Photo of The Week

Syrian refugees in Turkey sitting around a fire.

Fire and Ice

Temperatures are dropping to near freezing at night on the high plains of southeastern Turkey, where an estimated 400,000 Syrian refugees have settled after fleeing the Islamic State´s bid to seize the border city of Kobani and surrounding villages. Many refugees lost relatives to execution as ISIS joined anti-government forces in Syria´s civil war and sought to expand its strict Islamist “caliphate” across Iraq and Syria. Refugees lacking food and clothing saw workers with a ministry assisted by Christian Aid Mission as heroes as the team strove to demonstrate their genuine care for them. “We tried to show them that we really care about them, and we prayed for them,” the ministry director said. “We were not just coming to give them New Testaments and leave – we really share in their pain.” The heaters that the ministry distributed were joyfully received, he added, but many more are needed along with baby food, shoes, blankets and coats, among other items.

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