Haram has targeted Yola, Nigeria, headquarters of an indigenous ministry helped by Christian Aid since 1986. Multiple attacks killed 20+ last year. Just last week four more were killed, including a grandmother and grandchild burned to death in their home. Read more.

Top Indigenous Mission Trends of 2012

December 31, 2012 - When writing a "Year in Review" on the top trends in the indigenous missions movement, we can summarize 2012 by looking at the stories that most visibly affected the gospel-advancing work of native missionaries overseas. Read more.

Christmas in Bethlehem 2012 : Arab Christians Share Food Baskets

December 26, 2012 - While Christian pilgrims and tourists were streaming here from all over the world to visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ and worship at the Church of the Nativity this Christmas season, local Arab Christians were once again quietly going door to door, sharing food baskets and toys with their most needy neighbors. Read more.

How Does a Christian Witness to a Buddhist?

December 13, 2012 - How does a Christian keep the conversation going long enough with a Buddhist, so he can present him with the good news? Read on. Read more.

Matta Comes to Christ, Becomes a Church Planter

December 11, 2012 - Matta grew up in a Muslim family in Turkey. His parents sent him to Koran school every summer, where he learned to read the Koran. As he grew older he soon became disillusioned with Islam. Read more.

Reaping a Bountiful Harvest in Peru

December 18, 2012 - As we near the end of 2012, it is time to pause and reflect on all the Lord has done this year through missionaries in Peru. Read more.

Typhoon Devastates Thousands of Homes in The Philippines

December 12, 2012 - "This week, specifically last Tuesday, a Typhoon named Bopha (international name) or Pablo (Philippine name) hit the Philippine island of Mindanao in the areas of Cateel, Davao Oriental, and the Compostela Valley province where we live. Three days after the storm, my wife, Dorcas, and I went to New Bataan, where we saw toppled trees, banana plantations completely ruined, countless houses blown away, and much more devastation." Read more.

Rakhine Report

November 21, 2012 - During the last four decades, Rohingyas, who are Muslims originally from Bangladesh, have migrated into Rakhine state, settling in villages and towns. The Rohingyas are faithful to their Islamic beliefs and have not assimilated with the locals, who are predominantly Theravada Buddhists. Read more.

Spreading the Gospel where Guerrillas Tread

November 29, 2012 - In Colombia this year, native missionaries sponsored by Christian Aid Mission are sharing the gospel in several regions where it has been impossible for the past 10 years because of the guerrilla war. Read more.

NIGERIA: Terror Increases Daily in Africa's Most Influential Nation

December 04, 2012 - Christian Aid is helping indigenous Nigerian missionary ministries which are preaching the gospel and bringing Muslims into the kingdom of God, even in the midst of this nationwide fear and chaos. After 30 years of living peacefully among Muslims, one of these ministries finds its headquarters in an area targeted by these terrorists. Read more.

EGYPT: Persecution Update from Native Missionaries in Cairo

December 03, 2012 - "Yesterday, there was a big stand for the brotherhoods all over Egypt just to declare that they are with the new president's decisions. Mobs were chanting, 'We want Islam,' and they want to enforce the Sharia. One of them said, 'It is our country, and those who do not like our law or decisions should leave.' He then led the crowd to insult badly those who oppose Sharia, singling out and threatening Christians though they were not present." Read more.

Darkness Intensifies in Egypt

November 30, 2012 - "Our situation here is getting worse day by day," reports an Egyptian ministry leader supported by Christian Aid. Indigenous ministries are growing more concerned each day as they watch radical Islam gain control in Egypt. Christians in Egypt believe that dark days of persecution are looming ahead of them. Read more.

Rakhine Update

November 9, 2012 - Recently indigenous missionaries working in Rakhine, Burma had the opportunity to share God´s love by distributing food to victims of violence who had been trapped in a crossfire between Rakhine Buddhists and Rochingya Muslims along the Burmese border with Bangladesh. Later they were able to hold an evangelism rally at a nearby village, where several came to faith in Christ. Read more.

Syrian Brother Martyred

October 19, 2012 - Sami, a Syrian Muslim Background Believer and church leader was killed by a marauding militia earlier this month. This brings to 11 believers killed from this one ministry area in Syria. Many believers have fled to Lebanon. There are 32 Christian families left in Syria in this area that need to find a way to Lebanon. Read more.

The Tausug People of the Philippines

On a group of islands in the Southern Philippines, live the Tausug, a people part of the wider Moro ethnic group whose lives are intricately intertwined with Islam and animism. Read more.

In Spite of Horrific Violence, Syrian Believers Spread the Gospel

October 12, 2012 - Night after night we see the images on television of a country at war with itself; armed insurgents clashing with the Syrian army while villages burn, naturally we get the idea that the whole country is burning but actually the violence is not nearly so widespread. Read more.

Tales from Indigenous Ministries working in Iraq

October 11, 2012 - "God's blessings have overwhelmed us through the warm welcome we have received from the families and tribes. One of the tribes honored us by slaughtering a sheep. We took the opportunity to share the gospel and explain from Isaiah 53 how Jesus made the sacrifice for us." Read more.

Forty Students Slaughtered in Terrorist Attack on University

October 02, 2012 - Last night, just a few miles away from our headquarters, the militant Islamist Boko Haram group stormed a university dormitory. Everywhere here in Adamawa State is now under curfew. Read more.

In the Midst of Syrian Chaos, the Lord Provides

September 17, 2012 -The impact of Syrian refugees has been felt by indigenous mission groups in surrounding countries. Indigenous groups are providing as much material aid as they can but believe that sharing the Word of God with these refugees is the best thing to give, especially when people need help. Read more.

Serving Jesus Christ Along Bolivia's Waterways

September 21, 2012 -Thanks to the Lord's provision, the Bolivian mission group Serving Jesus Christ is continuing its vital ministry to the rural river villages of their country. Read more.

Emergency Needs in Senegal: A Cup of Water in Jesus' Name

September 05, 2012 -In the midst of death and destruction caused by flooding throughout the country, Life Missions Africa leader, Sadio Absoma, sends good news. Read more.

Refugee Surge in Jordan Overwhelms Indigenous Missionaries

August 30, 2012 -Jordanian native missionary leaders say they are being overwhelmed by a new surge of terrified Syrian refugees."They are coming under the fences every night, 2500 to 3000 at a time since the border with Turkey closed two days ago," says an indigenous leader of one of the main mission groups who asked not to be identified for security reasons. Read more.

300 Laotian Believers face eviction from Nongpong Village

August 28, 2012 - Mr. Bountheung is an indigenous missionary who moved to Nongpong village 10 years ago to become a part of the community and reach out with the love of Christ. But this year he has been interrogated three times by village officials, forced to sell his property and finally arrested. What is his crime? He is a faithful Christian witness in a part of Laos that that is particularly hostile to Christians. Read more.

Christian Aid´s China Director, Freddie Sun Leaves a Great Legacy and Goes to His Reward

August 23, 2012 - The man who has been called one of the most significant leaders in the history of Christianity in China has gone to be with the Lord whom he loved and served. Dr. Sun Yi-yin, known in America as “Freddie Sun,” succumbed to cancer on the evening of August 22nd at the age of 76. Read more.

