Photo of The Week

Syrian refugee family living in Turkey.


Fatigue, hunger and thirst for a Syrian refugee family that walked for hours to Istanbul, Turkey as they tried to get to Greece leave a young boy in tears. Since a photo was published last month of the body of a 3-year-old Syrian refugee washed up on a Turkish beach, those fleeing Syria are more apt to try to reach Europe by land, but the Turkish government refused to allow this family and other Syrians to board buses for Greece. "They can't go back to their countries, and they are scared to go to Europe [by sea] after seeing the picture of the dead kid," said the director of a ministry providing aid in refugee camps in Turkey. "Actually, before that event, thousands of them died, but that event affected them a lot." The ministry is providing tents, vitamins, food, diapers, baby food and cleaning supplies. "These people are tired from the sun, illnesses and the lack of healthy nutrition," he said. "The people were about to crush each other for two pieces of sugar that fell on the street."

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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