Photo of The Week

Syrian Refugee child living in squalid conditions.

'Home' Away from Home

Many of the more than 2 million Syrian refugees who have arrived in Turkey find shelter in unfinished buildings that are barely livable. Though educated and earning a good living before civil war erupted in 2011, they prefer staying in such run-down structures rather than remaining near shelling by Syrian government or rebel forces and the threat of atrocities by the Islamic State. "Some people are trying to smuggle out their children," a pastor in Syria notes. "The parents sell their land and property to pay for them to be smuggled out to Germany or Europe in general. However, there is so much danger, and it is massively expensive to do that." A ministry assisted by Christian Aid Mission is providing refugees in Turkey with corn oil, rice, pasta, flour, tea, sugar and dry beans, as well as clothes, baby formula, diapers, women's sanitary pads, medicines and Bibles.

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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