Spreading the Gospel Near the Top of the World

August 21, 2012 - In May, Slavik Radchuk, the Ukrainian born Area Director in charge of former Soviet Union states for Christian Aid, visited the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District in northern Siberia. Conditions in this region are brutal. Read more.

Bringing Good News to the Heartland of Kyrgyzstan

August 21, 2012 - Nestled in the center of Asia lies the mountainous, landlocked country of Kyrgyzstan; once part of the Soviet Union. Kyrgyzstan has the lowest GDP of any nation in Central Asia, the bulk of its people live in rural areas and are involved in agriculture. Good News Mission of Kyrgyzstan has a heart for the various ethnic groups living in their country, and especially its young people. Read more.

Native Mission Groups Rush to Help Philippine Flood Victims

August 13, 2012 - In the wake of Hurricane Gener a storm moved into the Northern Philippines August 7, dropping torrential rains and causing ten-foot deep floods. Indigenous ministries are already responding to this latest disaster. Read more.

Update: After Six Months, Many Communities Still Recovering from Typhoon Washi

August 07, 2012 - Even though conditions are improving, many families who have lost loved ones, remain without a permanent abode. Indigenous ministries continue to distribute basic necessities such as blankets and clothing to affected households. Read more.

Setting Jailed Hearts Free in Ecuador

August 03, 2012 - Deep within Ecuador´s prison system, thousands of people live in physical and spiritual darkness. Prison Outreach of Ecuador (POE) boldly steps into this darkness and goes behind bars to minister to these lost souls and to the loving family members who visit them. Read more.

Syrian Refugees in Dire Need

July 25, 2012 - As the violence escalates in Syria, those who survive continue to seek refuge in other towns and villages inside Syria or flee to bordering countries. Wherever they have been stranded over the past 17 months, their situations are dire. “They are eating poorly and sleeping on the arid, dusty ground. No clean water means they have nothing for drinking and baths are taken in polluted water,” one ministry leader reported to Christian Aid. Read more.

Burma Missionaries Trapped in Midst of Ethnic Violence

July 17, 2012 - "Right now," said the Burmese mission leader, "the whole of Rakhine State remains in crisis. Travel from city to city is almost impossible but the needs both spiritual and physical are great. They are hungry for food and thirsty for water, but also for the Word of God - as the doors are opening now, we must send help." Read more.

Nigeria: More Than 50 Pastors And Missionary Leaders Murdered So Far

July 04, 2012 - "The situation is so urgent as we have all been traumatized for the fact that these terrorists are targeting church and missions leaders in the North east. More than 50 pastors and missionary leaders have so far died of this persecution which the federal and State governments seem helpless." Read more.

Kenya: Muslim Terrorists Strike Churches

July 03, 2012 - Most of our churches in Northern Kenya have closed down due attacks by the al Shabaab terrorists. Most Christians had to evacuate to safer areas. Missionaries and pastors who have been serving there had to relocate. Yesterday's attack was in the middle of Garissa town where 2 churches were attacked. Police who were guarding were also killed. Of course, women and children were wounded. Read more.

Egypt: Native Missionaries Tell of Present Threats to Safety

June 28, 2012 - A presidential election runoff was held in Egypt on June 16 and 17 between Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate and Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister under deposed leader Hosni Mubarak. Morsi's win makes him the first Islamist elected as head of state in the Arab world. Read more.

Update Nigeria: Native Missionaries Rescued; Another Mission Base Under Terrorist Attack

June 26, 2012 - "Just as I am writing this evening, a whole village in southern Kaduna is fighting. We have five missionaries there now whose work among local unreached Muslim tribes has been very successful. They are helping to comfort and shelter unprepared villagers who fled in terror as heavily armed Muslim militants invaded without warning. No police or soldiers have come, and it is doubtful they will." Read more.

URGENT: Native Nigerian Missionaries and Converts Trapped and Under Siege From Muslim Terrorists

June 19, 2012 - "Terrorists have struck again. This time we had to evacuate our missionaries from Kandawa fields as Muslims militants discovered the work and threatened them. Right now we need your prayers as Chris (the overseer of all ministry work in the northern Islamic area)is still trapped in the fields with several missionaries, some with infants." Read more.

Update: Indigenous Missionaries Struggle with the effects of Typhoon Washi, comfort the survivors

June 18, 2012 - Christian Aid has received update reports from two indigenous ministries that we support in the Philippines chronicling the ongoing relief effort after the devastation caused by Typhoon Washi last year. Read more.

Danger Surrounds Syrian Christian Ministry

June 12, 2012 - An indigenous missionary from nearby Lebanon crossed the border to baptize a believer last week. Instead, he had to bury him - shot in the head as a martyr for his recently found faith in Jesus Christ. Read more.

Christian Aid Sends Relief to Syria through Lebanese Indigenous Ministries

June 04, 2012 - Native missionaries went ahead with plans to baptize new believers and delivered food packages to suffering Christians in Syria over the weekend according to Christian Aid Mission in Charlottesville, Virginia. Read more.

Mobile Phone Outreach: Indians Launch Prayer Hotline

May 15, 2012 - Indigenous missionaries in this huge North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have opened a prayer hotline for poor, rural farmers. Called the “Prayer on Phone Ministry” by local leaders, it has proven wildly successful. India has 919 million mobile phones. Read more.

Terrorists Attack Two Church Services in Northern Nigeria on Sunday

May 1, 2012 - Nigeria - Coordinated attacks attributed to Muslim terrorists left at least 19 dead on Sunday in areas here where Christian Aid Mission is assisting native evangelists. Police attributed the attacks to Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist sect which is seeking to create a separate Muslim state in northern Nigeria. Read more.

Christians, Targeted in Syria, Tell Their Stories

April 19, 2012 ...Another older woman told native missionaries, "I was talking with friends next to our building when suddenly, from every direction, we heard gun shots. At the same moment I watched my friends fall in front of me dead! I was also hit by a bullet. It fragmented my knee, and now I can't walk normally." Read more.

Evangelize the Wichi Tribe in Bolivia

April 13, 2012 -Francisco Mendez, a native missionary with Associated Ministries of Argentina, reported that “There are 40 Wichi communities in Bolivia that need to be evangelized.” He learned about this when a village chief received Christ and told Francisco that there were many Wichi and Guaraní people in Bolivia that have never heard the gospel. Read more.

Laos Padlocks Another Church At Start of Easter Services

April 10, 2012 – Laotian officials, who were in town for three-days of anti-Christian indoctrination, rounded up 136 local Christian families here during the Holy Week, and confiscated their church building on Good Friday eve. Read more.

Indigenous Ministries at Work in South Asia

April 2, 2012 - India, though part of Asia, is a sub-continent with over 1600 “nations” contained within its borders. No greater convergence of diverse peoples, religions and languages exists on this planet than this great homeland of more than 1.2 billion people. Read more.

A Missions Model for All Nations

March 21, 2012 - In missions, the essential thing by far is the man and the vision. Next is the finance needed to accomplish that vision. Until 1996, when Rae Burnett first went to this African country, Brother Suleman, founder of an independent indigenous missionary ministry, had no support. Read more.

More Refugees Flee Syrian Killing Fields

March 15, 2012 - Still mostly ignored by international news coverage, the trickle of refugees from the killing fields of Syria is turning into a flood. "The number of refugees is growing daily, mostly women and children," say indigenous leaders here. Read more.

