Photo of The Week

Refugee woman examining relief aid.

Sweet Relief

To Syrians who have fled war and the atrocities of the Islamic State (ISIS), food and other aid in refugee camps in Turkey is heaven-sent. At this camp in south Turkey, few men are found during the day because they have gone to work in nearby fields, said the director of one Turkish ministry. "Most of the people seen in the camps are women, children, the elderly and sick people," he said. "We are happy that the men are working, but where a wage for Turkish people is $10, people are paying refugees $2 for the same job. There are even reports that they don't get their money at the end of the job." Refugees who become discouraged see little alternative to leaving work and returning to camp to wait for Syria's civil war to end. Their families' greatest needs remain food, clean water and, as winter approaches, heaters or firewood.

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of ME refugees
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