Photo of The Week

Native Korean standing across barb-wired river crossing.

Crossing into the Unknown

At the Tumen River's lowest point during winter, when temperatures drop well below 0 degrees F., many North Koreans see crossing it into China as a better option than starving to death under an oppressive regime. Two young North Korean women who dared such an escape in 2000 ran into traffickers who sold them into slavery. Both gave birth to their owners before Chinese officials arrested the women and repatriated them to North Korea, where they spent 18 months in prison. They escaped and returned to China to live with their daughters, this time running into a Christian ministry rather than traffickers. The ministry to refugees wants to help the women realize their dream of opening a Korean traditional rice cake store to support themselves and their daughters. The ministry seeks about $1,700 – $880 for a rice-making machine, and $800 for store opening costs – to loan to the women.

Provide business loan for human trafficking victims
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