Indigenous Missions at Work in South America

March 14, 2012 - South American missionaries and believers pour their hearts out from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon jungles and from the Amazon tributaries of to the shanty towns across the continent. Poverty does not stop these grateful Christians from reaching out to those around them. Read more.

Indigenous Missions at Work in China

March 7, 2012 - The greatest need in China has been to find and train house church leaders to lead the rising generation of new believers. Christian Aid has helped to establish and support 151 Bible institutes and missionary training centers, with one or more located in every province of China. Read more.

Nigeria´s Boko Haram Calls for “WAR” on Christians

March 6, 2012 - "Now anything can make us a target. We must move immediately…We had no idea of the danger that was coming. We had no clue that the need to move would be so pressing and even a matter of life or death." Native missionary ministry leader. Read more.

Lao Officials Demand Christians Renounce Their Faith

March 2, 2012 - The following information from Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF) regarding two churches in Luangprabang Province was sent to Christian Aid by an indigenous ministry being assisted in Laos. Read more.

The Priority of Pioneer Missions

February 29, 2012 - The New Testament gives priority to pioneer missions. Other things, though still important, are secondary. Notice I said “pioneer missions.” It´s based on what the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 15:20-21; So have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named. Read more.

Lao Officials Confiscate a 37-Year-Old Church Building

February 24, 2012 - On February 21-22, 2012, a group of 4-5 Saybuli district officials travelled to Kengweng village and conducted a seminar entitled "Tricks of the Enemy." Officials and villagers of Kengweng were asked to join the seminar. Read more.

Many Receive Christ at Open-Air Meetings

February 23, 2012 - Punjab Ministries of India regularly conducts outside evangelistic outreaches in North India. In 2011, when the missionary team held an open- air meeting in one of the villages, they reported a wonderful work of God among the crowd of about 250 people. Read more.

Nigeria: Father Murdered by Boko Haram Terrorists, Christian Boy Escapes Enslavement, Needs Our Help

January 26, 2012 - Just a few weeks ago, the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram murdered Suleman Asmaul. A serious convert from Islam, Suleman spent time in discipleship training where he determined to take the gospel back to his own unreached and highly resistant Kanuri tribe. Read more.

Nigeria Terrorism Update: Bloodiest Boko Haram Attacks Yet

January 25, 2012 - On January 20, multiple bombs rocked Kano as Boko Haram sprayed gunfire on 8 government sites including the headquarters of both local and zonal police, the State Security Service, which is the much-feared secret police, and immigration and passport offices. So far more than 200 people have died, many more are injured. Read more.

Nigeria: Believers Gunned Down "while their eyes were closed in prayer"

January 18, 2012 - First-hand report of a native missionary ministry leader supported by Christian Aid. "Thank God for His grace and mercy. Today, we buried Jacob Eloiyi, one of our ministry supporters who was killed by Islamic terrorists." Read more.

Solar Panels Light the Way for Burmese Church Planters

January 11, 2012 - Nearly 99 percent of all remote villages in Burma have no electricity. Because of this, church planters are unable to visit the villagers in the evenings for evangelistic outreach, follow-up or Bible study. But evenings are the only time these hardworking villagers are available since they work and perform their household chores during the daylight hours. Read more.

Philippine Flood Survivors Say Hundreds of Children Were Snatched from their Beds

January 10, 2012 - Mothers here are telling horror stories of how their children were “robbed from their beds” by flood waters that killed over 1200 during the Christmas holidays. Indigenous missionaries, with help from Christian Aid Mission, are rushing assistance to help rebuild broken lives, homes and churches in the aftermath of Typhoon Washi. Read more.

Native Missions Help Rebuild After Christmas Flood Disaster Kills Over 1200

January 6, 2012 - Indigenous missionaries are rushing aid to help rebuild broken lives, homes and churches after Typhoon Washi killed over 1200 during the Christmas holidays. The death toll is still climbing. On Thursday, 25 more died in a mudslide and many are still missing. Over 300,000 were left homeless. Read more.

Another Victorious Year

January 1, 2012 - For more than 58 years Christian Aid has provided representation in the USA for indigenous evangelistic missions based in lands of great poverty. Most are in countries where American missionaries are no longer allowed to preach the gospel of Christ. Read more.

God´s Priority: Unreached People

December 14, 2011 - To plant a witness for our Saviour within those nations where He previously had no people for His name has been the top priority of Christian Aid for more than 50 years. It´s the main point of foreign missions as revealed in the New Testament. Read more.

Sorrowful, Yet Always Rejoicing

December 13, 2011 - Those who enter fully into the Christian experience will continually share two opposite emotions: joy and sorrow. Read more.

It´s Harvest Time in China

December 07, 2011 - When Dr. Bob Finley, Chairman and Founder of Christian Aid, was in China 62 years ago, he never in his wildest dreams imagined that we would ever see the likes of what´s happening there today. House churches are exploding in growth throughout the entire country. Read more.

Christians Slaughtered in Murderous Attack

November 23, 2011 - More than 130 Christians, including several indigenous missionaries, were brutally slaughtered on November 11 when members of a fanatic Islamic sect viciously attacked the mostly Christian community of New Jerusalem in Yobe State, Nigeria. Read more.

Reaping in Russia

November 09, 2011 - In the dark days of Communist rule, many American church leaders said that the light of the gospel had been extinguished in the USSR. Even during that oppressive period, Christian Aid was in secret communications with hundreds of born again believers who were keeping alive the torch of Christian testimony in those closed countries. Read more.

Christian Aid helping Syrian Refugees in North Lebanon

November 08, 2011 - Indigenous missionaries here in northern Lebanon are asking for emergency help to feed and care for hundreds of Syrian refugees who have fled the terror and violence across the border in Syria. About 6000 refugees have streamed out of Syria so far in what amounts to a “secret exodus”. Read more.

Indigenous Missions of the Philippines

October 26, 2011 - Hundreds of tribes and nations live in the 7000 islands of the Philippine archipelago. Before the Spaniards came in the 16th Century, the only organized religion among them was Islam, centered mainly in the large southern island of Mindinao. Read more.

More Indigenous Leaders Join Cries for Aid to Thailand Flood Victims

October 25, 2011 - "Thailand is experiencing its worst flooding in over 60 years," says one leader, "Nearly 30 provinces have been flooded with thousands losing their homes, churches and businesses." Read more.

Ivory Coast Refugees Flee to Liberia

October 20, 2011 - More than 1 million refugees have fled the Ivory Coast to escape the bitter civil war precipitated by the fraudulent election of French-backed president Alassan Ouattara. One of the most prosperous and stable nations in Africa under the rule of former president Laurent Gbagbo, the Ivory Coast was flung into chaos when the rigged election results declared Ouattara the winner. Read more.

Indian Gospel Workers Reaching Tribes; Facing Great Danger

October 19, 2011 - During the months of June and July, with help from Christian Aid, the Lord enabled native missionaries serving with a ministry in India to reach 224 new villages with the gospel for the first time. Field missionaries presented Christ in a variety areas. Read more.

Christian Aid for Thailand Flood Victims

October 17, 2011 - Indigenous missionaries have organized a flotilla of small boats to deliver disaster relief along with a strong witness for Christ to flood victims here. Read more.

