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Syrian refugee baptized in Greece.

Sea Change

A Muslim who fled war in Syria ended up in Greece, where he found what he had not sought – a saving relationship with Christ. A locally-based ministry assisting Syrian and other refugees has seen many put their faith in Christ. One Syrian, identified only as Joseph, 27, lost his brother and a leg in an air attack. He also lost 2,400 euros (US$2,614) to a smuggler. No longer able to pay rent, he asked the ministry, Bridges, for accommodation. Joseph is awaiting travel documents so he can go to Germany, ministry co-director Ilias Antouan said. "He has recently given his heart to Jesus, but he is not ready yet to make this public, as he is from a hard Muslim background," he said. "We plan to baptize him before he leaves. Despite his situation, he is full of life."

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