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Refugee woman and child.

Longing for Home

Refugees find shelter in a decrepit building in Turkey but have little else as winter cold sets in. Families displaced from war-torn Syria, where the Islamic State (ISIS) has tortured and killed Muslims and others who do not swear allegiance to its caliphate, rely on aid workers to provide blankets, food and medicines. They are especially dependent as employment that some refugees had found in farm fields has stopped with the onset of winter. In refugee camps near the south-central city of Adana, "rains have started here and the weather is getting really cold," reported the director of an indigenous ministry providing food, heaters and other items. More than 200 tents have no heater, blankets, fuel supply or food boxes, he said, and there is also a critical shortage of baby formula and diapers. "I have received many phone calls from the refugees begging for supplies, since they can't provide for themselves," he said. "In the meantime, we are preaching the gospel, and we have good news – three refugees have received Jesus. They are brothers and a sister. Please pray that we can help other refugees to receive Jesus."

Ministry and Assistance to Middle East Refugees
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