The Biblical Approach to Foreign Missions

October 05, 2011 - Native missionaries make the best possible persons for reaching their own people. They know the customs and languages of ethnic groups in their native lands. Local foods, climate and living conditions are not strange to them. Read more.

Native missionary in Burkina Faso radically changed.

September 28, 2011 - Maurice Sawadogo, well-known and highly esteemed in Burkina Faso, proudly told Christian Aid Africa Director, Rae Burnett, of the 72 churches he planted and turned over to local denominations. Energetic and zealous, he had little understanding of true discipleship and the nature and purpose of the Church. Read more.

Help Christians Suffering From Devastating Rains in Pakistan and India

September 27, 2011 - Rain continues to fall and water keeps on pouring into Pakistan causing massive destruction to homes, crops and livelihood. In one of the area where one indigenous ministry is working, 70 Christian families are completely surrounded with water. Read more.

Christians Are Struggling to Survive in Iraq

September 21, 2011 - An Indigenous Ministry that works in Iraq reports that Christians are persecuted and sometimes killed. Christians are no longer protected. Many have left Iraq. Future governments will not give Christians freedom. On the other hand, there is some good news. Read more.

You and Your Church Can Support 50 Missionaries For The Cost Of One.

September 14, 2011 - The explosive growth of indigenous missionary ministries is beyond the comprehension of most church people in America. Content to follow traditional methods of sending our own members abroad, churches are generally unaware that our Lord has moved ahead in world evangelization and left us far behind. Read more.

Native Missionaries Help Save Children at Risk in Guatemala

September 9, 2011 - The Gonzales recently opened a new children's program for 130 needy children in Guajitos. Almost half the population is under 15 years of age, and millions of children are living in poverty. Read more.

Pigs, Horses, Boats and Goats Help Native Filipino Missionaries Plant Churches.

September 7, 2011 - Davao Strategic Outreach assists in church planting in Mindanao, Philippines targeting the Ata tribe. The Ata people are farmers scattered among the mountains in several provinces. Church planters who are sent to reach these unreached people do not receive funds to support them. Read more.

Church Building Crisis Grows in Many Former USSR States and Territories

September 1, 2011 - The Christian Aid Area Director for the former USSR is calling upon American Christians to help acquire urgently needed church buildings in those countries. Slavik believes that the lack of church buildings and worship centers has reached a crisis stage in many former Soviet states. Read more.

Massive Flooding Hits South Asia as Christian Aid Seeks Help for Victims

August 25, 2011 - Indigenous missionary leaders in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are facing emergency needs for aid to flood victims and asking for prayers and support from Christians in the USA. Almost 4 million people are homeless as a result of monsoon rains and flooding. Read more.

Winning Souls and Planting Churches Among Unreached Tribes and Nations

August 24, 2011 - Christian Aid began sending financial help to indigenous missionary ministries in Latin America in 1953, and has continued to do so for 58 years. Priority is given to those that are sending native missionaries to carry the gospel into jungles and mountains where isolated tribes have never had contact with the outside world. Read more.

Africa in Crisis: Kenyan Native Missionaries Rush Emergency Aid to Starving Refugees

August 23, 2011 - Every day, more than 1000 refugees from Somalia flood across the unguarded border into Kenya. Over five million Africans are suffering the ravages of drought and starvation as famine stalks three countries in the northeastern “horn” of Africa. Read more.

Armed Robbers Hold Nigerian Missionaries At Gunpoint, Steal Evangelistic Tools and Equipment

August 18, 2011 - "So terrible and traumatizing. I bore it a little more easily because you remember that I had this experience before...but not as horrible as this-in the dead of night with dangerous men pointing guns at me, demanding that I give them everything I have or they shoot us all. Read more.

What is our Motivation in Missions?

August 17, 2011 - At most missionary conferences, the theme is likely to be centered on how many human souls are lost in darkness with no hope of salvation. We are urged, therefore, to “rescue the perishing.” Read more.

Christian Aid to Vietnam's Forgotten Victims of Leprosy

August 12, 2011 - Financial aid is being received here for destitute victims of leprosy from Christian Aid Mission based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Most of these lepers are located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and many of them are Christians. Read more.

The Bible Institutes and Missionary Training Centers of China

August 10, 2011 - Robert Morrison went out from England in 1807 as the first evangelical missionary to China. Thousands more followed him during the next 142 years; then the Communists took over and put them all out in 1949. Marxism-Maoism became the equivalent of a state religion. Read more.

Summer Evangelism Camps Reach Tribal People

August 4, 2011 - Summer is a time of the year when most tribal people are not busy because they are waiting for their crops to grow. During this time native missionaries in Burma hold summer evangelism camps that are very effective in reaching these families. Read more.

The Cross: The Key to Life in Christ

July 28, 2011 - Only two years ago, Life Missions Africa in Senegal extended 50 invitations to attend its first annual Young Men´s Conference. In response, 140 Senegalese from all religious backgrounds and tribal groups, including non-believers, arrived to study God´s Word and learn how the cross is the key to life in Christ. Read more.

Tribal Violence in Nigeria

July 21, 2011 - "The day was very hectic as we had to run to and fro to rescue many women and children who are the most affected and traumatized victims of the ethnic violence in Taraba State. This is especially sad since MCM has been having unprecedented success planting churches among both the Kona and the Mumuye tribes. Read more.

Ministry in Burma Baptizing New Believers and Planting Churches

July 13, 2011 - This year one ministry in Burma has sent an evangelistic team to work among unreached people groups. As a result of the crusade, 71 people received salvation and eight persons were baptized. Read more.

Gospel Campaign reaches 150,000 people

July 6, 2011 - About 120 students of Bharat Bible College, as part of their practical outdoor ministry, along with the teachers, went into the streets to preach the gospel. They set up at several strategic centers in 11 towns and surrounding villages with the help of the public address system. Read more.

Christian Aid Begins its 59th Fiscal Year on July 1

June 22, 2011 - For nearly six decades Christian Aid has provided a U.S. headquarters and support-gathering service for native mission ministries based in poor countries where local support is not available. Read more.

What is a Missionary?

June 8, 2011 - It´s like asking, “What is a church?” The average person thinks of a building down on the corner. Mature Christians know better. The Word of God defines a church as a gathering of believers who have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, and thus with one another as members of His body. So what is a missionary? Read more.

Christian Aid Provides New Boat and Motor for Gospel Workers in Ecuador

June 1, 2011 - Christian workers who minister along a river in Ecuador have been praying for a boat. Recently they received God´s supply. Christian Aid sent funds to Anchayacu Mission of Ecuador and the ministry was able to purchase a boat and motor. Read more.

How Christian Aid Works with Overseas Ministries

May 25, 2011 - While visiting other countries, Christian Aid staff missionaries look for effective indigenous ministries already working among their own people. In addition, Christian Aid is frequently referred to new ministries by trusted missionaries whom we currently support. Read more.

1500 Attend Funeral of Native Missionary´s Son

May 18, 2011 - Jean-Batiste was preparing to become a doctor and eventually assume leadership of the ministry. The day after Christmas, he and a missionary team were readying the boat for ministry to previously unreached remote areas. Jean-Batiste was swept in by a strong river current, and he drowned. Read more.

