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Huddled Masses

Arriving in Turkey unable to speak or understand Turkish, Syrians continue to arrive with their few possessions even as prospects dim for transiting to European countries. "Their time here in Turkey is getting worse every other day," said the director of a ministry providing aid to refugees. "Many of them want to go back to Syria, but not until the terrorism ends." The refugees are not happy in Turkey as the government cannot keep up with their needs, but tighter controls on refugee flows are keeping some from reaching their European destinations. "People are suffering here, so that's why they taking high risks to escape to Europe, but European countries didn't want to take them in, so they're stacked up in-between," he said. The ministry provides food boxes, clean water and Bibles in Arabic. "Before we go and preach the gospel, we pray to the Lord to keep us safe and guide us," he said. "Please pray that we will have God's provision to provide the physical and spiritual Bread of Life."

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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