Photo of The Week

Cuban children enjoying a meal provided by a local ministry.

Defeating Hunger

Some children in Cuba eat well only when a ministry native to the island provides them meals. Poverty is severe especially in rural areas; farmers struggle, and many women depend on prostitution to make a living. "The fact is," an indigenous missionary said, "to have something to eat every day is a miracle in Cuba." Support from Christian Aid Mission helps the ministry provide food and other necessities, as well as educational and evangelistic materials. Additionally, more than 100 orphaned children receive care from churches planted by the ministry. Living among the thousands of people who have placed their trust in Christ, the indigenous missionaries also live without items such as shoes, soap, adequate clothing, food and medicine. One Cuban missionary writes, "You can't imagine how helpful your support has been in our ministry. One day my family and I didn't have anything to eat, so I prayed to our heavenly Father to provide for us. Later that day, our ministry leader visited our home, bringing our sponsor's gifts. Truly you are an instrument in God's hand."

Provide food to needy children in Cuba
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