Native Missionaries Take the Gospel Deep into the Hills of Bangladesh

May 11, 2011 - Nepal is experiencing relative freedom these days, but it faces challenges of a very unique nature. On the other hand, in Bangladesh where 96% of the population is Muslim, indigenous missionaries face daily opposition and work “underground” to reach one person at a time. Read more.

Kazakh Police Break Up Worship, Arrest Pastor and Family

May 3, 2011 - A missionary pastor and his family were arrested, and are being secretly held in custody according to leaders associated with ministry to former USSR states. Read more.

Africa on Fire

April 27, 2011 - Calling for increased prayer, Rae Burnett, Africa Director at Virginia-based Christian Aid Mission, has confirmed reports that many thousands of Christians in North Africa and Nigeria spent the Easter holidays locked behind closed doors for their safety. Read more.

Pray and Act for Suffering Japanese

March 18, 2011 - The Christian Aid relief co-ordinator for Japan is calling Americans to pray and collect aid this weekend for families from Fukusima who lost loved ones in last week's killer quake. Read more.

Egyptian Missionaries Hopeful: Starting to Rebuild for the Future

March 06, 2011 - Violent government crackdowns on demonstrations continue in some North African countries this week. In Egypt, long-time Dictator/President Mubarak has been forced to resign. Native missionaries are concerned about the country's unpredictable future. Read more.

Bangladesh: Mango Groves Open Doors to Unreached People Groups

February 1, 2011 - For centuries, the impoverished tribals of the Bandarban Hills been without the spiritual and physical help they need to survive and develop. Totally animistic until recently, most of these tribals lived in terror of the tree spirits, ghosts and demons that inhabit their streams and hills. Read more.

Haiti Quake Anniversary Report: Best Hope is Native Missionaries Preaching the Gospel

January 12, 2011 - Haiti's best hope is for gospel-preaching indigenous missions to get the support they need, says Christian Aid Mission's Haiti Director, Rae Burnett. She directed emergency response to last year's deadly earthquake and is in regular touch with indigenous missions there which are assisted by Christian Aid. Read more.

Pakistan Floods: Indigenous Missions Reaching Victims One Family at a Time

September 13, 2010 - Although the secular news media have nearly forgotten the flood disaster in Pakistan, local Christian mission teams still carry on the grueling relief efforts every day. Delivering aid to one family at a time, they are often forced to use public transportation and walk to remote villages. Read more.

Flood Victims in Pakistan Crisis Need Our Help

September 2, 2010 - Christian Aid Mission is increasing efforts to collect emergency help for the flood victims of the continuing crisis in Pakistan as worldwide interest from the news media wanes. Read more.

More Than 200,000 Missionaries

July 12, 2010 - Over 200,000 missionaries are on the fields with no support. Christian Aid is your best means to help meet their needs. Read more.

Devastating Floods Continue in Kenya

July 8, 2010 - In the Rift Valley, 500 families have been displaced by the floods that have destroyed human life and vegetation. Some of the displaced families are at risk for waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, malaria and typhoid.... Read more.

Indigenous Christian Ministries Engaged in Helping Haiti Recover

June 4, 2010 - Christian Aid Mission is looking at long-term support in their continuing response to help the real indigenous missions rebuild in Haiti. Much short-term relief was offered by many government and humanitarian agencies, but much is yet to be done. Read more.

Slavik Radchuck Begins Heavy Summer Crusade Schedule in Former USSR

May 30, 2010 - As the annual summer season of open air campaigns begins in the former USSR, Slavik Radchuk has issued an urgent appeal for help from friends in the USA. Read more.

More Flooding in Kenya

May 28, 2010 - People killed; families starving; homes, roads, and church buildings destroyed as flash floods and subsequent landslides again claim many lives and cause massive destruction of property and farmlands throughout Kenya. Read more.

Flood Devastates Sri Lanka 500,000 Homeless

May 27, 2010 - Native missionaries say disaster relief is needed now for distressed believers in Sri Lanka. Just off the coast of South India, the island state of Sri Lanka was hit with an early tropical storm that caused massive flooding and displaced 500,000 a week ago. Read more.

Help Native Missionaries in Need

May 5, 2010 - In SRI LANKA, native missionaries spend many hours traveling by foot to villages to share the gospel, plant churches and disciple new believers. A ministry in NEPAL, started in 2000, develops and trains church leaders. NEPAL is also home to nearly 20,000 Tibetan refugees who have been resistant to the Gospel message, but are now being reached by native missionaries. Read more.

Greg Tingson Goes Home To Glory

April 30, 2010 - After more than 60 years of fruitful ministry, a pioneer apostle to the people of the Philippines has gone to his reward. Greg Tingson went to be with the Lord he served so faithfully on April 24, 2010. Read more.

India Flood Relief Update

April 01, 2010 - Thanks to your response and gifts received in 2010, construction has begun on replacement housing in some flood-ravaged villages of South India. Hastily made bamboo huts allocated during the emergency phase are now being enlarged and strengthened with durable building materials. Read more.

Massive Flooding Affects Thousands in Kenya, Parts of Uganda, Tanzania

March 18, 2010 - Approximately 10,000 people in northern Kenya have been displaced by flooding, with hundreds of animals drowned or missing, and many houses and businesses submerged. At least 17 people have died in the floods. Read more.

More Violence in Nigeria: Fulani Muslims Slaughter Hundreds, Mostly Women and Children

March 9, 2010 - The Jos community, still in recovery mode from January's violence, was awakened at 2 a.m. on March 7 by Fulani Muslims who set fire to houses, and shot those who tried to escape. Read more.

Christians in Chile Need Help to Recover from Massive Earthquake

March 2, 2010 - Some 2 million people in Chile were affected in one way or another by the fifth most powerful earthquake in the last 100 years. The strong tremors began early Saturday morning with an 8.8 magnitude quake followed by more than 90 aftershocks. Read more.

Relief Updates from Orissa

March 1, 2010 - We would like to provide you with an update about the on-going relief for the persecuted believers in Orissa, India. As you know this state was greatly impacted by the fundamental riots that took place against Christians in December 2007 and August 2008. Hundreds lost their lives and thousands found their houses and churches damaged or burned to the ground. Read more.

More Indigenous Missions are Using Radio, TV and the Internet for Outreach

Feb 23, 2010 - Christian Aid assists numerous native missions in expanding broadcasting as a means of reaching millions with the gospel. This week, Christian Aid is co-hosting the International Broadcasters reception at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, and participating in a number of sessions with native missionary broadcasters who are visiting the USA. Read more.

Government Sponsored Cruelty Continues in Communist Laos

Feb 9, 2010 - 48 Laotian Christians, marched from their village at gunpoint, have been abandoned on the roadside three miles from their homes. Their return to home and family is blocked by armed police squads. Read more.

Urgent Message from Missionaries In Niger

Feb 8, 2010 - Flooding and drought have resulted in famine conditions for millions in this desperately poor West African country. Children are especially at risk. Christian Aid´s Africa Director Rae Burnett, travelling in Central and West Africa, received this urgent cry for help from indigenous missionaries helped by Christian Aid in Niger. Read more.

