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Peruvian woman evangelizing

Sharing the good news in Ayacucho

Living at an altitude of almost 14,000 feet in the Peruvian Andes, the Quechua Indians know the meaning of hardship. The sun´s intensity leaves the ground parched and almost devoid of vegetation. Root vegetables like potatoes and oca are the only crops that grow here. At night, temperatures can plummet below zero. Villagers wrap themselves in blankets and llama skins to keep from freezing in their unheated stone houses. An indigenous ministry called Churches of Ayacucho oversees the work of 50 missionaries who preach the gospel to the impoverished Quechua. The missionaries often spend weeks at a time ministering in remote villages. Their efforts have produced much fruit as many churches have been planted over the years, and now over 50 percent of the population in some areas follows Christ.

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