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Peruvian girls holding Christmas gifts.

Bright Display

Gifts of shoes, clothes and toys brightened Christmas for these girls and dozens of others in the village of Uyurpampa, in northern Peru's Lambayeque Region, thanks to the efforts of an indigenous ministry. The ministry team transported the cargo up six hours of rigorous mountain roads for a social outreach that helped open the way for gospel proclamation. Another team traveled 302 kilometers (187 miles) to Amazonas Province for an evangelistic outreach. Several congregations gathered together for the campaign in front of the buildings of one of the churches, which secured government permission to place chairs outside to accommodate the large crowds. "Every night there were around 500 people there," the ministry director said. "At the end of four nights, they counted 115 new people who surrendered their lives to Christ."

Provide shoes, clothing and other items for needy children; Peru
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