Flood Aid Rebuilds Homes in India

Feb 5, 2010 - Thanks to gifts from concerned friends in the United States, construction has begun on replacement housing in some flood-ravaged villages of South India. The aid was given as Christian Aid supporters responded to appeals for help during terrible flooding there last fall. Read more.

Latest Update on the Violence in Jos, Nigeria

Feb 4, 2010 - The whole country of Nigeria is in turmoil over this and other problems. Marches and protests, demanding the rule of law, are taking place throughout the country with the exception of Islamic regions in the north. Read more.

A Cry For Help From Our Brothers In Jos, Nigeria

Jan 29, 2010 - Christian Aid is not a news service, but rather a unique missions ministry that is in touch with thousands of indigenous ministry leaders throughout the world. We provide reports sent directly from these leaders. Read more.

Bloodshed In Nigeria!

Jan 26, 2010 - The homeless and injured need our prayers and compassionate aid as another wave of Muslim/Christian violence sweeps the city of Jos in central Nigeria. Native missionaries share God´s love and the gospel in a time of terror and crisis. Read more.

Pocket Bible School For Arab World

Jan 19, 2010 - Modern technology is speaking the gospel and teaching the Word of God to oral cultures in the Middle East. Media players have become much more than entertainment toys. Indigenous missionaries are creating programs for these hand-held devices. Read more.

Indigenous Christian Ministries Need Our Help in Haiti

Jan 19, 2010 - While massive American aid is flowing into Haiti this week, Christian Aid Mission is looking at long-term support to indigenous missionaries. While emergency medical relief is being sent, overseas directors see a three or four year rebuilding program. Read more.

Video Bible Schools Key to Training 3000 New Missionaries in Russia

Jan 19, 2010 - Through mission´s mobilization conferences, practical evangelistic outreaches and Video Bible Schools, native missionaries hope to be able to mobilize another 3000 native missionaries in Eurasia. Read more.

Update on Pakistan

January 1, 2010 - With the generous help of Christian Aid donors, a ministry based in Pakistan was able to contribute significantly to help rehabilitate the persecuted people of Korian. Read more.

A Christmas Message From the founder of Christian Aid

December 25, 2009 - Dear Fellow Christian, On your birthday, do your friends and family send gifts to one another? Of course not. Birthday gifts celebrate the one who was born that day. So how should we celebrate the birth of our Saviour? By exchanging presents with loved ones who already have what they need? Why not rather give to our Lord Himself? Read more.

Native Missionaries Boldly Preach Christ in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

November 24, 2009 - A century ago there were hardly any indigenous missions in all of India. Today more than 3000 of them deploy over 100,000 native missionaries who are winning souls and planting churches among the 1600 different tribes and nations scattered throughout that vast subcontinent. Read more.

What will these children receive for Christmas?

November 21, 2009 - Most of the children shown in this picture have lived hard lives by the age of 10. Their memories consist of images of sleeping in abandoned buildings, sewer tunnels, or on the street, if weather permits. They carry with them the stigma of being "dirty little outcasts" made into criminals for survival. Read more.

More Violence in the Philippines

November 20, 2009 - Believers in the Philippines are constantly assaulted by two forces: natural disaster and human cruelty. Earthquakes and tsunamis are among the other natural disasters threatening these tiny islands, but perhaps the most devastating trial for these people is the cruelty imposed on them by barbaric terrorists, bandits, or communist rebels. Read more.

Taking Up the Cross of Christ

October 28, 2009 - EXAMINING the lives of believers in Vietnam, Laos, and Burma, we can begin to understand the nature and cause of persecution many Christians experience. All three countries have military dictatorships at the helm of government. Both human rights and religious rights are often trampled. Read more.

New Pictures of the Flooding in India

October 23, 2009 - An indigenous ministry in India sent these photos taken by a native missionary visiting the affected areas and seeking to help those in need. Read more.

Severe flooding in Sierra Leone

October 12, 2009 - Africa Director Rae Burnett first visited Trinity Gospel Ministries in war-devastated Sierra Leone in 1996. She observed the ministry´s merciful outreach to those living in severe poverty, as well as to amputees maimed by rebel soldiers in Sierra Leone´s bloody 10-year civil war. Read more.

Disasters in India, Indonesia, and Philippines

October 09, 2009 - Recently floods in south India and in the Philippines brought devastation and an appeal for help by Christians and indigenous ministries located in the affected areas. And not far away in Indonesia, an earthquake destroyed over 100,000 homes in the largest city in West Sumatra. Read more.

Training believers in difficult areas

September 29, 2009 - As more and more countries close their doors to the gospel (and foreign missionaries), the presence of native missionaries becomes even more significant. Read more.

Laotian Church elder and congregation threatened with death

September 28, 2009 - Three Lao officials arrested Thao Oun, elder of the Boukham Church. He was detained, interrogated, and terrorized for five to six hours. Police authorities threatened Thao Oun that if news got out to the international community about this incident, they would put him to death. Read more.

Muslim terrorism and fierce windstorm affect Christians in Nigeria

September 10, 2009 - As July came to a close, violence erupted in northern Nigeria, a hotbed of Muslim/Christian tension. More than 700 have been killed, 2,000 arrested, and six churches destroyed by members of a Muslim terrorist group known as Boko Haram, which means “western education is sin.” Read more.

Christian Wedding Ceremony Sparks Violence in Pakistan

August 14, 2009 - A Christian family in Pakistan cut up pieces of paper to be used as confetti in an upcoming wedding. Out of this innocent act, a ridiculous rumor spread saying that the pieces of paper were really pages ripped out from the Koran and shredded. Read more.

O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing!

August 13, 2009 - In most cultures, deaf and/or otherwise impaired individuals are a neglected segment of society. Some mission agencies list the deaf population in about 40 countries as being an Unreached People Group. Read more.

The Church in Vietnam under Attack

August 10, 2009 - Earlier this year, Christian Aid reported that Christians were suffering abuse in Vietnam. It has been especially prevalent in rural areas where the persecutors avoid scrutiny from the outside world. In one remote area, various acts of violence include the destruction of homes and tortures have been going on for the last five years. Read more.

Persecution Continues for Laotian Believers

August 07, 2009 - The Laotian Constitution states: Lao citizens have the right and freedom to believe or not to believe in religions. Yet Christian believers´ rights were once again violated by local officials of Katin Village. Read more.

Violence in Orissa

July 31, 2009 - In a period of just eight months, Christians in the State of Orissa, India, suffered two waves of persecution and a major flood. The first crisis began on Christmas Eve day in 2007, now referred to as "Black Christmas." Hindu fanatics first attacked Christians in Kandhamal. Next, in June of 2008 incessant rains flooded the already devastated areas in Orissa. But even these floods did not dampen the fervor of the extremists. Read more.

Reaching the Unreached . . . In Prison

July 14, 2009 - For over 50 years Christian Aid has been assisting indigenous missionaries in seeking out unreached people groups for the kingdom of God. There are segments in every culture that are often neglected when it comes to evangelization... Read more.

The Church in Burma is Growing Despite Obstacles

July 13, 2009 - Devastating cyclones, bitter ethnic wars, and human rights abuses have all had a part in contributing to the poverty and spiritual darkness that characterizes Burma today. Despite this opposition, the church in Burma is gaining ground. Read more.

