Photo of The Week

Syrian refugee child looking forlorn.

Facing Turmoil

She could be any kid on the streets of Beirut, Lebanon – but she is a refugee from Syria who fled atrocities by the Islamic State. The face of the displaced includes the brightness of youth coming to grips with being uprooted from home and country. Ministry team members native to Lebanon visit the homes of Syrian refugees struggling to survive to help them with practical needs and encourage them. "Being able to go into homes like this has also allowed our team the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and to share the gospel – and we've seen many of these families give their lives to the Lord," an indigenous ministry director said. The ministry helps supply the neediest families with food parcels, medicines or rent payments. Food parcels cost $65 to $80 each. The team also provide diapers, baby formula, milk, gas for cooking, mattresses and sheets, appliances and English language classes. "Helping the people with their practical needs enables us to freely share with them how Christ can meet our greater spiritual needs," the director says.

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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