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Ethnic Hmong children.

Colorful Kids

Ethnic Hmong children learn about Christ at an outreach at an undisclosed village in Burma (Myanmar). While most Hmong live in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand after Han settlers drove their ancestors from China in the eighteenth century, there is a small population of Hmong in Burma. Several indigenous ministries in Burma sponsor camps and campaigns for gospel proclamation in remote areas and provide food, education, medicines and health care. Funds are needed for these ministries and for the repair and expansion of bamboo structures for worship and outreach, for digging water wells and for providing bicycles for both students and teachers. While indigenous Christian workers sometimes meet with opposition, one ministry director said many people are open to hearing about Christ. “The Buddhists and the people of Myanmar have hearts open to the gospel – I call this time a hungry time,” he said. “Buddhists, and animists worshipping evil spirits, they don´t have any satisfaction in their lives. So when we introduced Christianity, they were happy.”

Help meet material and spiritual needs in Burma
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