Photo of The Week

Syrian boys enjoying a meal.

Cheerful Chewing

At a Christmas outreach in Aleppo in a predominantly Muslim area, a ministry based in Syria cheered children with skits and songs, also strengthening them physically with distribution of food. While tragedy has struck many children in the city under fire from rebels and forces of President Bashar al-Assad, these children enjoyed a respite from fear and the effects of war. Funds are needed for ongoing provision of food parcels, medical aid and heating fuel, among other items. "Thank God the Internet works in Aleppo again after nine months, although the situation is still the same," the indigenous ministry leader said. "But thanks to God for the glimmer of hope that we still have for the country. Please continue praying for Syria, and for Aleppo especially, so God can do a miracle, and give us peace."

Ministry and Assistance to Middle East Refugees
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