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Celebrating Easter in North Africa

During the Easter season, about 100 children attended a festive event that included the telling of the gospel story, a meal, and games. Most of the children came from impoverished families or were orphans. The ministry that sponsored the celebration plans to conduct follow-up visits with the children´s families and caretakers. As part of its ongoing evangelism and discipleship programs, the ministry recently held training sessions in four churches in key areas. Ninety believers received instruction on how to share the gospel and divided into teams with the challenge to deliver the message to 20 people. All returned encouraged as they were able to exceed that goal. The ministry is seeking financial support for its full-time gospel workers as the nation´s political instability continues to drive up basic living costs. Five workers have expressed interest in joining the ministry, but each one will need about $400 a month to provide for their families.

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