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Iraqi boy holding baby.

Family Ties

Heading into their second winter since fleeing their homes, displaced children at a church-administered tent camp in Erbil, Iraq look after each other as best they can. They have gone nearly two years without schooling, and chances of resuming classes soon are thin as Iraqi, Kurdish and U.S. coalition forces fight to retake territory from the Islamic State and its terrorist militants. Displaced children need diapers, baby formula, blankets and heaters, among other items, and a ministry based in northern Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan is helping to provide them as funds are available. "You see tents in the streets, you see neglected buildings or buildings that are still under construction, and that's where they live," the ministry director said. "They just cover up with plastic or blankets, and they live there. So we try to show the love of Christ as much as we can by providing help for them, but as much as we can we also speak about Jesus Christ."

Support Outreach among displaced people in Iraq
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