Indigenous Missions in Central Asia

Mission News and Stories from Central Asia

Christian Aid serves as a bridge between indigenous missions groups and Western believers. We strive to inform you about the desperate situations of millions of believers all around the globe as well as sharing with you evidence of the Love and Power of God among the nations. Christian Aid’s News articles offer you a glimpse into the lives of indigenous believers, their struggles and their triumphs. We hope that by informing you of the needs of your brethren, God will lead you to pray and support indigenous missions groups.

Training Strategies in Central Asia

For some time now the Middle East and Indonesia have been the hot spots of Islamic belief and way of life. Today Central Asia is about to emerge as the next hot spot, even though it has already had an Islamic heritage for hundreds of years. Read more.

Discipling "New" Christians Under Watching Eyes

Orthodox Christianity and Islam are the dominant religions in Central Asia. It is an area where religion, customs, and politics are closely intertwined. Adherents who continue with their traditional rituals and abide by government regulations are left alone. But gospel preaching Christian missionaries are suspect. Read more.

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