Christians enduring after-effects of storm

June 05, 2009 - A native missionary from Bangladesh wrote Christian Aid saying: "I am sure you are aware that Cyclone Aila hit our country and has caused much damage. The current death toll is 125 people, and there are still many missing. Although we are now safe from the storm, we really need help in overcoming this devastation." Read more.

Pakistan – A National Tragedy

June 04, 2009 - "They all need our help and the needs are great. Our mission is two-fold: We are trying to provide them with the basics – food, water, and hygiene facilities. In spite of the turmoil around us, the Lord has provided opportunities to take the Word of God to displaced people in various camps." Read more.

Loopholes allow for continual persecution in Laos

April 29, 2009 - The Laos constitution professes freedom of religion in its Constitution: "Lao citizens, irrespective of their sex, social status, education, faith, and ethnic groups are all equal before the law" according to Article 22. Article 9, however, is loosely written to say, "The state respects and protects all lawful activities of the Buddhists and of other religious followers . . . to participate in the activities which are beneficial to the country and people." Read more.

Going to Far Away Places

April 15, 2009 - There are many indigenous ministries located throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, Siberia, and Central Asia. In most cases they are located far apart from one another. In some of these countries public transportation, such as buses or trains, are available. But the service is often very limited. Read more.

Suffering Continues in Kenya

April 01, 2009 - More than a year after the horrendous post-election violence erupted in Kenya, 10 million people face starvation. Hundreds of thousands were displaced, including farmers who have not returned to their homes to produce crops. Famine has overtaken the nation. Read more.

A Land of Contradiction and Contrast

February 26, 2009 - "As you may remember, the Vietnamese government has been consistently ranked as one of the harshest persecutors of Christians in the world. In order to become legal, they must register with the government. This allows the government to closely monitor the churches." Read more.

Christmas in Orissa Heralds Glimmer of Hope for Reconciliation

February 04, 2009 - In the midst of continual strife and turmoil, a small glimmer of hope shined in one area: "It is reported that the Deberi Sahi Church (under the jurisdiction of the Daringbadi police station), was able to celebrate Christmas this year without incident. Even more remarkable, hundreds of Hindus joined to celebrate with us! Read more.

Hope and Gratitude in the Midst of Misery and Suffering in Zimbabwe

January 20, 2009 - After three decades of relentless oppression by megalomaniac president Robert Mugabe, Zimbabweans are entering the worst of their seven straight years of hunger and suffering. With a cholera epidemic threatening the lives of nearly half the malnourished population, 2009 looks grim for the collapsing country. Read more.

Healing in Kenya - One Year After the Violence

January 19, 2009 - Since the horrendous post-election violence in Kenya, which destroyed families and devastated towns and villages, Kenya Evangelism Team has worked diligently to help those left in the wake of the destruction. Read more.

Decades of Hatred Culminate in More Acts of Cruelty

January 19, 2009 - The battles raging in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank over the past several decades have always held worldwide political implications. Throughout history, no one has ever lived in the holy land without strife. It is difficult to hope for reconciliation – at least from a purely human perspective. Read more.

Pastor's House Destroyed in Nigeria

December 10, 2008 - Christian Aid has received this news update from native missionaries living inside of Jos. Most reports of this situation by secular media contain skewed information, received directly from the Nigerian government. Read more.

Authorities Seize Church Properties in Tajikistan

October 14, 2008 - In 2005 the city launched a demolition project as the first phase of its rebuilding program. Many communities were bulldozed and hundreds of citizens were left homeless. Last year a Protestant church was confiscated and completely demolished. Read more.

Death of Religion in Albania Made Way for Life in Christ

October 13, 2008 - Shortly after World War II, Albania was officially declared to be the world’s first atheistic state. Marxist dictator, Enver Hoxha, claimed to have murdered God and called this his greatest achievement. In the end, however, all he really accomplished was murdering religious practices. After Hoxha died in 1985, it did not take long for new believers to emerge. Read more.

Intense Eritrean Persecution Continues

October 11, 2008 - ..."The government has special task forces to hunt Christians from their offices, homes, from under-ground and on the street. Their aim is to eradicate Christianity from the country by killing believers, beating them into death in front of their peers." Read more.

More Persecution Throughout the Majority World

October 8, 2008 - In most Western cultures persecution of Christians is seen in its more subtle forms: ridicule, inciting of religious arguments, attempts to suppress public forms of Christian expression, and accusations of being "religious fanatics" for sharing your faith. But in the Majority World (or, the "developing countries"), persecution is as blatant as it is rampant. Read more.

Orissa Again Under Attack

September 12, 2008 - Once again, Christians in the Kandhmal District of Orissa State have come under attack. The motivation is unclear, but a group of burgeoning Communist insurgents is suspected of attacking and killing Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader, Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and four of his associates on Saturday, August 23, 2008. Read more.

Reports Indicate Christians in Orissa Under Attack Again

August 26, 2008 - Christian Aid received a report from a ministry in India. The following is quoted in full from their News bulletin: AFTERMATH OF SWAMI'S KILLING : THE CHRISTIAN VICTIMS LIST Read more.

Nepal's Political Future Uncertain

July 29, 2008 - On May 28, 2008, the monarchy reigning in Nepal for 240 years was abolished. It is now officially declared to be a Federal Democratic Republic. It is uncertain how this turn of events will specifically affect ministries in Nepal assisted by Christian Aid – or how it will affect the small, but growing population of Christians in general. Read more.

Laotian Believers Arrested for 'Believing and Worshipping God'

July 28, 2008 - On Sunday, July 20th at 10:00 a.m. ten district police authorities stormed into the Boukham Church and ordered the believers to cease their worshipping God or else they would face arrest and imprisonment. When believers refused to comply with the order, the ten police commenced to arrest five church leaders. Read more.

Muslims Attack Villagers and Burn Churches to Force Conversions

July 18, 2008 - Christian Aid received this update from a ministry leader in Chad: "Last weekend, a group of Muslim radicals raided a village in southern Chad in an effort to forcefully convert all to Islam. They burned down four churches and 150 houses, and killed several people. This is a huge threat to the fledging Church in our country. Read more.

Ministry Needs Help to Rebuild Kenya

July 03, 2008 - As you know, Mt. Elgon was attacked by a terrorist group, called the Sabaot Land Defense Force (SLDF). At their hands, many people were brutally killed, attacked, raped and even set on fire. They burned houses, churches and schools, and robbed the people of their food, livestock and other belongings. It became even worse after the January 1 general elections. Read more.

Togo Missionaries Prevent Tribal War

June 30, 2008 - Christopher Djatta, ministry leader of Warriors for Christ (WFC) in Togo, works to disciple and train new believers to become missionaries to their own tribes. Once these believers finish their training, Christopher helps them establish tent making projects that will allow them to support their own ministries. Read more.

Ministry Workers Marooned by Severe Flooding in Orissa

June 30, 2008 - A ministry supported by Christian Aid is located in the heart of the disaster area of Orissa State, India. Estimates are that nearly 700,000 people in the Balasore District have been stranded due to the heavy flooding caused by torrential rains. Read more.

Indigenous Missionaries Reaching Cyclone Victims In Remote Areas in Burma

June 24, 2008 - During the very first days of the cyclone disaster a ministry supported by Christian Aid reported that a sister ministry located in Thailand was able to bring goods into Burma without incident. While help from foreign agencies was constantly thwarted by the government, indigenous missionaries were able to start work immediately because of their status as "locals," and because of the timely gifts from Christian Aid donors. Read more.

