Photo of The Week

Survivors of the Nepal earthquake living in tent.

Shaken Survivors

Nearly a half million people are estimated to have lost their homes following Nepal's April 25 earthquake, and those whose houses are still standing continue to sleep in tents (photo was taken first day after the earthquake) as aftershocks keep them on edge. The aftershocks are expected to continue for months, if not years. At the same time, rains have hampered relief efforts and triggered fears of disease due to lack of sanitation in crowded conditions, a situation that the imminent monsoon season is expected to exacerbate. Outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and hepatitis A and E are feared. Indigenous ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission know local sources of inexpensive supplies and are walking through rains to bring clean water, food, tents and medicines to areas difficult to access. "We have to collect water for drinking and bathing, and if water is gone then we have to buy a water tank, and if not that then we have the rivers," said one ministry leader. "A church building in one area has gone down, and family members there have nothing left now. They have lost so many things, and there are sick people."

Help Native Missionaries Serve Victims of Nepal Earthquake
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