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Village in Nepal damaged by earthquake.

Recovering from Loss

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 and another registering 7.3 on May 12 devastated the country nestled in the Himalayas, but private citizens are leading the effort to rebuild and recover, according to the director of an indigenous ministry. Many churches lost buildings and homes. In Dhola Kha, a local ministry with assistance from Christian Aid Mission has purchased land and is rebuilding a house to be used for worship, including a small room in one corner where the pastor will live. "We still need financial help for this project," the director said. "It is a very hard time for the believers. In winter it will be very cold. Therefore, we are planning to temporarily put a tin wall round it. If there will be no earthquake any more, it will be okay for a few years. But yesterday again a 5.5 earthquake came. It is on and off." The ministry also offered a three-day, earthquake trauma program for more than 300 children, including worship, drawing, art and dance, to help them overcome their ordeal. "We also did a medical camp for two days, and around 280 people benefited from it," the director said. "We had many helpers as full volunteers from our church and from our sister church. Of course we did gospel work, too, through these works. To run the program we had offering collections and your help."

Earthquake Relief
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