Persecution in India Continues

May 23, 2008 - Christian Aid continually receives reports of native missionaries suffering from persecution in various states of India. These two are from Bihar: Read more.

After the Burma cyclone many more are dying

May 22, 2008 - "Many who survived the cyclone are now on the verge of death because of a lack of food, water, or shelter from the wind, rain, and cooler weather," comes news from a ministry assisted through Christian Aid Mission. It is expected that even more will die as injuries and ensuing diseases go untreated. Read more.

CHAD: Christian Aid is the only help we received

May 16, 2008 - The masses continue to suffer as Chadian rebels, backed by Sudan, continue to fight against the Chadian government. Christian Aid received the following update from a ministry leader in Chad: Read more.

Burma Cyclone Disaster Escalates

May 13, 2008 - In addition to those already dead from the storm, more are dying because of injuries, illness, and a lack of clean water, food and sanitation. The situation is getting worse as each day passes. There is fear that there may be ensuing epidemic outbreaks of malaria, cholera and other diseases. Read more.

Native missionaries able to penetrate Burma with funds from Christian Aid contributors

May 08, 2008 - As the death toll keeps increasing and the needs become even more desperate, the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places hover over Burma like a swarm of locusts. One native ministry leader described the situation like this: "Everything looks so dark. We are all stunned from the shock – we are numb, in a stupor." Read more.

Update on the Crisis in Burma

May 07, 2008 - "My family and I live in Rangoon (Yangon) and I can tell you that the whole city was horrified by the number of causalities, death, and the destruction of property and landscape. One family living near my home lost their house when it collapsed. I am now taking care of all of them (9 people) in my home. Read more.

Indigenous ministries help cyclone victims in Burma

May 06, 2008 - In the midst of the chaos wrought by Cyclone Nargis this weekend, it is estimated that the death toll has doubled since yesterday. Rangoon, the commercial capital of the country, was devastated by the storm. Hundreds of thousands of people in Burma are now without shelter or clean water to drink. Read more.

Christians in Kenya Remain Scattered

April 24, 2008 - "In four districts of Kenya, several thousand of our church members have been scattered throughout the country. This is all the members of 60 of our churches. We still do not know what has become of some of them. Many are living in camps. Three of our church buildings were looted and demolished." Read more.

Facing Death in Chad

April 21, 2008 - "January 30 was when we started hearing about the rebel advance to N’djamena. We are so used to problems here in Chad that we didn’t think it serious." Read more.

Missionaries Risk Exposure to Bow and Arrows – and Poisonous Venoms

April 20, 2008 - Missionaries with Segadores (Reapers) in Peru recently learned of a hidden tribe of people who have never been reached by anyone from the outside world, much less Christians bringing the gospel. But in order to reach them, they must travel in areas where they put themselves at risk to venomous snake and spider bites – or where they might be shot at with bow and arrows. Read more.

Ministry Thankful for Help; Kenya’s Violence Continues

March 27, 2008 - ”We send our love and gratitude in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the brethren of Christian Aid. Thank you so much for what you have done for us. All our indigenous missionaries and children do express their appreciation." Read more.

Miraculous Breakthrough in Burma

March 18, 2008 - For many years Christian Aid has been helping ministries in Burma and has witnessed many wonderful reports from missionaries laboring in this troubled land. But this latest startling report tells of 4,700 Buddhist monks who accepted Christ as their Savior. Read more.

Bolivia Hit Again by Devastating Floods

March 17, 2008 - Last year Bolivia experienced its worst flooding in 25 years, killing 35 people, drowning 22,500 head of cattle, and destroying nearly 500,000 acres of cropland. Over 90,000 people were affected in some way due to the devastation. Homes, furniture, personal belongings and crops were lost. Read more.

A letter to Christian Aid from Winnie Owiti of Ebenezer Life Center, Kenya

February 08, 2008 - "Today we were very grateful to God that we were able to provide transportation for 66 people who have been displaced by post election violence and were staying at a police station in Kisumu for the past three weeks." Read more.

A letter to Christian Aid from Christian Aid Field Rep, John Rono

February 07, 2008 - "The situation here is getting worse. Two of Raila Odinga’s legislators have been shot dead. Violence is getting more organized and everything is difficult. I have been in my house for days, you have to walk if you must go to town." Read more.

Report from Winnie Owiti

February 06, 2008 - "It has been days since we were locked in our house in Ahero a few miles from Kisumu, a main center of recent violence after the general elections, which included civic elections, parliamentary elections and presidential elections," reports Winnie Owiti, leader of Ebenezer Life Center." Read more.

Report from Sylvester Okang’o

February 05, 2008 - "In Mt. Elgon there have been many killings, and the town of Gitwamba was totally burnt down. All of our KET churches were destroyed and all members ran away. Our two churches in Eldoret and 15 churches in Mount Elgon are severely affected, and members of those churches are homeless." Read more.

Violence continues in Kenya

January 31, 2008 - "We were finally able to contact the Red Cross today to assist our church members in Naivasha (a town outside of Nairobi), but they say they cannot help. These believers have experienced terrible violence--15 people were burnt alive in a house and 24 others were killed. Four people were shot to death." Read more.

New Home Dedicated to the Lord’s People in Bangladesh

January 25, 2008 - Believers in this village are encouraged as 10 homes have been completed so far. Hundreds of blankets have been supplied, priority being given to those families with children or elderly parents. "We had no capacity to buy blankets to protect us from the winter, but you have saved us," reports Moriom, another believer who received help from contributions sent to Christian Aid. Read more.

Missionaries Burned Alive

January 18, 2008 - Christian Aid just received more grim news on the violence against Christians in the Kandhamal District of Orissa. Four different ministries supported by Christian Aid echo these tragic reports: Read more.

Campaign of Terror in Kandhamal Has Subsided But Devastation Is 'Beyond Comprehension'

January 11, 2008 - An emergency meeting between Christian leaders and the chief minister was called, where it was decided that extraordinary action was needed. The deployment of more police force, including deputy senior officers, finally resulted in the suppression of the terror campaign instigated by radical Hindu extremists against Christians on Christmas Eve. But the damage is already done. Read more.

Chaos After the Kenya Election

January 03, 2008 - We desperately need your prayers. The Kenya situation is getting worse every day, as many innocent lives are being lost — children and mothers and fathers killed; many houses, shops and stores have been reduced to ashes. Read more.

Christmas Eve celebration launches 'Black Christmas Day' in Kandhamal District, India

January 02, 2008 - On the afternoon of December 24, 2007, many Christians in the Kandhamal District of India were preparing for their usual Christmas festivities. A quarrel broke out after a group of people approached one of the tents voicing their disapproval of the decorations being used for the Christmas celebration. A scuffle ensued which escalated into open fire on the Christians, resulting in gunshot wounds to three of them. Read more.

Ukraine: Instilling Hope in Little Hearts

The work of Father’s House began in 1996, when Roman Korniyko, a young doctor, started working with the homeless children of Kiev. The conditions in which these children lived troubled his heart. Many had made their homes in cellars, sewers and heating pipes throughout the city. Read more.

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