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Syrian refugees contemplate their future after fleeing to Greece.

Waiting for Life

Two Syrian refugees – among the growing number arriving in Greece after fleeing Islamic State atrocities – contemplate their future. Most refugees in Greece are in transit to other parts of Europe, but increasingly many are too broke to travel further or wish to gain legal status before moving on. That has given Bridge, a ministry to Syrian refugees in Greece, more time to show the love of Christ to Muslims and others who are coming to Christ. A nominal Christian father of one family said that after hearing the gospel, he no longer worried about when to leave Greece. "I've got peace in my heart – I know now that God brought me here to give Him my soul," he said. "I am 44 years old and I had never touched a Bible in my life, and I thought I was a Christian." A Muslim who lost two brothers in Syria's civil war and was himself seriously injured also put his trust in Christ; he expected to have documents to travel soon but said he would stay an extra month to learn more about Christ and be baptized. "Our heart is really overwhelmed for all of these people as their immediate attitude is to go out to other Syrians and say, 'Come, we found someone who knows God and they can talk to you about Him,'" Bridge's Voula Antoan said. The demands of the ministry grow correspondingly for housing, groceries, meals, transportation, medicines, financial support to jobless volunteers and administration expenses.

Provisions for desperate Syrian refugees in Greece
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