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Young Scholars for Christ

Xinjiang Arabian Bible School was established in 2008 to train Chinese Christian leaders to share the gospel among minority groups like the Kazakhs and Uyghurs. Christian Aid Mission helped to start the training center and small house churches in the area. One of the leaders of the school is an ethnic Kazakh who was led to Christ by an indigenous missionary in China. Her thirst for God´s Word could not be quenched. Even now she rises around 6 a.m. every day to memorize Scriptures chapter by chapter in both the Kazakh and Chinese languages. In addition to teaching classes, she is in the process of translating both the Old and New Testaments into the Kazakh language. Some of the Bible school graduates eventually return to their homelands in Central Asia, where they bring the good news of God´s Word to areas that are closed to western missionaries.

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