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Togo children praying

Child Prayer Warriors in Togo

Little ones pray in a village in Togo, where prayer is the primary weapon against witchcraft. The leader of a locally-based social/economic development and evangelism ministry reports that a recent church-planting team met resistance from villagers who feared they had come to destroy the power of their voodoo amulets and spells. “They threw stones against some of the evangelists during our house-to-house outreach,” he said. “We were cursed by some wicked juju men, but we praise God; His protection was with us, and nobody was injured.” About 37 percent of Togo´s population practices native, ethnic religions that can include witchcraft. Less than 20 percent of the population is Muslim, but typically Islamic leaders influenced by witchcraft summon demonic powers in efforts to harm Christians. Besides church-planting, the locally-based mission assisted by Christian Aid Mission seeks to start a micro-finance project to provide loans to widows, abandoned mothers and victims of AIDS, “so that they can generate incomes for them in order to be self-sufficient and to take care of their children,” the director said.

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