Photo of The Week

Delivering Clean Laundry and the Gospel

Staunchly Hindu villagers in Bali, Indonesia, make it plain that they have no use for Christians or their religion. One way new believers can stay in a Hindu community is to offer a much-needed service, such as sewing clothes, raising chickens or pigs, or selling food. A church-planting ministry in Bali seeks to disciple these new believers, provide them with training and pay the start-up costs for a small business, and then shepherd them through the process of planting a church in a village. Christian Aid Mission has assisted more than a dozen missionary entrepreneurs in Bali, including one couple who operates a laundry business out of their home. The ministry used $250 from Christian Aid funds to buy them a dryer. They already had a washing machine. After they launder the clothes, the couple delivers them to homes, where they have opportunities to share about Jesus Christ—the Savior who can give them clean hearts.

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