Photo of The Week

Native Myanmar villagers enjoying their new well

“A Better Platform to Preach the Gospel”

A church-planting ministry in Myanmar drills wells and constructs cisterns in rural areas where potable water is in high demand. One hilltop village in Magwe Division is home to 30 families. The closest water source is half a mile away. Missionaries who planted a church in the community saw the need for an enclosed, concrete well and asked Christian Aid Mission for $500. “If we drill a well for the entire village, our church will have a better platform to preach the gospel,” said the ministry leader. While clean water for drinking and bathing is important, the ministry´s primary goal is to tell others about the “living water” offered by Jesus Christ that satisfies mankind´s spiritual thirst. The ministry trains tribal pastors and church planters who in turn will lead their ethnic group to the Savior. Churches have already been planted among 19 different people groups.

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