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Two girls study the Bible in the Philippines.

Precious Word

Two girls study the Bible in their own language at a Sunday school in the Philippines. A village church on the island of Mindanao has grown rapidly since it began two years ago, though it had only five, highly prized Bibles in a local language for those who did not know the Cebuano language. Those five Bibles, along with most of the congregation's Cebuano-language Bibles, were destroyed in an arson attack on Christmas Eve that left the church building in ashes. The church seeks to acquire 100 such Bibles at a cost of 850 Philippines pesos (US$18) each, a total of 85,000 pesos (US$1,800). It also hopes to obtain 50 Cebuano Bibles at a cost of 750 pesos (US$16) each, or 37,500 pesos (US$800) in total.

Provide Bibles in local languages
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