Photo of The Week

Man in front of partially damaged house.

Deep Freeze

Jobless, lacking in food and having left their homes, people displaced from east Ukraine take whatever ramshackle housing is available in a region frozen in political limbo. The displaced are working with church workers and volunteers to restore abandoned buildings in order to house the homeless, however, and a ministry assisted by Christian Aid Mission plans to construct or renovate buildings to house 70 people each in Temporary Accommodation Centers. Adults among the 14 to 18 families housed would then receive assistance finding new jobs and getting their children enrolled in schools. The indigenous ministries providing these services are in need of funding to expand their existing relief programs to bring these housing and development plans to fruition; $9,000 is needed for the Temporary Accommodation Centers. "Ukraine can hardly be called a Christian country, but we are able to change this," the director of an indigenous ministry said. "God will make miracles happen, if we take courage, trust Him and serve Him wholeheartedly."

Help for refugees in Eastern Ukraine
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