Photo of The Week

Native believers in a house church in Burma.

Hearing and Believing

Entire families listen to gospel preaching at a house church in Burma (Myanmar). People in about 40,000 villages in Burma have never heard the gospel, according to the director of a ministry based in the country where 80 percent of the population is Buddhist. Christians account for about 9 percent of the population, according to Operation World, and most of them belong to minority groups engaged in fights for independence, resulting in the Burmese military targeting Christian civilians. At the same time, the government tacitly supports Buddhist aggression against Christians. The indigenous ministry sends evangelists to work among both ethnic minorities and Burmese. "Matthew 24:14 says that the gospel must be preached to all nations, and then will the end come. As they hear, they have to decide and the decision is theirs to make," he said. "Monthly our native missionaries need $60 to start; it is the minimum needed to cover their food and travel expenses, and for the rest they must live by prayer."

Support native missionaries in spreading the gospel in Myanmar
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