Photo of The Week

Native children worshipping in a church in Burma.

Where Church Growth Starts

Children react at an evangelistic program in 2009 at an undisclosed village in Burma (Myanmar). Such entertaining moments lead to more attentive listening in the spread of the gospel. As more people have come to Christ in the country´s outlying ethnic areas, however, the growing rural churches face problems that pastors feel increasingly inadequate to address. A ministry that trains church planters would like to offer, over a period of three years, six months of deeper biblical training to pastors. “Our missionaries are mostly uneducated ones, but they are very committed ministers,” the ministry director said. “As the years go by, they feel they lack something; especially when they face problems in the church, they also sometimes feel an inferiority complex. Therefore, we want to equip them with biblical truth.” The ministry seeks to cover translation, printing costs and equipment, as well as the costs for the pastors´ transportation, food and books/materials.

Assist missionary training program; Burma
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