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Intercessory Tears

During prayer for North Korea at Saetu Church in Seoul, South Korea in 2010, a North Korean immigrant weeps as she intercedes for those in her native country, where hunger still gnaws and Christian practice is punishable by incarceration in harsh prison camps, torture and/or death. North Korea's deified Kim regime considers religion subversive as it detracts from worship of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and his predecessors, father Kim Jong Il and grandfather Kim Il Sung. An evangelist who plants secret churches in North Korea said people are starving both physically and spiritually. "Do you know when we cry the most?" she said. "It was not when we were starving, but when we prayed in the Lord's Prayer, 'Your Kingdom come,' and we are living in the land of the evils where Kim Jong Un sits on the Lord's throne. When we pray this part of the Lord's Prayer, that God's Kingdom will come to North Korea and His will be done in North Korea as in heaven, we couldn't stop crying most of the time."

Support persecuted believers in North Korea
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