Photo of The Week

Syrian refugee mother and child holding relief supplies.

Care Amid Catastrophe

A Syrian mother receives diapers, Christian literature and other items at a ministry center for refugees in Jordan after fleeing the effects of civil war in her home country. Ministries supported by Christian Aid Mission come alongside Syrian families caught in the crossfire with a caring ear, health care, prayer and even song. One well-to-do woman from Syria, whose husband could no longer work after being shot at the waist, wept as she told how she had not had contact with one of her twin sons for a year after he was imprisoned in Syria. A ministry team sang a song of blessing and prayed for her. Another refugee, an Islamic teacher, told how he ended up at the Christian refugee center: “When I arrived in Jordan, I went directly to mosques and related organizations to seek help, but all I got was persecution and rejection.” He later met ministry team members beside a church building. “Then we started to talk to him about what God had put on our hearts for refugees,” the ministry director said. “He was overwhelmed. We started to visit him and shared the gospel and prayed with him.”

Provide for needs of Syrian Refugees
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