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Church building being dedicated at a worship service in Jharkhand state, India.

Church Dedication

A church building is dedicated at a worship service in Jharkhand state, India. An indigenous ministry traveled to remote areas in central India to present the message of Christ's forgiveness for the first time to tribal peoples such as the Korwa and Oravan, and among the results was the establishment of two churches. With help from Christian Aid Mission donors, this building was constructed last year and another one was dedicated last month. "One of the most important needs at this juncture is to build a few more church buildings," the ministry director said. The church building constructed last month, for example, will function as substitute for those who come from Hindu and animistic contexts who are accustomed to temples and other structures. "It will also be a place of solidarity for the Christian community from the surrounding areas," the director said. "In the present Indian social and political context, the church building will serve to stabilize the Christians. While the doors are still open to plant more churches, we want to build more church buildings for the new believers."

Provide Meeting Halls for New Believers; India
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