Photo of The Week

Syrian refugee family living in Jordan.

Out from the Shadows

A Syrian refugee family found shelter and critically needed food and baby items in Jordan, where a ministry raises downcast eyes with biblical children's programs that help families leave the atrocities of war behind. Many Syrians arrive from the shadows of areas controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS), which forces all the men of seized territory to swear allegiance to the caliphate or be killed. Those who fail to report men hiding from ISIS face the same fate as those hiding. "If you are hiding the fact that you know your neighbor is hiding at home, then they will also kill you," the leader of the refugee ministry said. Syrians fleeing from such atrocities are receiving Christ in untold numbers thanks to the Christian ministries receiving them. The children's programs are hugely popular and help establish relationships with parents. "Few would attend if we announced an event like this for Jordanian children," the director said. "But if Syrian refugee children are invited, the children would be unable to sleep the night before because of their excitement." The cost for such outreaches is $1,000, with food and milk the biggest expenses.

Assist outreaches to Syrian refugee children and families
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