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Ukrainian family listening to radio program.

Meeting Christ in the Air Waves

Family members in Ukraine listen to a Christian radio program via a broadcast system the former Soviet Union built after World War II to spread communist propaganda. Since former Soviet leaders equipped every house, apartment, office, school, supermarket, hospital, army base and prison with a single channel for their propaganda, now more than 100 million people in Ukraine, the European part of Russia, Moldova, Belarus, and Baltic and eastern European Union countries listen to the "Faith, Hope and Love" program once a week. Two other Christian programs are aired in Ukrainian cities. The Ukraine-born director overseeing the ministry that operates the station said it wasn't easy persuading Communist Party officials to allow use of the radio system, but God opened the door. "Our office in Kiev, Ukraine receives tens of thousands of letters from different people," he said. "There are testimonies about deliverance, salvation and healing. Thousands of Bibles and New Testaments are sent to people who request our Christian literature. Thousands of people have received the salvation of Jesus Christ." The ministry seeks $27,000 per year to produce the three weekly programs.

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